Township Layout Ideas – 2023 Guide

Shahzaib Manzoor

Playrix launched Township in 2011 as a social game for Facebook and Google+. A year later, in 2012, the game had a relaunch for iOS and Android devices. Now, it’s available for Windows and macOS as well.

With stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and tons of stuff to do, Township soon became the leading farm and city-building hybrid.

From building a metropolis to managing cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, and more, players have to do a lot more than just grow, harvest, and sell crops for money.

Even with such expansive gameplay, Township keeps it all easy, fun, and highly addictive. Building the perfect town with a functional yet unique design and then keeping it all running successfully brings an adrenaline rush of its own.

However, it’s easy to run out of ideas. 

So, here are seven unique, functional, and jaw-dropping township layouts that will give you plenty of ideas for your town. 

5 Fun & Functional Township Layout Ideas

1. Colorful Concrete Jungle

Photo: Playrix

Let’s kick off this list with one of the most well-planned housing layouts. It’s a practical design that does not compromise on beauty. The ascending order of the buildings creates an elevated look which is so pleasing to look at.

Ponds as centerpieces have never looked better. 

It is a concrete jungle, but somehow manages the right amount of Green.

2. Good Pyramid Scheme

Photo: Playrix

I’m not a big fan of pyramid Township layouts, but something about this one feels right.

The creator here hasn’t just gone for a pyramid look; they also did their best to keep it functional. A mart on the pyramid’s top and houses on the descent create an unlikely but beautiful symmetry. The whole thing comes together because of the Jacaranda trees. 

Although, I think Cherry Blossoms will look even better.

3. Scary Season Is Here!

Photo: Playrix

This is hands down one of the best Halloween-inspired Township layouts I’ve ever seen. The over-the-top use of various Pumpkin decoration items just works. And the way this builder placed the three Ominous Fountains feels like they’re one on top of the other.

If I had to recreate just one out of the seven Township layout ideas on this list, this is the one I’ll do come Halloween.

4. Flying On Cotton

Photo: Playrix

Floating on water, surrounded by fields of fully blossomed Cotton- this is what airports should look like in real life as well.

In Township though, you’ll have to wait until you reach Level 17 to recreate this Township layout.

The Airport is a restorable building that unlocks once the player reaches Level 17. 

After that, all you need is some land, some cotton seeds, and 1500 Gold to get the Airport up and running again.

5. Snowy Oasis

Photo: Playrix

I’ve saved the best for last.

Think of it as a Christmas-inspired Township design that also works as a homage to the Palm Islands of Dubai. But, as the giant snowman in the middle suggests, it’s a design that represents the spirit of Christmas.

The unique combo of snow and sand makes the whole layout pop. While it is beautiful to look at, it’s also the most tricky to replicate.

These are some of the best Township layout ideas to look up to in 2023. Show off your Township designs in the comments below, and maybe your town can feature on my next list.

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