Tsuki Adventure 2 – How To Build The Perfect Home

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Tsuki Adventure 2 perfect home (5)
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Tsuki Adventure 2 is a super cozy and endearing game where we follow Tsuki’s life after they earn a ticket to travel the world for free. This sequel introduces new adventures, more friends to meet, and, of course, a new home to decorate.

The game kicks off without much ceremony and soon leaves the player to their own devices. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you some good practices on How to Build the Perfect Home in Tsuki Adventure 2. We’ll include all the locations where you can buy decorations, how to make some quick extra cash, and how to decorate the house according to your tastes.

Tsuki Adventure 2 – How to Find Your Home

The first step is to find your home. Tsuki Adventure 2 starts by introducing us to the Town Center, but soon, it opens up the entire map to explore, and many players may get lost in figuring out where Tsuki’s home is.

Tsuki Adventure 2 perfect home (5)
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By clicking on the map icon in the bar below, you’ll see all available locations in your city. The initial city is called Ola, and in it, Tsuki’s home is located at the Rift Hotel. Since Tsuki is an adventurer, it makes sense for them to stay in a hotel, which is where you’ll find their home in any city.

Buying Decorations

One thing that Tsuki Adventure 2 doesn’t explain to players is that when you buy a decoration, it goes into your inventory but is automatically placed in your home at the same time.

Tsuki Adventure 2 perfect home (5)
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For example, when you buy a painting, it immediately appears hanging on one of the walls back in your home; it’s up to you to find it.

It’s a bittersweet situation because while it encourages players to buy as many decorations as possible, the auto-placement removes any chance of customization.

Tsuki Adventure 2 perfect home (5)
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Nevertheless, knowing where to buy new decorations in Tsuki Adventure 2 is essential. In Ola, we can purchase decorations on the East Coast and the Town Center. Every day, the store presents you with three items, and you can refresh to replace them with three others.

There’s no category for what is or isn’t a decoration, so you’ll have to use the item descriptions as guidance. The rule of thumb is: if it feels like a decoration, then most likely it is one.

Making Money (Carrots)

To buy decorations, you need money, represented by a carrot in Tsuki Adventure 2. There are several ways to earn extra cash, and I’ll list a few basics.

Tsuki Adventure 2 perfect home (5)
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The most standard is to use your Fishing Rod, acquired in the tutorial, to fish at Jojo’s Yacht. On the yacht, tap on the fish icon, wait for Tsuki to reel in a catch, and tap again to acquire a fish.

Another way is to buy the Bug Catcher in the Town Center and look for sparkles on all maps. Tapping on them will give you a bug. Both fish and bugs can be sold in any store.

Every now and then, when talking to NPCs, they will offer the opportunity to work in exchange for carrots. In reality, the game requires you to watch an ad, but it’s worth it, considering it’s a good amount of carrots in just 30 seconds.

In the top right corner, there’s a timer next to your carrots in Tsuki Adventure 2. Every time this timer runs out, you receive a letter.

Clicking on the letter provides a tidbit about something specific and carrots. Watching an ad doubles the carrots, and we highly recommend you do.

Tsuki Adventure 2 perfect home (5)
Image by HyperBeard

Daily Tasks also provide a good amount of carrots. There are three in total, and they are super simple to complete. They reward carrots at each completion. You can find the Daily Tasks in the tooltip on the bar below in the trophy icon.

And, of course, there’s always the investment of real money to acquire carrots, but that’s according to the customer’s preference.

Our daily carrot earning is to have Tsuki fishing frequently while waiting for the letter timer to reset. If you don’t want to fish endlessly, you can exit the game since the timer continues. Log in to get some carrots when a letter arrives, and log off again until the following letter.

Wrapping It Up

Tsuki Adventure 2 remains charming and relaxing like its predecessor. Decorating your home is a way to see your progress in the game and a great goal for those who want to enjoy everything that Tsuki’s adventures offer.

We hope you enjoyed another guide from Playoholic! Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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