Tomb of the Mask: Tips and Hints to Score More Points

Anurag Ghosh
Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask is so addictive that you might forget Pac-Man for a second. It lets you explore a tomb, where you will be navigating vertical procedurally-generated mazes. On your way up, you will be avoiding obstacles, crazy monkeys, bats and plenty of traps. The game has a perfect combination of catchy sound effects, retro-style visuals and challenging mazes.

Tomb of the Mask has excellent pixel art graphics. The fast-paced gameplay will keep you at the edge of your seat, and you won’t be bored navigating inside a tomb, thanks to the randomly-generated levels. These quick tips and hints will help you avoid obstacles, collect more coins and make the most of power-ups and masks.

1. There’s Always a Way to Avoid Spikes

Yes there is a way to avoid a spiky wall if you spot one. You will need to go back, go down and then go up to avoid it, just make sure you don’t dash into them. Of course, you will have to be quick, and will have a few seconds before you can decide which route you should take. Just don’t swipe towards spikes.

Tomb of the Mask

Swipe back if there are spikes staring at your hero. And if there are spikes behind your character, then there’s always walls down and up to cling to. Your priority should be to avoid a path that has spikes, and if you do see one close to you, look back, top or down to see whether there are walls where your character can hold on tightly to before you find a safer route.

The procedurally-generated vertical maze will also provide a path which branches into different paths, so you don’t have to go to an area with spikes. Always choose a safer path.

However, as you progress, you will find different types spiky walls. Some will appear and disappear for a few seconds. So quickly go past them when spikes disappear and try to go up faster when you spot them.

2. Masks Provide Some Bonuses that will Help You in Your A-Maze-ing Journey

There are different types of unique masks that can be unlocked at certain levels. Keep playing the game, collect dots and earn points to reach new levels and unlock them. Each mask offers some unique bonuses, such as +20% coins, +10% magnet power-ups etc. You should have the required coins to purchase an unlocked mask. My favorite mask is “Cyclop” as it lets you earn 20 percent extra coins.

Here’s a list of masks, the bonuses they give when you equip them to your character and the level at which they can be unlocked:


– Reach level 8 to unlock it. Chances of magnets appearing are more with this mask equipped to your character. Also, 20 percent more coins will appear on the maze.
Pirate – Reach level 10 to unlock this mask. Guaranteed no pesky bomb-dropping monkeys plus 20 percent more coins appear on the maze.


– 30 Percent more coins will start appearing when you wear this mask. Chances of Freeze power-up drops are more (10 percent Freezes). Unlocks at level 12.


– Reach level 14 to unlock this mask. +10 percent bonus levels, 10 percent chances of freezes and magnet drops.


– +35 percent coins. 15 percent chances of Freeze power-up and Coin Addict power-up drops. Unlocks at level 17.


– Reach level 20 to unlock it. 40 percent chances of coin drops. 20 Percent chances of Freeze and Coin Addict power-ups.

3. Upgrade These Power-ups Before Doing Anything Else

Upgrade Coin Addict. When collected, this power-up turns surrounding dots into coins. With an upgraded Coin Addict, you will find more dots turning into coins.

Upgrading Freeze increases freeze time. When you collect the Freeze power-up, it freezes traps and enemies for some time. But beware; it won’t freeze stationary spikes on walls.

Save coins for upgrades and new masks. Don’t spend them on reviving your character. You can also spend them on Wheel of Fortune. Occasionally, you will find a watch video button that will let you earn 500 coins.

4. How to Get Through Warp Boxes

At the end of a level, you will find three dotted boxes stacked on top of each other. They are the exit doors that lead to another maze. When your character goes through them, he quickly gets warped into another vertical maze.

Sometimes, a new player may get confused as to how to get past through these three boxes. When you spot them, quickly stick to the extended wall below the bottom-most maze. Once your character sticks to the extended wall, swipe up to go through them.

5. Double-Tap to Activate Shield

Do this when you are on maze 3. This is where things get a bit harder. The shield will be activated for a few seconds. You can see the shield bar at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Once it disappears, the shield will also disappear. It will also disappear when your character hits an obstacle. You can get them from the wpoer-ups store and if you are lucky, then shields can also be acquired from Wheel of Fortune.