Top Troops – Adventure RPG: How Merging Works

Ahmed Fawzy
Top Troops - Adventure RPG

Welcome to Top Troops Adventure RPG, the game that managed to combine merge, strategy, and RPG, where your goal is to build your army and go into epic RPG battles to conquer the realms.

Adventure RPG was released on October 2, 2023, by Zynga, who are known for their great games, and it’s available on both the Google Play and App Store.

The game is about building a powerful army by merging identical troops together.

Take over the world and become the top conqueror in this epic game. In this article, we will mention how merging works in the Top Troops Adventure RPG.

What is Merging in Top Troops

Top Troops Merge 3 or more identical units
Photo: Zynga

Since Top Troops is all about having a powerful army that can take out your enemies, you need to know how to make them powerful, and that’s by merging them.

As you progress throughout the game, you will get many copies of different units. You will need to get 3 identical copies of each unit in order to merge for an additional star.

Stars are one of the indicators that show how strong your unit is; the more you merge, the more stars you get, as they rank up. Keep in mind that the 3 copies should have the same stars in order to rank up to the next star.

How to merge

How to merge? Drag a unit to 2 units next to each other
Photo: Zynga

It might seem so basic to know how to merge, as it only takes a swipe, but it’s a bit tricky as you need to place the units you need to merge close to each other.

Unlike other merging games, your focus should be on merging troops over and over again in order to rank each set.

Having multiple troops can also be a bit cumbersome, as your map becomes crowded and you will need to clear more land by battling more enemies.

You need to place at least 2 units next to each other, then drag the 3rd to merge; in case they are not alongside each other, they will just swap their places.

This goes for everything that is available to merge.

Merge resources

Chests can be merged
Photo: Zynga

We mentioned that merging is one of the best ways to get stronger, and that’s because it’s not only for the troops.

Chests are also a great way to get stronger, as they provide you with a lot of troops so that you can merge them. Note that wooden chests with one star each are unable to merge in Top Troops.

That’s why you can also merge chests and any resource that you get on a tile, such as energy points and troop exp.

Merging chests would greatly increase the loot inside as they would give more troop options.

Merge Bonus

Merge Bonus when you merge 5 units instead of 3
Photo: Zynga

Do you love the merging technique? There is more waiting for you; there is a bonus if you merge 5 units instead of 3 or 6 in Top Troops.

Having 5 units, chests, or resources dropped next to each other to merge would give you a merge bonus, unlike the basic merge.

Always save your units until you hit 5 identical copies so that you can get the bonus.

Rank up after a merge
Photo: Zynga


The Top Troops merging mechanism is a great way to help you build your dream team and have the most powerful army out there.

You just need to understand both the basic and advanced merging techniques to take out the dark army and get on top of the arena against other players.

Remember that it’s always best to merge 5 to get that bonus.

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