Tsuki Adventure 2 – How To Make Friends

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Tsuki Adventure 2 - Introduction and how to make friends

Tsuki Adventure 2 is the exciting sequel to the popular mobile game Pocket Bunny’s Adventure.

Players will begin their new journey in the Japanese forests and the countryside vistas of Mushroom Village.

The goal of the game is to uncover the secrets of the world by meeting furry friends and solving thrilling mysteries.

This article will focus on how players can make friends in Tsuki Adventure 2 and additional information that could be helpful to each new player.

Tsuki Adventure 2 - Introduction to friends
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How to make friends in Tsuki Adventure 2

Friends are one of the most important aspects of Tsuki Adventure 2 as they will help guide you through every aspect of the game.

Friendly furry friends will show up at each different location in the town. Each friend has a different look and different missions for the player to complete.

Players can simply click on the location they would like to visit and then click on the friend at the location.

The furry friend will indicate the mission on screen through text and players can simply click on the text to view the next text and information.

Some friends will give the player the opportunity to earn more carrots by completing missions.

These carrots can be used to buy a variety of elements. Players will be able to buy items like Fishing equipment, Hydro Farm X, and bug catchers.

Frinds at different locations - Buy items with carrots
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Each of these elements can be bought in the shop and can be used for different objectives and missions in the game which will give players more rewards.

Making friends is quite easy in Tsuki Adventure 2 as players will need to interact with furry creatures frequently to become friends.

There will be a unique quote from each friend available every few hours which will give the player certain missions to complete.

There will be no new relationship and friend quotes available during the waiting period for every friend.

Later in the game once friend relationships have grown further, the characters will start asking for a specific term when Yellow Heart is reached.

Friends locations

The Ola Airport

The Ola Airport will allow the player character to travel to different locations in Tsuki Adventure 2 using a helicopter.

Players will need a ticket in their inventory or will need to purchase additional express tickets to be able to use the plane for travel.

The Geese character is in control of the Ola Airport and players can simply click on them to interact with them.

Players can continuously interact with the Geese character to become friends and receive benefits with flights.

The Ola Airport - plane travel
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The Town Center

The Town Center is the main location of Tsuki Adventure 2 and is where the market is located where players will be able to buy a variety of items.

Pengu Character is available here to interact with players who can become friends with these characters.

Pengu owns the Lovestrike bar where players will be able to buy draft beer.

The Dog character runs the store and will be in charge of selling items to the player. These items can become cheaper by being friends with the dog character.

The Town Center - Pengu character
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Pottery Store

The Pottery Store features a variety of exciting and fun aspects that players will be able to try out. Players can do pottery with different friends.

The first character in the Pottery Store with which players can interact is Angel. Angel will teach the players new tips and tricks about pottery.

Angel is a friendly character and is accompanied by Dogo in the Pottery Store. Dogo is the boss of the store so becoming friends will only be beneficial.

Pottery Store - Angel and Dogo friends
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Rift Hotel

The Rift Hotel in Tsuki Adventure 2 is where the player’s characters will sleep and recover for the next day.

There are no other characters to interact with in this section of the game and players can simply catch bugs at night time.

Rift Hotel - Players sleeping
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East Coast

The East Coast section features another amazing store section where players will be able to purchase certain items by using carrots in the game.

The Heggie character will run the store and be responsible for selling new items to the player.

Players will be able to enjoy the view with Heggie and start conversations to become friends.

East Coast - Heggie Character
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Jojo’s Yacht

Jojo’s Yacht is where payers will be able to do some exciting fishing with Jojo helping them out.

Jojo will take players to the best locations to fish for a variety of different fish.

Jojo is a great captain and being friends with this character in the game can bring many fishing benefits in the future.

Jojo's Yacht - For Fishing
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Sky Pier

The Sky Pier is the last section of the town which features amazing hot air balloon rides with Kostas.

Kostas is a friendly furry character who will take the players on amazing rides with amazing views.

Players can continuously interact with Kostas to become new friends.

Sky Pier area - Kostas Character
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Tsuki Adventure 2 will keep any player entertained for long periods of time. There is so much to explore in this new game.

Share the amazing gaming experiences with friends and let them help you progress further in the game.

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