Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE – Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Introduction
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Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE is a puzzle game designed directly from the manga series of the same name i.e. Tokyo Revengers. It is a tile-based puzzle game where you must eliminate enemies through various rounds before facing the final boss of each stage.

The game has been recently launched and is already successful with both the gamers and the critics. Tokyo Revengers is a tactical game that has the ultimate goal of acquiring national domination, it is also in their tagline! 

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Gameplay1
Picture: GOODROID,Inc.

We are here to help you guide you through the game and how you can move forward in this slightly tricky puzzle game. 

Tokyo Revengers – Gameplay

As far as gameplay is concerned, it is a very straightforward tile-based puzzle game. In other games where you have jelly beans, tiles, and other things as puzzles, Tokyo Revengers has different colored groups – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple.

The game will initially guide you to match these colored tiles and then it will also provide special powerful tiles such as a boot or a glove tile that will clear the whole tiles giving you combo hits.

The enemies will have a prefix target on them as to which colored group will defeat them before each game, you have to make sure you hit them with the same tiles. 

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Gameplay2
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There are 10 rounds in each stage, clearing them will give you rewards such as diamonds, coins, and Yakisoba noodles, you can use these items to upgrade the characters of the game.

At the end of 9 rounds, the 10th round will be a boss battle. You will have to defeat the boss and his lackeys in the final round to progress to the next level. 


Chara is a section in Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE where you can view your character. As you progress in the game, it will let you unlock new teammates as your fellow players. You can view them here as well. 

In Chara, you can upgrade the players and your teammates. You can also view the whole roster here.

All the upgrades from level power-up to skill power-up can be done in this section. Coins, diamonds, and noodles are needed for level power-up while skill magazines are required to level up the skill power-up.

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Chara
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Another feature includes the limit break section where you can increase the max level of the characters with the help of a token. These tokens can be increased with coins and those coins will come from progressing in the game and looking for them in daily rewards and mini-games. 


Daily rewards are waiting for you in the shop section of Tokyo Revengers. You can either buy the items or you can wait for a free item to unlock daily.

The shop will offer you Reward sets, card power-up sets, and more to purchase with the help of the items that you collect in the game. 

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Shop
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You can also buy the items required to unlock the above purchases from the shop. You can buy these items with the help of coins. Other things that you can purchase from the shop are the furniture for your hideout and new hideouts. Speaking of which.


Hideout is a place where all the rosters can chill. You can install furniture and oil drums in this room.

There are a couple of features in the hideout where you hang out with other real players in the game lobby and send them friend requests. You can also open the manual book in the hideout and unlock action references from it. 

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Hideout
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You can also rearrange the hideout according to your taste and also select new hideouts once you can unlock other hideouts. 


Gacha is a section where you unlock other characters. These characters will team up with you in the game. You can draw as many times as you want as long as you have the ticket that unlocks the gacha. 

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Gacha
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If you unlock the same gacha twice or thrice then the game will automatically add that gacha to your limit break feature and it will help you in limit breaking that character. 

Tips for the Game

We would like to give you some tips for Tokyo Revengers that would make your life a little bit easier. 

Unlock the Special Skill

While you can upgrade the skills of the characters from the Chara section, you can also use a free special skill piece upgrade before every game. The game will ask you to watch an ad to unlock a free skill piece upgrade for that particular round, you can view the ad and start the puzzle round with an added upgrade. 

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Unlock special skill
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Double Drop

There is an important section in Tokyo Revengers on the main screen called Double Drop. In double drop, you can face the final bosses directly in a one-off round. There are four different mini-sections with each section having its reward. 

The four mini-section rewards are coins, character power-ups, card power-ups, and skill power-ups. It is an easier way to acquire these items in bulk if you do not want to tough it out in the normal puzzle rounds. 

Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE - Double drop
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There is a catch though, all the bosses are highly leveled-up and you need to either match that level or exceed it for a chance to beat them.

If you are inferior to the boss’ level then you will fail each time. Make sure your level is higher than the bosses you face. Easy rewards after that in Tokyo Revengers. 


Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE is a very good attempt to make a game out of a famous manga series. It is one of the better puzzle games to come out this year and you are not required to follow the manga series for you to play the game. 

Oh, one last thing, the game’s interface is absolutely brilliant!

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