The Top 14 Best Metroidvania Games on Android 

Nivenka Stanton
Best Metroidvania Games

Metroidvania games are usually game maps or levels that are played with scrollers on the screen to walk, run, jump, shoot, and so on.

With various rooms to explore and unlock as you go along, you will find special items, tasks to perform, as well as Bosses to defeat.  

Metroidvania is a platforming type game that would have maps that encourage you to explore. Many Metroidvania games feature save points that are great for reducing backtracking time.  

In this article, we point out 14 of the Best Metroidvania Games on Android out now and available to download on Android.

1. Robot Wants Kitty 

Robot Wants Kitty is a fun action-adventure platform developed by Raptisoft and is available to download for free on the Play Store

Robot Wants Kitty
Photo: Raptisoft

Your character is a Robot who must rescue a Kitty in an alien spaceship. Robot needs to search for and collect all the power-ups to complete the task ahead of him. 

He starts with virtually no powers however he will find his powers as he progresses. 

Easy-to-use on-screen controls make this a fun game to play, as well as one of the reasons this makes our Best Metroidvania Games list.

2. Mimelet 

Mimelet is a pixel-art platform game that was developed by NEUTRONIZED and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Mimelet is a cute mascot that can suck the life out of his enemies and then transform using their powers.


The aim of the game is to control the character and work through each level to reach the flag block.  

The on-screen controls are easy to use and therefore make this game user-friendly by allowing you to move freely.  

Skill will be required to defeat your enemies, therefore perseverance is key to achieving your goal.

3. Sword Of Xolan

Sword of Xolan is a pixel-art type of action platform game developed by Alper Sarikaya and is available for download from the Play Store. This makes it to our top list of best Metroidvania games to play.

Sword Of Xolan
Photo: Alper Sarikaya

Xolan is a young and brave prince who sets out to free his kingdom from an evil overlord. He has an awesome sword to use to fight his way through his enemies.  

Xolan must negotiate his way through hidden areas as well as rescue innocent victims. 

Each enemy that he destroys drops rewards that he can use on his journey, making game progress a bit easier than some games in comparison. 

Your on-screen controls are easily managed, by tapping on the left and right buttons to run and tapping on the left to jump or to slash with the sword.   

This game has great graphics as well as many monsters and animals hiding, therefore making it an awesome game to play with safe spaces being few and far between. Get ready for some action-packed fun!

4. Swordigo   

Swordigo is an Absolutely Fantastic, easy-to-play action platforming game developed by Touch Foo and is available for download on the Play Store.

Awesome graphics, and easy-to-use controls that are optimized for use on smartphones and tablets make this one of the best Metroidvania Games to download and play. Customize your controls to your own liking.

Photo: Touch Foo

Swordigo is a great game for adventurers who revel in exploring the magical realm of caves, dungeons, and towns to find the Megablade and defeat the Corruptors. 

Swordigo Gameplay
Photo: Touch Foo

Find powerful weapons and defeat devious monsters. Run, jump, and fight your way through this amazing adventure. 

This is definitely a game to be downloaded. 

5. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons  

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a puzzle-platformer adventure game developed by Adventure Islands and is available for download on the Play Store

Join Timmy the treasure hunter in this huge dungeon to collect hidden power-ups while hunting for the treasure. 

Tiny Dangerous Dragons
Photo: Adventure Islands

Explore the dungeon, face creepy creatures, and defeat them. 

Explore every corner of the dungeon for hidden items that can be the key to opening new passages. 

Go ahead and see if you can make it to the end to fight the final Boss battle and survive. This is a fun, challenging game to play!

6. Grimvalor  

This fast-paced Metroidvania game developed by Direlight is a must to download from the Play Store. 

Grimvalor is definitely a hack-and-slash platformer game with good graphics. This game features stunning 3D visuals with accurate touch controls, making gameplay easier.  

Photo: Direlight

Your mission is to discover the fate of the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris’ lost king.  Undertake the journey with your sword, and fight your way through an unfriendly land that is certainly not welcoming, except for the friendly merchant who looks forward to seeing you.

Photo: Direlight

Find and upgrade your equipment. This game requires a fair amount of grinding to level up your character to be able to face and defeat King Valor’s minions.  

7. Fireball Wizard 

Fireball Wizard is a magical Metroidvania game that is available to download for free on the Play Store. This action-adventure game, developed by GinTronic, is guaranteed to keep you on your toes, with enemies lurking around every corner.

Fireball Wizard
Photo: GinTronic

Using your wand to battle foes, explore the dangerous yet magical world of Wizadonia.  

Your goal is to pass the stages while searching for hidden secrets and passing the obstacles presented to you.

With enemies that either blast their own fireballs at you or jump out and attack you, there is no doubt that you will be sitting on the edge of your chair in this game. 

Fireball Wizard
Photo: GinTronic

Use your own ability to launch your fireballs at dangerous bosses while uncovering secrets hidden in caves, castles, as well as in the forest. For a more comprehensive guide, feel free to check out this link: Fireball Wizard.

8. HAAK 

HAAK is a post-apocalyptic world action-platformer type game developed by Blingame that can be downloaded from the Play Store

Haak is an adventurous roamer who has chosen to leave town and venture south to see if he can find his brother. 

However, he discovers a world filled with danger. 

HAAK gameplay
Photo: Blingame

Find the secrets and hidden rooms using your hook, dash, and charged slash to defend yourself.  

Solve the puzzles to become the light in this dark and dangerous world. 

9. Toziuha Night: Order of the Alchemists 

Toziuha Night is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer game developed by Danny Garay and is available for download on the Play Store 

This is one of the best Metroidvania games that has fully customizable controls and is, therefore, gamer-friendly. 

Toziuha Night
Photo: Danny Garay

The goal of this game portrays you as a skilled alchemist named Xandria and you must fight against dangerous demons and other evil alchemists. To accomplish your mission you must use your iron whip as well as various chemical elements and spells to fight your enemies, as well as the final Boss.  

Toziuha Night Gameplay
Photo: Danny Garay

You will encounter demon-infested dungeons and dark forests but persevere. 

Explore new areas of the map to improve your skills. 

Toziuha Night can be played without an internet connection therefore is an ideal “Play anywhere any Time” game. 

10. Super Mombo Quest  

Super Mombo Quest is an action-packed precision platformer! Developed by Orube Game Studio and is available for download from the Play Store 

The King of Nightmares wants to destroy Subrosa. Your aim is to help Mombo save Subrosa by running, jumping, and climbing walls using its tongue. Everyone is relying on you. 

Super Mombo Quest
Photo: Orube Game Studio

Move through a world made up of hundreds of levels. There are enemies on all the levels, so beware. Some will shoot you, some may jump out at you or chase you but they are there.

Unlock Mombo’s secret skins but you will have to search for them. 

This is one of the best Metroidvania games with classic arcade mechanics, collectibles hidden all over, and awesome combat battles. 

11. Fin Ancient Mystery Platformer 

Fin Ancient Mystery is a platformer Metroidvania game developed by FenechGames and is available to download from the Play Store

Fin is on a mission to destroy six huge bosses, master the art of magic, and save the world. 

Are you ready to help him?  

Fin Ancient Mystery Platformer Gameplay
Photo: FenechGames

Travel with Fin across a desert, through the forest, deep into the green tropics, into the dungeon, and even across the ice. Help him to save the world! But beware, there are traps everywhere.

Fin Ancient Mystery Platformer Gameplay
Photo: FenechGames

This great adventure story has incredible twists and turns. Fin should be on the lookout as friends can be enemies, and enemies can turn out to be friends. He will only know when he meets them. 

Collect crystal artifacts to protect the world from the ancient Destroyer. 

Complete quests. 

Grind your character to reach his highest potential. 

This Metroidvania game has all the special features you could wish for. Action, Magic, Exploration, Battles, and even puzzles to solve. 

All in all one of the Best Metroidvania Games available on Android. 

12. Into Mirror 

“Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?”
– Edgar Allan Poe
This is the theme that runs through Into Mirror, a platformer action game with a cyberpunk style developed by Lemon Jam Studio and is available to download on the Play Store

You play as Special Agent Allen who, with his teammate Kate, must find a lost girl in Mirror World. 

Allen will need to be vigilant as there are enemies and obstacles everywhere. Using his sword and gun he will have to defeat his enemies.

Into Mirror Gameplay
Photo: Lemon Jam Studio

Allen can slide by using the slide button on the bottom right of your device screen. This enables him to move speedily out of harm’s way. This is a great feature of this game.  

With 20 challenging levels to complete this is a thrilling Metroidvania game to play. 

13. Sixit 

Sixit is a puzzle-type Metroidvania game developed by Star Garden Games and is available to download on the Play Store.

The aim of the game is to help Pep save the village, as well as his friends from the Great Storm.  

Along the way, you will meet many different characters to befriend. 

Photo: Star Garden Games

When you start out on this journey, Pep, the main character has no power other than being able to travel right or left according to the game controllers on your device screen. 

Thankfully this changes when you discover the “Translation Conduit,” which looks quite a lot like a megaphone. 

This item translates what the animals and creatures are trying to tell you. There is a catch though, there are only six actions per run. 

The aim, therefore is to solve all the puzzles you can with those six actions. Fortunately, the actions you have taken, puzzles solved, or abilities gained remain with you when you restart. 

Collect all 6 hidden trophies as well as uncover the mystery of the storm and save your friends and the village. 

14. Oddmar 

Oddmar is an awesome game developed by Mobge LTD. that is available for download at the Play Store.

This game has all the best Metroidvania games’ elements of jumping, running, fighting enemies, and secret areas to explore. 

A great plus is the brilliant graphics and storyline. 

Your game controls are on the left and right of your device screen and are very easy to maneuver.   

Oddmar is a Viking who is just a bit different from the others in his village so he doesn’t quite fit in. 

Photo: Mobge LTD.

He is shunned by the other Vikings and is deemed not suited for Valhalla, as he does not want to pillage and destroy things. 

Now he must redeem himself to earn his place in Valhalla. 

There are many levels of puzzles and platform challenges to work through.

Oddmar Gameplay
Photo: Mobge LTD.

Lose yourself in the awesome graphics as you travel through magical forests, snowy mountains, and scary mines. 

Look for special weapons and shields to help you on your journey. 

Wrapping Up Best Metroidvania Games!

Run, Jump, Slide, Slash. Fight your enemies. Find hidden treasures in secret rooms or dungeons. These are features of all of The Top 14 Best Metroidvania Games on Android.  

The controls of these games are displayed on your device screen and are relatively easy to maneuver. 

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Do we have them all? Feel free to add to this list in the comments! Happy Gaming!

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