How to Win at Trivia Crack Kingdoms: Tips, Hints and Cheats

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Trivia Crack Kingdoms Tips
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Kingdoms is the new and improved version of Etermax’s most popular quiz-based game app. The game replaces the old wheel of fortune style of gameplay with a fun box system. A player taps on a box to get a challenge. Completing a challenge will allow him to continue playing. It will be the opponent’s turn to tap on boxes and answer questions if the player fails to answer a question correctly.

There are plenty of unique challenge cards and each card may make it tough or easy for you to be in the game. A few challenges grant extra rewards once you have finished tasks mentioned on the card.

Trivia Crack: Kingdoms expands its topics by including “Channels”. Players can select their favorite channels, answer questions from their chosen channels and test their knowledge. There are also fun power-ups like vaporize and x-ray that make this quiz game more engaging. Here are some useful tips, hints and cheats that will help you answer questions correctly, get Kings/Crowns and earn coins:

Multichannel vs. Single Channel: Which Game Mode is Better?

Kingdoms has two game modes – Single Channel and Multichannel. If you select Single Channel, you will be able to choose your favorite channel or a channel you are expert in. Questions related to the selected channel will appear on the screen. Selecting Multichannel will allow you to answer a mixed bag of questions from all channels of your list.

Trivia Crack Kingdoms Tips

You may choose any game mode of your choice, but if you select multichannel, it will open up a variety of questions. Choosing “Single Channel” will give you the freedom to choose the best topic that you are expert in, but do not expect all questions to be easy. Since the questions appearing under “Single Channel” will be only from the selected topic, you won’t get any other choice, increasing the chances of getting as many hard questions as easy questions.

With Multichannel, you may get more number of easy questions because those will be asked from all topics of your channel list. Unless you are an expert in a topic, don’t choose single channel.

How to Cheat at Kingdoms

Cheating should be your last resort as it can really spoil the fun. However, you may cheat at this game in case you got “King” and the question is tough. You will win a crown if you get the King question and answer it correctly. You may then use this cheat in case you cannot answer it:

You will need:

Google Search

A fast Internet connection

1. Sit in front of your computer or laptop and open your browser. Go to

2. Start playing a single or multichannel quiz with your friend or a random player. When you encounter a tough question, just type the keywords, not the entire question on Google Search. Remember that all questions are timer-based and you will have a few seconds to select the right answer. For example: If the question is “What is the chemical name for C3H8?”, Just type “C3H8” or “C3H8 chemical name”.

3. Not all questions asked by the King challenge will be as easy as the example above; some may even be pictorial questions.

Choose Your Favorite Channel Wisely


The sequel to the most popular quiz game now lets players follow their favorite “Channels” besides the usual boring topics such as Science, Geography, History and Sports. Players can follow and answer questions related to their dearest television shows (Think GoT and Breaking Bad), movies, sports such as boxing and rugby, music and many more. The list is endless.

Before start of play, the game will show you a list of channels to select. You will need to tap on the empty star icon to save and add it to your topics list. Once you have added to the list, tap on “Play Now”, select “Single Channel”, tap on “Play Now” again and then choose your saved channel from the list to get questions related to it. You can tap on “Channels”

Make sure you add those channels that you are expert in. If you haven’t missed a single Harry Potter movie or have read all seven fantasy novels, then you should add the HP channel to your list. Mind you, these channels contain some really tough questions posted by people that are as much an expert as you are.

Select your channel wisely. Several channels are created by users. You can also create your own channel. Tap on “Profile” and then tap on the “Channels” tab and press the “Create Your Channel” button. Make sure you are logged in to Facebook before creating one.

Types of Challenges in Kingdoms


There are several types of challenges hidden within each box. You must complete a challenge to continue playing until you get “King”. Answering the King question correctly will grant you a crown.

Types of Challenges in Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Collect all 5 crowns to defeat your opponent. Challenges are quite fun to complete. They add a unique twist to the entire quiz-based game. Here are some of the key types of challenges you will meet while playing Kingdoms with your friend or a random player:

Guide (Test Tube, Globe and Paint Brush):

This challenge will make your King search quite easy. If you get “Guide”, you will just have to answer one question correctly and the game will point out two boxes. Of these two boxes, one hides the king. In case you failed to tap on the right box and then answered a question(s) wrong, make a mental note of the other box’s location. If your opponent hasn’t discovered the box yet, you can come back again and tap on the box to claim the king.


You must answer two questions correctly to continue playing. If you fail to answer one of them, it will be your opponent’s turn.


You will have to answer three questions to receive a pirate’s treasure containing coins. You must answer all three questions correctly in a series. You will also get bonus coins for each question answered correctly, plus the treasure in the end if you answer all 3 questions in a row correctly.
Expert: Brace for a tough question if you discover this challenge. Questions are pretty tougher than others and may require players to Google the question to get the right answer.

Queen of Time:

Getting this challenge will trigger a 30 second timer and within these 30 seconds you will have to answer 5 questions correctly to get a Crown. Yes, you will receive a crown immediately after answering the fifth question correctly.


Getting a Ninja will help you a lot. He will strike off two wrong answers, leaving behind two choices; one of these two choices is the correct answer.

2 of 3:

Once you get this challenge, you will have to answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly, so if you answer the first question wrong, you still are in the game, but you must answer the next 2 questions to avoid losing a turn.


You will need to answer 3 questions correctly to get a crown.

Know Your Power-Ups


There are two types of power-ups in Trivia Crack: Kingdoms – the ones you see at the bottom of the screen below the set of boxes and a set of power-ups that appear below a question.

Power Ups

Power-ups appearing below boxes will make it easy for players to discover special challenges or remove boxes, whereas the ones below a question will help them find the correct answer faster. Here’s a rundown of new and old power-ups, their uses and how to make the most of them:

A. Power-ups Below Boxes


A UFO appears from nowhere and sucks in a random box below it, revealing its content. By removing a box, vaporize gives you an extra turn. You will be able to choose another box. Use Vaporize when you have removed half of the total boxes and still couldn’t find the King. This power-up will remove a challenge and you and will narrow down your search for the elusive crowned monarch. Spend 7 coins to use vaporize.


The X-ray power-up will reveal a challenge hidden within a box. The AI will choose a box and the game board will turn into an X-ray display showing what’s inside the box. X-Ray power-up usually choose those boxes that hide a challenge which may help you get a crown or find the King faster. Use it at the start of play. Spend 10 coins to use X-Ray.

B. Power-ups That Appear Below a Question

Extra Time:

Gives extra seconds. The timer goes a few seconds back, giving you some more time to choose the correct answer. Requires only 1 coin.


Removes two incorrect answers out of 4 choices. Use it when you are clueless as to which is the correct answer or have a hunch that one of the 4 choices is the right answer. Requires 5 coins.


Lets you skip a question. Use it when you get an Expert challenge. Requires 3 coins.

How to Earn Coins in Kingdoms

Win a game by collecting five crowns. You will receive coins based on the number of questions you have answered correctly. The more the number of correct answers the more coins you will earn.

Unlock achievements by completing simple tasks. Tasks could be anything ranging from answering 10 questions correctly using a power-up 3 times. You will receive coins after completing an achievement.

The Pirate challenge card will give extra coins if you answer 3 consecutive questions correctly. You will also receive coins for each correctly answered question. It appears randomly and may be hidden in one of the boxes.

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