Tsuki’s Odyssey Guide: Tips and Tricks

Anurag Ghosh
Tsuki's Odyssey

Tsuki’s Odyssey continues with the adventures of the cute white rabbit who moves back to Mushroom village to meet his friends. Just like the first game, Odyssey is a relaxing game where characters take their own time and their behavior and actions do not depend on a player’s input. However, events are triggered after collecting certain items and on certain times during the day.

You can engage in fun activities, like fishing once you purchase the fishing stick/rod. There’s also basic farming elements, where you can harvest carrots every 2 hours, find hidden characters to obtain carrots for free, decorate the Tsuki’s treehouse with new floorboards, décor, new furniture and wallpaper. There are lots of things to do in this game. Check out our beginner-level Tsuki Odyssey tips and tricks if you have just started playing:

Getting Started

Just like its gameplay, Tsuki’s Odyssey has a very minimalist user interface:

The top-right corner of the game screen displays the amount of carrots you have obtained so far. Carrots are the game’s main currency and are used to purchase various items, such as furniture and trinkets from Yori’s store or interior décor from Dawn’s store.

There are four icons on the bottom of the screen when you are in Tsuki’s treehouse. These icons are (from left to right):

Tsuki's Odyssey: Guide for Beginners
All four items are on the bottom of the screen. From left to right – Inventory, Edit, Smartphone and Settings.

1. Inventory: The inventory is where you can view all purchased items/rewards you have received so far. These includes all purchased furniture/furniture received as rewards that haven’t been placed in the treehouse yet, hobby items purchased from Yori’s store, items received as gifts from various characters etc. Tap on the red pouch to access inventory. In the first screen, you will see all common items such as yoga mat, fishing rod, notebook, floorboard, wallpaper etc. Tap on the couch icon in the inventory screen to find a list of all furniture items.

The inventory can store up to 50 items. To increase its capacity and get infinite storage, purchase the homecoming set. Go to the Town Hall (where Benny the Sheriff is on duty) and tap on the bulletin board located outside the town hall building. The bulletin board can be found near the town hall flag post.

On the bulletin board, tap on the cartoony sunrise image to open the homecoming set. You will need real money to pay for this set. The homecoming set includes “The Bag” which unlocks infinite storage for all items. Besides the bag, you will also unlock exclusive furniture sets and constant updates without requiring any extra purchase or subscription.

2. Edit (Hammer Icon): Tap on the hammer icon to edit your home. A new panel will slide from the left side of the screen. You can drag and drop furniture, floorboards and wallpaper from the left panel to your treehouse. You will have to purchase furniture from Yori’s store and then go to your treehouse to open the left panel. Next, drag a furniture item to the top or first floor of the treehouse. Once furniture is placed on the floor, you can rotate it by pressing the purple icon above it. To move the item back to your inventory, tap on the red dustbin icon. To view description, tap the green eye icon.

Note: Not all items can be placed on the treehouse. Some items, such as potted plants need to be placed outside, near the carrot farm. More on this later.

Once you tap on the hammer icon, the side panel will appear on the left. You can move it to the right by tapping on “flip” on the bottom of the panel.

The hammer icon appears on the bottom of the screen on these two locations (as of writing this guide): The treehouse and the carrot farm.

The creators or Tsuki’s Odyssey launched a new game. The name of the game’s Pocket Love and it’s out there on the Google Play Store.

3. Smartphone

The in-game smartphone is the most valuable device in Tsuki’s Odyssey. You can navigate/fast travel to different locations from the smartphone’s map menu. Unlike real-world phones powered by Android, this phone is powered by “Carrot OS”. It’s actually a full-fledged basic smartphone in your phone and looks very compact and cute.

Smartphone Apps

Tap on the smartphone to open it. You will find these apps in the smartphone:

Map: It has a pin/marker icon with a blue background color. Tap on it to view the mini-map. Tap on a building to fast travel to a new location. The red notification dot on the map icon indicates that a new building/location has been unlocked or carrots are ready for harvesting.

Punchcard: The next app is the Punch card. It’s actually a daily reward app that grants free carrots, gacha tickets and even a random furniture item when you open the game. Make sure you play Tsuki’s Odyssey every day for straight seven days to claim your rewards from the punch card. Tap on the smartphone and then tap on the Punchcard to access/claim rewards.

Parsnap App: The Instagram of Tsukiverse! Parsnaps capture unique moments in your journey. Photos of Tsuki and his friends are captured on random occasions throughout the game and posted on the Parsnap app. To trigger Parsnap photo captures, purchase hobby items, unlock new locations and visit them. You might find a friend or two posting their selfies on the Parsnap app when you visit their place. Tap on this app and the swipe up to scroll and view all photos of yours and your friends. Tap on the heart icon on top-left side of the photo to like it.

You can also click a photo manually through the Parsnap app. Just open the app from your smartphone and tap on the camera icon. You can zoom and pan before capturing a beautiful pic of the current location.

Anime Gacha Toy Collection: Unlocks once you use a gacha ticket to obtain a toy from the town hall Gashapon. The app’s background color is green.

Index (Collectibles): Tap on the yellow open book icon to access a list of all items that you have collected so far. Items are categorized under furniture and hobby items. There’s also a separate category for fishes. All items unlocked/collected so far will appear in the index. Tap on each unlocked item to view their description.

Options (Hamburger menu): The last one is the options menu that lets you choose background color of your smartphone, select patterns and increase/decrease scroll speed.

4. Settings (cog):  Under settings, you can change language, adjust sound and SFX, turn on/off notifications and turn on “conserve battery” to avoid battery drain while playing. Don’t forget to sign in to Google Play Games to save Tsuki’s Odyssey progress via the settings menu.

When you move to the carrot farm, an additional harvest icon (sickle) will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. 

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How to Progress

Every activity in “Tsukiverse” takes place in real time and not in-game time. The game’s day and night cycle follows your country’s time zone. Your smartphone’s clock plays a big role in this game, so make sure your phone’s clock shows the correct time. It’s basically a slow-paced village simulation game where a player has no control on what the main character does. He or she either has to wait for events to unfold by checking their smartphones daily or collect items and check in to the game to unlock special events/see Tsuki using them. Follow these simple steps to progress in Tsuki’s Odyssey:

1. Check in to the game at least once in a day, especially in the morning or anytime during the day to check the newspaper. This is when Tsuki reads “The Daily Carrot” newspaper. Every day new events happen in the village, which are published in the Daily Carrot. These new events may unlock new characters and locations within the game. The newspaper spins and pops up in the screen with any latest news, so pay attention to everything written on it.  

Archived newspapers from the community board

For example: In day 3, there was an article titled “Town Hall Restoration Project” published in the Daily Carrot. Basically this news unlocked a new character “Dawn” and her interior décor store. Dawn’s store appeared on the map on the in-game smartphone. I opened the map app in the smartphone and fast travelled to buy some floorboards and planks from Dawn’s store to give my treehouse interiors a new look.

Tip: Pay attention to the small print underneath the main news in the newspaper, It contains useful tips and tricks. The second news “The Pier! MV’s Hottest Fishing Spot” has nice little tip below the headline – “Holding down the phone button can help you quickly open apps”. Tips displayed in the newspaper could be totally unrelated to the main headline or could additional information or hint linked to the headline.  

The community board
Tap on the archived newspaper section in the community board. The community board can be found near the town hall.

All old newspaper clippings are displayed on the community board located near the town hall. Tap on the board to view them.

2. Collect items. Certain items can trigger special events. As you progress/check in to the game daily, you will unlock new stores that will sell items for carrots. The first shop is Yori’s store, where you can buy furniture and hobby items. Yori’s Store also has a separate room where you can buy hobby items or “knick knacks”, such as roller-skates, paddleball and even edible items such as carrot chips! Yori’s daughter Pipi sells these items in the top floor, whereas Yori sells furniture in the first floor.

New activities, such as fishing, unlock when you purchase certain items, such as the fishing stick or the fishing rod from the top floor of Yori’s store. To know more about purchasing furniture and other items, read our next paragraph.

Those were a few tips to progress through Tsuki’s Odyssey. Do you know any other way to progress faster? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom of the article.

Purchase Furniture and Other Items from Yori’s Store

Purchase items from Yori’s store to expand your collection. Check in to the game at regular intervals/daily to see Tsuki using them. Some of the items can unlock special events.

Buying the fishing rod from Yori's Store

Yori’s store sells furniture, decor and hobby items. In this store, you will find furniture up for sale in the first floor, whereas hobby items and other “knick knacks” can be found in the top floor. Items for sale change every few hours, so make sure you buy those that are displayed in the store before they are being replaced by new items. Of course, you will be able to buy older items, but those items may appear randomly throughout the day. Keep an eye on Yori’s store for new and previously viewed items on sale.

In the below screenshot, I have marked Yori’s store on the map on the in-game smartphone. Just tap the smartphone located on the bottom of the screen and tap on the store to fast-travel to that building.

Yori's store location in the map.

Like I said earlier, items are displayed on the first and top floor. Just tap an item and its description and price will pop up on the screen. The price is in carrots, since it’s the main currency in Tsukiverse, and is shown on the top-left corner of the item description box. Tap on the green shopping bag icon to purchase it.

How to Obtain Furniture for free

Purchasing furniture from Yori’s store costs carrots. But there are some ways to acquire furniture for free in Tsuki’s Odyssey:

1. After Tsuki’s house gets robbed by a cat burglar, his treehouse will be empty, without furniture. He will receive a chair from Chi, the giraffe. You can drag and drop the free chair received from Chi by tapping on the hammer icon to access the furniture/décor menu on the right side of the screen.

2. Next go to Yori’s shop to make the first purchase between a sketchpad and a novel – Lord of the Carrots.  You will then obtain a spare table absolutely free from Yori. All free or purchased furniture will be stored in your inventory (red bag icon on the lower-left corner of the screen).

3. Go to the town hall to meet Benny. He will give you a spare bed.

4. Meeting Benny will also unlock the “Punchcard”. The Punchcard allows you to obtain free carrots, gacha tickets and free furniture on certain days. Login daily to get your rewards from the Punchcard.

Free random furniture on day 7, obtained from punchcard.

You will get a free random furniture item on day 7. Make sure you tap on the smartphone > Punchcard to claim rewards. I received a nice Sakura Bench. I placed it on the first floor of the treehouse. See the first image of this article.

Sell Items and Fish at the Store

While Yori’s store is the best place to purchase furniture and hobby items, you can also sell items received as gifts from your friends or sell fish to obtain carrots. To sell items, follow these steps:

Tap on the shopkeeper (it’s Yori in the daytime and Elfie at night).

Next, tap on the red circle with a white box. Tap on the items that you want to sell. Greyed out items can’t be sold. Greyed out items are those that you have purchased from Yori’s shop. You can’t sell them back to Yori.

How to get Free Carrots

There are several ways to obtain carrots for free in Tsuki’s Odyssey:

1. Get them from the carrot farm. Tap on the in-game smartphone > map (marker icon) and then tap on the big carrot icon on the map. Tap on the sickle on the bottom of the screen to harvest all carrots instantly. You can also tap on individual carrots to uproot them. You can harvest carrots from the farm every 2 hours. Always pay attention to the smartphone icon. When ready for harvesting, the map icon will flash on the tiny smartphone screen on the bottom of the screen.

2. From the Punchcard. You can find the Punchcard on your smartphone. Login daily to get free carrots as rewards. Tap on your smartphone > Punchcard to claim your rewards.

3. Selling fish. Purchase the fishing rod from Yori’s store and start fishing. Sell the fish for carrots. Check out our guide to fishing in Tsuki’s Odyssey to know more about selling fish at Yori’s.

4. Find Camille, the cute chameleon to get carrots from him. He will be hiding in plain sight, camouflaged on the roof, on the ground or anywhere in a particular location. After spotting Camille, watch a 30-second ad to claim your reward.

Find Camille and get rewards

5. Draper, representative of Candiru Corp, will be giving away carrots free of cost. He will always appear in front of your treehouse almost every day. Tap on him, select an affirmative choice from the list on the bottom of the screen, watch a 30-second advert and get your rewards.

6. Tap on the tiny “+” next to the carrot icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Next, tap on “Free Carrots” on the bottom-right corner of the new page displayed on the screen. Choose an offer, such as installing a particular app, playing a certain game, or completing a particular level of a game to get your rewards. Make sure you tap on the blue button next to the offer to know the requirements, and then tap on the Earn XYZ carrots now button on the requirements page to start the procedure. Complete the requirements and get your rewards instantly.

Pay Attention to Bounties

Earn carrots with bounties at the community board. Bounties on the community board unlock in day 3 or day 4. The Daily Carrot newspaper will inform you about this new feature. Once unlocked, go to the town hall and tap on the community board located outside the town hall building, next to the flag post. Note down the bounty quests, which are usually various types of fishes. You will have to catch those fishes to earn carrots as rewards. In the below screenshot, the bounties are as follow:

Bounties in the community board.

Bluecrab: 100 carrots

Seahorse: 100 carrots

Trout: 600 carrots.

Catching the above fishes will earn you carrots as rewards. Once you catch them, your rewards will be automatically credited to the total number of carrots.

Bounties change at regular intervals, probably daily so keep an eye on them in the community board.

Get the Yoga Mat

Purchase the Yoga mat from Yori’s store whenever you see it available for sale. Pipi will be selling it on the second floor, which usually houses hobby items in Yori’s store.

Yoga Mat triggers Parsnap

In Tsuki’s Odyssey, the yoga mat is one of the items that can trigger certain events, such as a new Parsnap post or Tsuki doing yoga with his new map in his treehouse.

How to Use Gacha Tickets

In Tsuki’s Odyssey, gacha tickets can be exchanged for unique and exciting items at your local Gachaboy. You never know what you might obtain from the gacha machine.

Random gacha toy
A random gacha toy obtained from the Gashapon using a ticket.

You will obtain gacha tickets on certain days from the Punchcard, a daily rewards app. It has a red background and can be found in your in-game smartphone.

Tickets are stored in your inventory (red pouch). Tap on the inventory on the lower-left corner of the screen to see how many gacha tickets you have collected so far.

Once you get your first gacha ticket from the Punchcard, head straight to the town hall. Town hall is where Benny the sheriff takes your complaints.

In the town hall building, you will find the gacha machine (Gashapon) or “Gachaboy”.  Tap on it and the number of tickets you have collected so far will be displayed above the machine.

The gacha machine in the town hall.
The purple ticket icon above the gacha machine or Gashapon displays the number of tickets you currently have.

Tap on the purple ticket icon above the machine. Next tap on the ball to know what’s inside for you. Keep tapping until it opens, revealing a surprise gift. All items from the Gashapon will be stored in your inventory.

Flying Fish Gacha toy.

The first gift that I received from the local Gachaboy/gacha machine is the FlyingFish. It also unlocked a new “Anime Ranger” and “Feesh” app on my in-game smartphone. All toys obtained from the gacha machine will be displayed in this app. You can place gacha toys in your treehouse.

  1. I paid the $20.99 to get a bigger tree house, unlimited backpack and new items in the stores but my treehouse hasn’t changed or gotten bigger?? I reloaded the game, checked if it needed an update and even rebooted my phone but everything is still the same!! Can’t find an official way to contact the app developer??

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