Truck Simulator PRO USA – Gameplay Guide

Muhib Nadeem

Truck Simulator PRO USA by Mageeks Apps & Games is a dream come true for any truck enthusiast out there. Not only does it let you experience the everyday driving hustle and bustle of a truck-driver’s life, but it also lets you customize your experience.

With all the good, and seemingly no bad, the Truck Simulator PRO USA is a steal – only if you’re actually able to pilot the game. Unfortunately, there is no tutorial, and we wouldn’t call it the “easiest game to play” either.

Having said that, let’s dive into the game and see how everything works.

The Basic Premise

Truck Simulator PRO USA map
Photo: Mageeks Apps & Games

As mentioned previously, you just need to be a truck driver, but you can’t do that without a truck. Now, one way of getting through this obstacle is to use the in-game currency to rent a truck.

You’re given some of this to start your journey, but it’s no where near enough to purchase a truck. The option exists, but it’s not for newbies.

From here onwards, you need to rent a truck, and a trailer, and complete missions in order to obtain currency.

Hitting Vehicles Cost Money

Truck Simulator PRO USA Vehicle Hit
Photo: Mageeks Apps & Games

You can’t perform any hit and runs here. If you’ve crashed into someone during your journey, you need to pay up. This cost is automatically deducted, and depending on the intensity of the crashes, this number can add up.

Therefore, your first priority is to avoid vehicles, follow traffic rules, and be as vigilant as possible.

Driving Your Vehicle

Truck Simulator PRO USA
Photo: Mageeks Apps & Games

Your control set – while customizable – let’s you control the following elements:

  • Gears: From neutral, drive, to reverse.
  • Acceleration: Press the pedal to zoom away.
  • Brakes: For those minute stops.
  • Handling: Available in three configurations.

You Can Change Camera Angles

Truck Simulator PRO USA First Person
Photo: Mageeks Apps & Games

Yes, the game is modeled to be as close to reality as possible, but it’s not meant to take the fun away as well.

Choose a driving angle that you like, and drive away to your destinations in style.

Fun fact: The hazard lights automatically turn on whenever you press reverse!

Tips To Help Your Gameplay

Truck Simulator PRO USA PArking
Photo: Mageeks Apps & Games
  1. Monitor fuel levels and plan stops strategically, and don’t forget to allow rest time for your virtual driver to maintain peak performance.
  2. Pay keen attention to speed limits, road signs, and local laws within the game. Adhering to these enhances realism and your overall score.
  3. Accurate parking is often a challenging but essential part of truck simulation. Regular practice will develop this vital skill.
  4. Select upgrades that match your driving style and needs. Customization not only adds personal flair but can also improve your truck’s performance.
  5. Learn to control your speed through gearing and throttle management. Relying too much on brakes can lead to unrealistic driving and less enjoyment.


In essence, mastering Truck Simulator PRO USA is a time-dependent process, and you don’t need to force your learning process.

However, knowing the basics covered in this article will help you understand how you can best take advantage of your truck, and progress cleanly.

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