Tsuki’s Odyssey: Guide to Fishing

Anurag Ghosh
Tsuki Odyssey Fishing

The sequel to Tsuki’s Adventure takes you back to Mushroom Village, where the cute little rabbit plans to meet his friends. Like its predecessor, Hyperbeard’s Tsuki Odyssey is also a passive adventure game. You can decorate Tsuki’s treehouse with furniture and other items, travel to various locations, interact with new characters, farm carrots and even start fishing!

Tsuki's Odyssey - Fishing Guide

There are lots of new features and activities this game. Here’s how to catch fish and sell them for carrots with the help of this guide:

1. In Tsuki’s Odyssey, you can buy the fishing rod from Yori’s store. Locate this store from the map. Tap on the in-game smartphone (powered by Carrot OS) on the bottom of the screen. Next, tap on the marker/pin icon to access the map. Find Yoshi’s store on the left side of your Tree House. Check the below screenshot to know its location on the map:

Yori's Store on the map. Tap on the store to fast travel.
Yori’s Store circled red. Tap on Yori’s store on the map to fast travel.

2. Once you are in Yori’s store, you can purchase furniture and other items. During the day, you will find Yori selling furniture. But if you are shopping at night, you will see Elfie at the counter. You can buy furniture and décor from both Yori and Elfie. Furniture and décor items are displayed on the first floor. Just tap on an item to buy it.

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In the same store, Pipi or Paige (at night Paige will take over from Pipi) will be selling hobby items and games upstairs.

3. You can purchase the “fishing stick” from Pipi or Paige upstairs. It’s placed on the showcase in front of Pipi.

The fishing rod up for sale in Yori's store.
Buy the fishing rod from Yori’s Store. Located upstairs, next to PiPi.

Later, you can also purchase the fishing rod from Yori’s store, but will have to shell out more carrots to buy them. You will need 7500 carrots to purchase it. The rod is more advanced than the basic fishing stick.

4. Tap on the fishing stick. An enlarged item with the description will be shown. Tap on the shopping bag icon with a purple background on the lower-right corner of the enlarged item to purchase the fishing stick for 1000 carrots.

5. After purchasing the fishing stick, head straight to the pier. It is near the Stone Temple. This is the first fishing spot in Tsuki’s Odyssey. You will find additional spots as you unlock more locations in this game. Check the screenshot below to know the exact location of the stone temple/pier on the map.

The first fishing spot, the pier, as shown on the map.
The pier is the first fishing spot.

6. Tsuki will be chilling at the Pier. Since you have already purchased the stick you will see a green button just above the river, next to the pier. Tap on the green button to start fishing.

Tap on the green icon to begin fishing
Tap on the green icon to start fishing

7. You will hear the sound of reeling and fish taking the bait and Tsuki pulling the rod. Tap anywhere to reel the fish in once you hear the sound.

Taking the bait.
Tsuki taking the bait.

8. All fishes will be stored in your inventory. Tap on the red bag on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap on a fish to know its sale price. It’s written on top of the description.

Inventory full of fish. Tap on a fish to know its name and price.
The inventory. Rock Beauty can be sold for 120 carrots. The tentative cost is shown on the top-left corner of the description box. Tap on an item or fish to know its name and sale price.

Some fishes will fetch more carrots than the other. For example: The rock beauty can be sold for 120 carrots whereas the anchovy sells only for 20 carrots.

9. To sell fish in Tsuki’s Odyssey, go to Yori’s Store. You can fast travel to the store via the map on the in-game smartphone. You can sell the fish either to Yori or Elfie. Just tap on Yori/Elfie and you will see two options above them – a callout and a box (with a red background). Tap on the box to sell your items.

Buy sell icon above Elfie. You will find the same icon above Yori.
Tap on buy/sell (red circle) to open the trade window

Now tap on the fish you have caught so far to select them for sale and then tap on the blue checkmark on the right side of the screen.

Choosing fish to sell it to the store owner.

You can select multiple fishes and can even choose the number of fishes to sell in case you have several of the same type. For example: If you have caught 3-4 cods, then just tap in the cod icon in the sale screen and then tap on the “+” symbol above it to select more than one cod to sell it.

Note: Tori or Yori won’t pay the exact number of carrots as displayed on the description. So if the Rock Beauty fish description box shows 120 carrots, you might get only 50 percent of the original price as shown in the screenshot below:

You may change your mind if you don't want to sell at a lower price.

10. You can either tap on “Sold” to sell it for a lesser price if you are short of carrots and desperately need some or select “I’ve changed my mind” if you want to sell the fish later. I am assuming the price offered by the store seller depends on the prevailing in-game market price of that fish, so you may come back to the store later just to check if the price of the same fish has increased or not.

Fishing Locations

As of writing this guide, we found two more fishing locations in Tsuki’s Odyssey:

Near Dawn’s store. Unlocks on day 3.

Rosemary’s flower shop. Unlocks on day 6.

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