Toy Story Drop! Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Match-3 Puzzles

Anurag Ghosh
Toy Story Drop Rockets
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Toy Story Drop! is a visually stunning match-3 puzzle game from Big Fish Games. It features your favorite characters, such as Buzz and Woody from the Toy Story (TS) universe.

In this game, you will not only solve various match-3 puzzles, but also get access to exclusive stories of your beloved Toy Story characters. If you are interested in story-based Disney games like Toy Story Drop, play Disney Princess Majestic Quest. The world of Drop! is just amazing as you will also be collecting and assembling various “playsets” to unlock bonus adventures. 

Toy Story Drop lets you explore the TS Universe like never before. You will also be exploring the upcoming Toy Story 4 movie playsets and themed match-3 puzzles in this game.

Drop! has plenty of surprises in store for fans, included themed boosts such as the flying saucer, etch a sketch and the claw that can help you complete tough puzzles. What’s more, you will be assembling playsets to unlock special battle modes featuring your favorite heroes and villains.

There are a lot of things to Toy Story Drop! and these tips, tricks and strategies will help you finish levels, earn coins and batteries, unlock stories, playsets and bonus adventures.  

The Many Benefits of Rocket 

The rocket power-up plays a very crucial role in Toy Story Drop! To make one, all you have to do is match 4 pieces in a square. Now swipe the rocket in any direction to activate it. You can also double-tap to set it off. In some way or the other, a rocket power-up contributes to your level objectives. Here’s how it plays a big role in completing goals: 

Toy Story Drop Rockets

– If your goal is to clear a certain number of green pieces, the rocket will fly to a random green piece and remove that piece from the board. Before launchingthe rocket will also remove an adjacent piece from the game board. Here also, the priority will be the green piece and if there’s one next to the rocket, it will be removed before the rocket sets off to another random green piece.  

– If the objective is to move certain items to the bottom of the board, then do not activate the rocket until the item reaches the second last row. Once it does, double-tap the rocket and it will fly towards a piece just underneath the object and remove it, which will make the item reach the last row. At times, it may not be possible to remove pieces on the last row to clear the path for the item. In such circumstances, the rocket can be very useful. Make sure you activate the rocket when the item is at the second last row.  

– You can also combine the rocket with other power-ups such as the “jack in the box” power-up or the bouncy ball power-up. When combined, the other power-ups will attach themselves to the rocket and the rocket will fly to a random piece and explode, activating them 

Power-Up Combinations You Should Know 

Always look for combining two or more power-ups if you are serious about completing a level. Power-up combos remove more pieces from a board than single powerups. Here’s a list of combinations you should try if you want to finish levels:  

– Match 4 pieces in a straight line to create a jack in the box power-up. Now combine two boxes placed side by side and the two jacks pop out, one clearing a row and another clearing a column.  

– Match 5 pieces in an L or T shape to get the bouncy ball. Double tap it and the ball explodes, destroying surrounding pieces. The blast radius of a ball is 13 tiles. You can increase the blast radius by combining two balls that are placed side-by-side.  

– Combine a ball with the box to trigger a triple row and column blast. Three jacks will clear three rows and columns at the same time.  

– Now try combining a ball or a box with a rocket. They will be attached to the rocket. The rocket will then fly to a random location and activate the power-up when it lands on a piece removing several pieces depending on the ability of that power-up.  

– Match 5 pieces in a straight line to create a shiny disco ball. Swap its place with another piece to remove all pieces of that color. You can then combine the shiny disco ball with a rocket, ball or the box to replicate several powerups scattered across the board. So, if a shiny disco ball is combined with a box, then it will clone several jack in the boxes, and will scatter them across the board.  

– Combine a shiny disco ball with another to clear all pieces from the board.  

Tip: If you double-tap the disco ball, it will remove all batteries that are scattered across the board.  

Use Flying Saucers Wisely 

The flying saucer booster in Toy Story Drop! can remove any piece from the board. All you have to do is tap the flying saucer and then tap the piece which you want to remove. You should use a flying saucer only when you need to make an item reach the bottom of the board or when you want to clear marbles.

Flying Saucer in Toy Story Drop!

Sometimes, you won’t find any matches on the last row and with a move limit, it becomes very difficult to complete such levels. This is where a flying saucer comes handy. You will unlock this booster at level 8 and get three free flying saucers when you complete this level. You might get a free flying saucer from gift boxes that appear on the level map.  

Save Coins to Get Bonus Moves in Tough Levels 

When you complete a new level, you will earn 10 coins. Keep finishing levels and collect coins. Save them to buy bonus moves for levels which are hard to win. Since you will be earning only 10 coins on your first win, you should save coins you have earned in each level. You will receive bonus coins if you replay older levels, but the amount will be lower than those which you received in new levels. Don’t spend coins to buy extra lives as you will be wasting a lot of them to buy a single bonus life.  

Replay Older Levels to get Batteries and Coins 

You will have to collect a certain amount of batteries to unlock a special “story level” plus more levels. A story level will always have a unique objective, which will then be available in subsequent levels.  

If you are short of batteries, you can play older levels to get them. You will also receive coins upon winning, but please bear in mind the levels that have already been completed won’t be easy to complete on your second or third attempt. Reaching your objectives will be harder and the move limit might also be lower than what it was when you played that same level for the first time. You will lose a heart if you fail to complete an old level.  

How to Unlock Bonus Adventures  

Toy Story Drop! allows you to find and collect playset items and complete a full playset to play bonus adventure levels. Each “playset” is linked to a particular Toy Story character. You will have to collect items for that playset to complete it. Collect playset items by completing certain levels. For example: For the Porkchop Express playset, you will have to collect a total of four items. You will have to complete certain levels such as level 28 and level 37 to collect playset items and then complete the entire playset to unlock bonus adventures. To unlock a new playset, you will have to find that playset’s main character. Keep playing to unlock new characters and playsets.  

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  1. I’m no longer receiving coins on the levels I’m playing. My coin count just shows 7 with a plus sign next to it. Do you know what this means?

    1. Same thing happened to me. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, and now the coins are back. Just make sure you sign in to your BigFish account after you reinstall and it will take you back to the last level you were on before you uninstalled.

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