Truck Stop Tycoon – Ultimate Beginner’s Walkthrough

Truck Stop Tycoon Beginner's Guide
(Last Updated On: August 4, 2023)

Truck Stop Tycoon is an idle incremental management sim developed by Wuhan Sonow technology co ltd. Known as Travel Center Tycoon on the Google App Store, this tycoon game has players running and upgrading a hub for weary truck drivers.

Read on to learn how to play, how to earn fast, and how to get gems!

Photo: Wuhan Sonow technology co ltd

How to Play

Because this game is an idle game, all you really need to do is open up the app. Re-fueling, repairing, and cash collecting are all automated. Our only real role is to manage the expansion of the Truck Stop.

Expand Your Truck Stop

Upgrade Your Facilities

To expand your Truck Stop, you will need to increase the amount of profit your Truck Stop is making. This is done primarily by purchasing upgrades for each facility until you’ve acquired all the available upgrades.

Research To Unlock More Upgrades

Photo: Wuhan Sonow technology co ltd

Once you’ve obtained all the available upgrades for your building, you can head to the Research section to see a collection of nodes that each house a purchasable benefit for your facilities.

These benefits range from unlocking more upgrades to increasing the amount of facilities you can have.

We highly recommend researching the discount benefit to quicken the upgrading process.

Purchase New Facilities

Initially, you will only have access to a Parking Space and a Toilet. But once you’ve invested enough cash into these facilities, look towards expanding your Truck Stop through the acquisition of completely new facilities!

Photo: Wuhan Sonow technology co ltd

Facilities that are ready to be unlocked are marked by a floating red arrow. This means that you have enough funds to purchase that facility. Once purchased, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before you can start upgrading and earning from the newly purchased facility.

How to Earn Fast

Hire Employees

In the tab next to the Upgrades, you can spend gems to hire one employee for each facility you already have unlocked. These employees multiply the amount of profit their assigned facility makes, as well as increase the speed at which payments are made.

Expand Your Finance Department

Photo: Wuhan Sonow technology co ltd

The Finance Department multiplies the total amount your truck stop earns by a whopping 200%. Each member can be found in the game’s shop and can easily be unlocked through watching ads.

How to Get Gems

Gems can be earned by progressing through Truck Stop Tycoon’s Quest system and logging in daily. Additionally, patient players could opt to go for one of the routes below for the fastest gem gains.

Watch Ads

Photo: Wuhan Sonow technology co ltd

The fastest way to earn gems in Truck Stock Tycoon is by heading to the Shop and watching ads. These ads can last anywhere from 15s to 30s, meaning to get the 1,200 Gems, you will need to commit around 10mins of your real-world time.

Additionally, watching ads only counts for the selected option. Meaning if you watch one ad for the 1,200 Gem option, you will get 1/20 for that while remaining at 0/1 and 0/10 for the other options.

Lucky Wheel

The Lucky Wheel is a roulette that rewards the player for each ad they watch. Once you’ve finished watching an ad, you can obtain some cash or a couple of gems for your trouble.

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