Tsuki Adventure 2 – Beginners Guide With Tips

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Tsuki's Adventure 2

Tsuki is leaving the carrot farm and forest to explore new places, meet fresh faces, and create more memories in Tsuki Adventure 2. This addition to the franchise is here to let us dive deeper into the kawaii pocket world.

The sequel keeps some elements that made us fall in love with the first game while introducing unfamiliar features. Though new, you won’t have trouble getting used to them. Below is a guide to everything you can do in Tsuki Adventure 2.

Tsuki Adventure 2 - Intro
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Explore the World

At the start of Tsuki Adventure 2, Tsuki wins a special ticket that lets him travel around the world for free. So, he will be traveling to different destinations and staying at hotels instead of the Old Tree House.

Tsuki's ticket
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The player will be the one to decide how long Tsuki stays in one place. You start in the small town of Ola, and you can go to the next spot via air travel. To do this, tap the map icon at the bottom of the screen and search for the airport.

It will take days to earn a free ticket, though, so you shouldn’t rush your journey. Take your time with each location because there’s tons of stuff to do everywhere.

Ola Airport
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Interact with Locals

To successfully perform most activities in Tsuki Adventure 2, you have to interact with NPCs. You can do this by tapping the furry figures. Sometimes, you will be given dialogue options to choose how to proceed with the story.

Aside from unlocking actions, one purpose of interacting with locals is to make friends with them. Those with a heart icon above their speech bubbles are the ones you can befriend.

Have occasional conversations with them to improve your relationship. You will notice the color of their hearts change as your bond grows stronger. When you earn 100% of their trust, these cute companions will give you gifts.

Baba and Jojo frienship hearts
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Make Memories

Having friends will complete many items in Tsuki’s diary. This can be accessed through the third option in the line of icons below the main game screen.

The first part of that section will show you every remarkable experience that your curious avatar has had so far in his journey. There are 141 diary entries you can make, but you can’t preview any of them.

Tsuki's diary
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You have to experience things first before truly accomplishing them, like in real life. And just like in real life, some experiences require money. In Tsuki Adventure 2, carrots are your way to pay. Here are some ways to obtain the in-game currency.

Collect Carrots

Although Tsuki has left his countryside farm, he is still the legal owner. That’s why you will regularly receive 200 carrots in the mail, located on the top right side of the screen.

Carrot rewards
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After collecting your proceeds, a timer will count down the time left before the next batch of carrots arrives. It may take a minute, but there are other things you can do to get paid.

You can connect with some NPCs in the area that will have you do simple tasks (watch ads) for a quick buck. However, the most reliable way to earn carrots is by catching fish and bugs. To do this, you first need to purchase the right items.

Buy from Stores

There are stores scattered throughout all the maps of Tsuki Adventure 2, and each one has different sets of goods for you to purchase. When you enter a store, there will be three items for sale that you can choose from.

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The Store Information button on the left will show you all the materials the shop has to offer. However, you won’t always know how these objects will be of service to the bunny adventurer.

Some items you purchase can be used instantly, but some can only be activated when you put Tsuki in the right place at the right time.

Store items list
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Refresh Store

When you buy any object, its slot in the store won’t immediately be replaced with a new item. You have to wait a while to see new products, or you could press the Refresh Store button on the right for an instant change of options.

This will play an ad, and you will see three new items on the storefront afterward. This function is convenient if you haven’t purchased anything yet but don’t like what you see or already own the listed artifacts.

Go Fishing

The first item you must buy is a fishing rod. This will let you catch fish in selected areas and sell them back in stores. Similar to Tsuki Odyssey, this is arguably the best money-making feature of Tsuki Adventure 2.

Fishing spots have a blue fishing indicator above them. Tap it to cast your line. Wait for a vibration or an exclamation mark to appear above Tsuki’s head to reel in your catch.

Fish caught alert
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To sell your fish, go to any store and tap the fish icon on your inventory on the lower part of the screen. Tap the ones you want to sell and select the carrot button that indicates the price to finish the transaction.

Catch Bugs

This is another way to earn good carrots in the game. All you need to start catching insects is a bug catcher.

However, the act of capturing bugs isn’t as direct as hauling in fish. Bugs can appear in any location. Your sign that there’s one is a small, shining star. Tap it to seize the bug.

Stars indicating bugs
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You can sell insects the way you sell fish in stores. Both bugs and fish in Tsuki Adventure 2 belong to four rarities: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. The higher the rarity, the bigger they will sell on the market.

Tsuki Adventure 2 – Complete Achievements

Making friends and catching fish and bugs are the primary things to do in Tsuki Adventure 2. These activities are what the game milestones are based on.

You can check your ongoing and completed achievements by clicking the trophy icon below the screen. In that section, you will also see the daily tasks. Clear them regularly to earn extra carrots.

Achievements and Daily Tasks
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You will see a world map when you tap the diary icon and swipe to the second part. Select any location to get a glimpse of how many friends, fish, and bugs you can snag in that area.

Number of fish, bugs, and friends in Ola
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Note: There are a handful of other ventures to try in the game other than the main ones, so don’t get too caught up in them.

Reconnect with Old Friends

If you’re a long-time fan of the Tsuki pocket universe, Tsuki Adventure 2 is for you. The third section of the diary features mail and postcards from friends from the previous Tsuki games.

There are 42 letters you can receive from people in the past. They will turn up at random to take players on a walk down memory lane.

Letter from Bobo
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Open Blind Boxes

Every town Tsuki visits will have a vending machine that contains Blind Boxes. These are mystery boxes that enclose collectible figures.

These valuables will be placed on the fourth and final part of the diary panel after opening a Blind Box. To use the vending machine, you need the proper ticket.

Blind Box vending machine
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There are three tickets you can get for Tsuki Adventure 2. The yellow ticket is what you’ll need to open Blind Boxes. You can get one for free every day.

There’s also a green one that can be used to skip ads. But perhaps the most crucial ticket is the Express ticket, which is the one required to travel to a new region.

Plant Crops

Make more carrots by planting crops. You can do this once you purchase the Hydro Farm X at the Town Center of Ola. After buying the object, you will unlock seed shops that were initially hidden.

Buy seeds and sow them by clicking the plant icon on the top-right side of the main screen. Tap the seeds, then select Plant. It will take some time for them to grow, but once they’re ready to reap, press Harvest.

Harvesting crops
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You can sell them at any store for profit. While cultivating plants, you can reduce their growing time by an hour if you tap their timers and watch an ad.

Tsuki Adventure 2 Tips

You can play Tsuki Adventure 2 any way you want. There’s no pressure at all. However, the tips below can improve your gameplay by a mile, so definitely check them out.

Log In Routinely

Tsuki’s universe is a living, breathing pocket world. Even when you log out, NPCs and even our adorable rabbit protagonist will do things on their own in real-time.

It’s okay to not be on Tsuki Adventure 2, 24/7. However, you should check in once in a while to collect carrots, read the mail, or see if Tsuki did anything that was added to his diary.

New diary entry
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As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to open the game every morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and night.

Always Check on Friends

Another task you should make sure to accomplish every time you play the game is checking on your fur pals. It is vital to value friendships, even in a pocket world.

Gaining the trust of your NPC mates isn’t easy, so you should be consistent with them. As mentioned, characters will do things independently when you’re away.

Angel at the Sky Pier
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Friends may not be in their usual spots depending on the time of the day, but sometimes you’ll find them hanging in other places. They can be completely absent from the map at times, so try memorizing their patterns.

Plant Profitable Crops

The modified farming feature of Tsuki Adventure 2 is a fun little way to amass more cash. However, some seeds don’t always yield satisfactory produce, especially in terms of profits.

For example, the cauliflower plant costs 20 carrots. It only generates one veggie, which is worth 15 carrots. Be mindful of the buying and selling costs of seeds before planting them.

Seed shop
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To ensure fruitful results, plant seeds that return multiple crops. This includes long beans, watermelon, onions, and parsnips. The mystery seed bag can generate exciting harvests, but it can be a gamble.

Shop All You Want

It’s critical to have a substantial amount of carrots in your rabbit pocket because many of Tsuki’s key moments will only be unlocked if you own a suitable item.

Pick up everything you can from stores, not just the tools that help you earn your money back in Tsuki Adventure 2. Think of it as buying experiences instead of superficial objects. After all, that’s the point of the game.

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To gain more carrots and other rewards, check out our article on Tsuki Adventure 2 promo codes.

Leave Tsuki in Different Spots

When you buy Tsuki new things, not all will be used instantly. Some will only be activated when he is in the right place, and even then, the fuzzy hero won’t immediately put the items to use.

It may take a conversation with a friend to activate the item. Most often, though, you only have to leave Tsuki in the correct spot to utilize an object.

Tsuki eating nuts
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You know it worked when you log back in and see a new diary entry. It could help if you make a habit of visiting a random place before quitting the game.

Try Everything

Speaking of diary entries, you won’t know which activity will be added to your journal. Moreover, there’s no available information about how many diary entries can be made in each town of Tsuki Adventure 2.

That’s why you must try everything. It takes days to get a free Express ticket, and that’s usually enough to interact with all NPCs and have a go at every local attraction.

Tsuki riding a hot air balloon
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Of course, you can always buy Express tickets in the Tsuki Adventure 2 shop that’s marked by the carrot icon on the top-right side of the screen, but that beats the purpose of taking your time.

Final Words

Tsuki Adventure 2 is an effective follow-up to one of the most relaxing mobile games out there. It thickens the plot and reveals intricate details of the colorful world that was introduced by its predecessors.

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