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Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Truth Behind Fire is a Story Quest that follows Vineyard’s Secret. Cassadee, who came to study Merin’s ward, has returned to Northville to resume her research. Rowan wants to join you in your investigation into finding the culprits of the fire.

Step-by-Step Truth Behind Fire Guide

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Return to Northville: So many secrets to unfold. Return to Northville (349;139) with Rowan upon his request, then ask the villagers for information.

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Talk to Cassadee: After asking around, a witness was mentioned. Head north to look for the fisherman, Hank; that’s when you again run into Cassadee (340;148). Talk to her to get some research updates. 

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Find the Fisherman: Cassadee is determined to find the culprit, so she decides to join your quest to find the fisherman. Head to Mirror Lake (347;163) to spot Hank.

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Info From Valen: Hank has probably received Lord Franz’s hush money, as he refuses to provide any information. Talk to Valen, then head for the farm (331;155) to investigate the fire scene for more clues.

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Collect Evidence: Three pieces of evidence are scattered on the farm. Collect them, and bandits will appear to intervene and make it clear they’re in cahoots with Lord Franz. Defeat them.

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Back to Holistone: Cassadee wants to study the grapes. Rowan wants to see Mirael. Valen suggests we go to Holistone (269;145) and inform Hogan of the newfound intel.

Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey

Mirael has been innocent all along. Lord Franz was behind the fire, burning down the wheat farm to purchase it for a low price and expand his vineyard. Once you reach Holistone gates, the Story Quest, Truth Behind Fire, concludes and rewards you with gold and diamonds in AFK Journey.

How to Unlock

AFK Journey - Vineyard's Secret -Story Quest

Truth Behind Fire story quest becomes available right after unlocking Golden Wheatshire 2 and completing Vineyard’s Secret Quest. It’s one of the shortest and easiest quests of Ryeham Tales.

Truth Behind Fire Rewards

300 Diamonds
36,000 Gold
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