Turbine Fighter: Tips, Hints and Strategies to Beat Rival Tankbots

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Turbine Fighter is a physics-based robot fighting game from Animoca Brands. The game’s realistic physics, plenty of customization options and engaging real-time battles will leave you wanting for more. The game has a story-based campaign mode, events and PvP vs. mode.

Turbine-powered robot battles are a popular sport in Rasen City. However, there’s a secret behind the making of these tankbots and a dangerous conspiracy can put the city in trouble.

Turbine Fighter - Robot fighting mode

The game’s story-based missions will let you participate in the toy robot battles and uncover its deep dark secret. But to win, you should know how to make the most of boost button, choose the best tankbot parts and create the best robot. These beginner-level Turbine Fighter tips, hints and strategies will help you defeat rival mechs:

Use Boost at the Right Time to Deal More Damage to Opponent’s Tankbo

In story-based levels, don’t press the Boost button straight away after the game starts. Let your robot reach closer to your opponent’s tankbot and then press and hold the button to make it attack faster. If you press and hold the boost button much before both robots come closer to each other to fight, the boost meter will fill sooner than expected, just when you have started fighting. When the meter fills completely, the button grays out and you will have to wait for a few seconds before the meter reduces to use boost again.

The boost meter is located just above the battery meter and it keeps filling up little by little as long as the boost button is pressed. A full meter would heat up your tankbot. Your robot will go out of control and may even stop attacking opponent’s tankbot. You will have to wait for the flashing red alert on the meter to go away. You will also have to wait for the boost button to become active and then you can start using boost again.

Note: The boost meter functions differently. Battery meter reduces every second whereas the boost meter fills up when the button is pressed.

Use boost carefully. You can use it in short bursts initially and then go for the final assault by pressing and holding the boost button when the opponent’s arms are destroyed. You can also go full throttle when the battle starts and both tankbots are near each other.

How to Create a Powerful Tankbot

Once you have collected new parts from quests or crafted those using materials, you have two options:

  1. Replace you starter tankbot’s parts with those parts.
  2. Create a tankbot from scratch
Customize a tankbot

The second option will require you to collect/craft all six new parts to create a new robot. You can mix and match old parts with new parts to make one. However, I would recommend trying new parts on your existing robot to test how efficient they are. You just have to go to “Customize” and then tap “Parts”. You will find six tabs at the bottom of the screen. Tap each tab (Head, Core etc.) to get a list of parts you have collected so far. Now tap each part under a tab to see the effect it has on your tankbot’s overall stats.

Red numbers suggest that installing that part will decrease stat of an attribute, whereas green numbers show that installing it will increase stat for that attribute.

Use Boost When Your Tankbot Starts Hitting Opponent’s Head and Core

Your tankbot wins when you destroy opponent’s Head or Core. You also achieve victory when the opponent’s battery hits 0.

Now you cannot target the above parts during battle. The fight is semi-auto and you only have the boost button to supercharge your tankbot. The Boost button speeds up your tankbot and he starts hitting and moving faster. The best way to win the fight early is to press and hold the Boost button when your robot starts hitting opponent’s head or core. This will make it quicker for you to destroy its arms/core/head.

Choose Your Starter Tankbot Wisely

Before start of play, the game will provide three tankbots for you to choose:

Select  the best tankbot

1. Turbine: An all-rounder, this tankbot is designed to give its best in all terrains. Can be very useful in tough environments and as you progress, there will be traps and difficult terrain, where it can survive pretty well

2. Gear: This compact tankbot has a superb power output. Because of its compact structure, Gear bot can be pretty faster than other tankbots. You can imagine how quick it will move/attack when pressing the boost button.

3. Defender: As the name suggests, it’s a high Def tankbot and can take some big blows without taking much damage to its parts.

Once you select a tankbot, there’s probably no way you can switch to another starter tankbot. You can, however, install parts of other tankbots to your tankbot. You can get these parts by completing quests or by crafting. However, it may affect the part’s stats as well as overall stats of your tankbot.

Repair Parts When the Durability Meter of Each Part Turns Orange or Red

You will find Durability meters of all six major parts on the right side of the “Customize” screen. Just below the durability meter is the “Repair All” button. Now you will have to press this button when most parts turn orange in color. Don’t repair when they are still blue.

When all or most parts turn orange, it suggests that they have 50 percent durability. If they turn red, then you can’t upgrade them and your tankbot won’t be able to fight. Repairing parts requires coins.

Complete Quests to Get Better Tankbot Parts

The Quests icon on the right side of the screen displays tasks that need to be completed to get rewards, which range from crafting/upgrade materials to tank bot parts as well as chips and gems.

Before attempting a task from the list of incomplete quests, tap the tiny “i” icon just beside the quest to know what rewards you will be getting upon completion. Try to complete those that offer parts.