Tower Defense Simulator Codes – February 2024

Hamza Rashid

We got the latest codes for Tower Defense Simulator, on July 2023!

Do you remember the good old Call of Duty Zombie games? Surviving round after round with your buddies as waves of enemies kept popping up out of nowhere. Well, the best way to relive those times will be by playing Tower Defense Simulator, a game run on the Roblox game engine.

If you want to make the process of surviving even more fun, then might we recommend you give some Tower Defense SImulator exclusive codes a shot? These codes are released by the developers of the game to reward loyal players with freebies to enjoy.

Tower Defense Simulator
Source: Paradoxum Games (Roblox)

Tower Defense Simulator – Codes – July 2023

Unfortunately, there are currently no codes that players can use in Tower Defense Simulator at the time of writing. However, rest assured that we’ll definitely update this article as soon as new codes come out.

How to Redeem Codes in Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defense Simulator Redeem Codes
Source: Paradoxum Games (Roblox)

Naturally, knowing what codes you can enter is well and good, but you have to know HOW to enter those codes as well, right? Fortunately, redeeming codes in Tower Defense Simulator is fairly straightforward. You just have to:

  1. Launch Tower Defense Simulator
  2. Load into the game
  3. Tap the Twitter logo near the bottom of the screen. It’ll be labeled as ‘codes’.
  4. Enter any valid Tower Defense Simulator code
  5. Tap ‘redeem’.

What Codes Do in Tower Defense Simulator

Codes in Tower Defense Simulator actually do a variety of things depending on which code you enter. However, you’ll find that codes will usually do one of three things.

Either the code will give you a new skin to use, a crate you can open to get some random items, or maybe the code will straight up grant you some gems. It’s always a good idea to know what the code you’re entering gives you before you enter it.

Code Not Working – Tower Defense Simulator

If your Tower Defense Simulator code isn’t working, then chances are there’s one of two reasons. The first is that the code you entered might have a spelling error, in which case simply entering it correctly should do the trick.

However, it’s also possible that the code you’re trying to enter has expired. This is actually more likely since the developers tend to set a very strict deadline for their codes.

How To Find New Codes In Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defense Simulator More Codes
Source: Paradoxum Games (Roblox)

There are two reliable ways to find new codes to use in Tower Defense Simulator. The first is to visit the Twitter handle of the developers, that being @paradoxum_games. Alternatively, you could also bookmark this specific page as we’ll be sure to update the list of codes as soon as new codes come out.


Now you know what codes you can enter in Tower Defense Simulator as well as how to enter them. If you’re looking to play some similar games then check out both Action Tower Defense and Ultimate Tower Defense.

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