Type Soul Resurrection – How To Get Full Res Type Soul On Roblox

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Type Soul

Type Soul is slowly becoming one of the best Roblox experiences based on the Bleach manga series. It adapts many concepts from the source material, including Resurrección powers.

If you choose the path of the Arrancar in the game, your top form will be achieved via Full Res or Full Resurrection. This is no easy feat, but this article will guide you through it.

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Understanding and Obtaining Full Res

In the manga, Resurrection powers are exclusive to Hollows that have evolved into the Arrancar class. They become enhanced and unlock a myriad of phenomenal skills.

They can embed their abilities into special swords that are pieces of their original Hollow form. They can return or ‘resurrect’ to that form when they release the power of their swords.

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Like Project Mugetsu, another Bleach-based Roblox game, Type Soul’s Arrancar fundamentals are heavily patterned after the manga. Full-Res is the ultimate Resurrección state. Here are the steps to reach it.

Step 1: Obtain Partial Resurrection

Partial Resurrection, aka Part Res, gives players a taste of what Full Res truly is. To reach this level of Arrancar might, you must be at least a Grade 2 Hollow character. The process is similar to getting Shikai as a Soul Reaper.

Lost soul in Karakura.
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Find a blonde NPC named Harribel who spawns around Hueco Mundo’s Castle area. You’ll be given a task to find a Resurrección item. Once you get it, go to the Void Pit on the left side of the Castle to launch a parkour quest.

If you fail the parkour challenge, you can restart by going to the second floor of the Castle and interacting with the Pink Orb. You can indefinitely retry until you can interact with the Black Orb and finally gain Part Res.

Step 2: Check Some Type Soul Boxes

After Part Res, you can officially begin your Full Res journey. You have three options to start: win 175-200 Karakura raids, hold a top 100 ELO spot for a minimum of 15 hours, or carry out 30,000 healings in raids without dying.

Defeated player
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You must complete a few more Type Soul missions when you complete any of the three milestones. Do all this without biting the dust to proceed to the next step.

Slay 150 Hollows, grip 40-50 elite players, and defeat three to five BawaBawa. This is the serpent boss in Hueco Mundo.

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Step 3: Complete the Maze

Your next move is to meditate at the Menos Pit’s Sword Statue for about ten minutes. This will teleport your Type Soul avatar to the Los Notches Maze.

Find your way out of the maze to locate your Hollow. Finding your Hollow as an Arrancar symbolizes reaching your true potential. This means it’s the final step to unlocking Full Res in Type Soul.

Hollow in Hueco Mundo
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If you fail inside the Los Notches Maze, you will get a ten-minute cooldown. You will also have to grip three players from other classes to restart.

Final Words

There’s a lot of grinding involved in achieving Full Res as an Arrancar in Type Soul. However, if you are really into the game, it will all be worth it in the end.

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