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Top Troops
(Last Updated On: October 8, 2023)

Top Troops – Adventure RPG is a fantasy RPG game, developed by Zynga, and is currently running ahead of itself with over five hundred thousand downloads already!

Released on October 2, 2023, Top Troops has taken the charts to a whole new level. Downloadable from the Play Store, your main goal in this game is to earn as much land as possible, by using your troops to defeat enemies standing in your way.

In this comprehensive article, we will take a look at some of the best features in Top Troops, as well as gameplay, how it works, and a few tips to guide new players on their way. Let’s get started!

Top Troops Gameplay
Photo: Zynga


The beginning of Top Troops will lead you into a battle first and foremost. Use your troops by dragging them to the designated area shown in the tutorial. Spoiler alert! You will lose your first battle, however, don’t be discouraged!

Drag troops to battlefield
Photo: Zynga

You will be asked to enter your age in a pop-up screen tab, and once you have entered your age, you will be redirected to the home screen. See the image below:

Main Map
Photo: Zynga

This map is the one we will be opening up and conquering the enemies on. The tutorial will show you what to do next by indicating a hand icon, and show you exactly where your next selection should be.

Reading the tabs will give you an overview of exactly what is required, so be sure to take note of the storyline!

Once you have won the second battle, another spoiler alert, you will return to the main map, where you are guided on your next objective.

Town Hall
Photo: Zynga

In this instance, you will unlock the town hall, details on this in a bit.

As you win battles and conquer an area, new territories open which you can then enter and battle enemies.

When you have opened an area, rewards await, and be honest! Who does not love a good reward? In this instance, chests are available in certain areas.

You are able to procure the following rarity troops from chests: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, but more on this later.

Rarities in Top Troops
Photo: Zynga

Opening a chest will reveal new troops. But that’s not all! If you have three of the same troops and new troops are revealed, you are able to merge them by dragging the exact same troop over to two of the same troops. Watch as they merge and become stronger.

Merge troops to form stronger troops
Photo: Zynga

New types of troops also become available when you unlock new territories. You begin with Swordsmen and Archers, however, Goblins, Trolls, and more become available.

Using these various classes of troops will give you an advantage over the enemy.

Battles in Top Troops are simple. Using the troops you have gained, select the battle icon on the right-hand bottom side of your screen.

There is an edit icon available on the bottom left-hand side, as well as an auto feature, which enables the game to choose the most reliable troops for you.

Edot and Auto Function
Photo: Zynga

Battles are automated, so you need not worry about tapping additional icons to get your troops to cooperate. They do all the hard work for you.

However, keep in mind that Top Troops is a strategic game in so many ways. You will need to find the best troops to place in a battle, as well as where to place them before the battle begins.

As a beginner, this auto feature is one that we recommend should be used at the beginning of gameplay, just until you find your feet in the game.

How Merging Works in Top Troops:

Merge 2 or more troops of the same class in order to level your troop’s stats. If you merge 5 units, instead of 3, you will be granted a merge bonus.

An example of this would be as follows: merging one Archer with two additional Archers will give you one set of two archers. However, merging one Archer with four Archers will give you two sets of two archers.

Once you have merged two of the same types of troops, you will be able to continue doing so to level them up. this is one way of making your troops stronger.

Merging them will give you additional attack power, as well as increase your troops’ power.

Not only does this feature work with troops, but it also works with resources and chests!

Chests can be merged as well
Photo: Zynga

If you see yellow orbs floating on your screen at any point during gameplay, touch them and receive resources that will help you level up your troops. You can level them up by tapping on the Library Icon located on the left-hand side of your screen.

Once the pop-up screen displays your troops, select the troop you would like to level up and tap on the designated green icon. See the image below:

Level up troops
Photo: Zynga

Building In Top Troops

One of your missions in Top Troops is upgrading your Town Hall. In order to do this, you need more gold. As you progress, features that you don’t find in many other merge-type games are available. The building feature is one of these.

You will need to build a gold storage container, as well as a gold mine that produces gold for you. Build these by selecting the build icon on the left-hand side of your screen.

As you progress in Top Troops, new buildings become available for you to build. Building is not that complicated, as you do not need major resources in order to do so.

Photo: Zynga

Upgrading your buildings is also easy to grasp. Once you reach certain levels, and have the available resources to do so, select the building you would like to upgrade and tap on the upgrade icon.

Upgrading buildings
Photo: Zynga

You are easily able to leave your game running in the background if you have some important errands to run, as this game does not require you to sit in front of the screen 24/7.

However, it is an addictive game, for players that enjoy games such as these!

Daily missions

Completing daily missions will enable you to level up. These will be unlocked once you reach level 4. Leveling up will grant you rewards such as territory, coins, additional troops in battle, and more.

Additionally, you will receive gifts for every day that you log in to Top Troops.

Summoning In Top Troops

Proceed to the summoning pit once you reach level 4. This enables you to summon troops using summoning shards.

You can obtain shards by playing the Adventure mode and opening chests that you receive as rewards for defeating enemies.

Additionally, you can receive shards as a bonus in the store free once daily, as well as one more time by watching an ad.

Photo: Zynga

There are 4 Summon options available:

  • Celestial
  • Legendary
  • Faction
  • Essential

All four summon options will need shards to summon Troops. If you have enough gems, however, you can use your gems to summon Troops as well.

Gems can work out a bit expensive, so use them wisely.

Maps & Areas In Top Troops

There are various maps available in Top Troops. It can be a bit confusing if you’re a new beginner at first, so we’ve listed them out to make it a bit easier:

Selecting Battle will take you to various areas. The first Area is the Adventure mode:

Adventure mode
Photo: Zynga

Adventure mode has 12 different islands that you are able to conquer. That said, there really is no shortage of battles you can fight in Top Troops.

They are as follows:

  1. Kings Forest
  2. Golden Village
  3. Holy Mountain
  4. Foggy Wetlands
  5. Ancient Ruins
  6. Lake Of Mist
Various areas
Photo: Zynga
  1. Badlands
  2. Jagged Desert
  3. Dry Dry Oasis
  4. Shadow Shore
  5. Forsaken Peak
  6. Infernal Cave

Leaving the map at first to get back to your kingdom may be a bit confusing if you are not sure in the beginning. Simply press back twice and you will return if you have already selected a place and before you enter a battle.

Select the back button twice
Photo: Zynga

Take Note: Battling uses energy that is replenished over time. Depleting your energy would mean you have to wait a while before you can enter another adventure battle.

You are able to purchase energy using in-game currency, as well as gems. As we mentioned earlier, it is best to save your gems for times you will need them, rather than wasting them on trivial things such as energy.

Shop items
Photo: Zynga

The next area is your Quests. This unlocks once you reach level 10. Here you are able to conquer additional land, however, this is not for the faint-hearted, as it becomes more difficult with each level you have cleared!

The Arena becomes available after you have reached level 6. Participating in the arena gives you rewards that work to your advantage during gameplay. You will receive items such as chests, as well as leveling up stars.

In addition, you will rank higher on the charts and gain an advantage over real-time players if they attack you.

Ancient Battle becomes available after reaching level 9. You will need to join a clan, however, if you would like to participate in this area. Kill a massive boss, and note that you only have 3 available chances to do so.

Ancient Battle
Photo: Zynga

If you do decide to challenge the boss, you will earn rewards based on the rank you reached according to the damage dealt.

The Chambers of Destiny will be available to access after you have reached level 11. This is an area that will grant you XP after clearing it, as well as talent tokens, which help a lot as time goes by!

Magic Island is yours to explore after reaching level 13.

The Tower of Fate becomes available at level 15, and the Tower of Factions can be played after reaching level 20.

This may sound easy as pie, however, certain parts of gameplay make it a bit more challenging than one may think to obtain higher levels easily.

For example: running out of energy can cost you dearly, and we’re speaking from experience here.

If you run out of energy it makes it difficult for you to progress further.

Joining a Clan

Joining a clan
Photo: Zynga

In order to join a clan in Top Troops, you will need to level up until you reach level 9. You are able to chat with members in the clan, as well as participate in clan events, which reward you with items that work to your advantage.

Talents – How They Work

Talents are easy enough to understand. Once you have managed to level a troop up to level 40, (sounds easy, but trust me, it isn’t!), you are able to learn talents.

Photo: Zynga

You will require Mage Emblems in order to learn talents in Top Troops, as well as coins, so be sure to stock up on those as you progress throughout the game.


Ascension is a way to make your troops even stronger than ever. This feature unlocks when you have reached level 10. This feature unlocks at level 10, and can be used in the following way:

Proceed to the Library on the right-hand side of your screen. Select the troop you would like to ascend and tap on the ascend icon. Note that you can also use the Tower of Ascension located on your main screen.

Photo: Zynga

Using troops you have already obtained, you are able to use the auto feature to ascend your troops. You will need additional troops for this to work.

Note that once you have ascended the troop, you are unable to regain the troops used to ascend them in the first place, so use this feature wisely!

Final Thoughts

Top Troops – Adventure RPG is unlike other merge games in our opinion. With action, adventure, and fantasy all in one, this game is worth it for players who enjoy variety.

With the extensive number of areas available, there is never a dull moment in Top Troops, and we highly recommend you try out your hand at this game!

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Having fun? Be sure to leave a like by clicking the heart and comment on some of your favorite moments in the game. Happy Gaming!

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