Titanfall Assault: Tips and Strategies to Beat Opponents in PvP Matches

Titanfall Assault: Tips and Strategies to Beat Opponents in PvP Matches

Titanfall Assault is a fast-paced mobile RTS game that lets you fight opponents and take control of key strategic points. Drop pilots to capture Hardpoints, deploy defenders to protect them and finally unleash deadly Titans to destroy anything that comes in their way.The game features plenty of old and new Titans, and you can collect them all. Along with Titan cards, you can also use tactical Burn cards to support your pilots. Grunts, sentries, rockets and a host of other support cards can be used against enemies looking to recapture or defend their captured hardpoints. On winning a PvP match, you will earn credits, victory cache and trophies. There’s also a practice mode that allows you to fight AI commanders to test your new squad and strategy. There are some really cool unlockable maps such as Boneyard, Angel City, Training Grounds and Crash Site. You can unlock a new map once you reach a certain player level.

The game is easy to play, but capturing hardpoints won’t be easy. With these quick tips, hints and strategies you will be able to find out the right unit combo to capture and defend hardpoints, learn unit abilities that will help defeat enemies and know various ways to get rewards such as new cards, credits and tokens:

1. Know the Game Rules

You will notice three hardpoints on a battle arena – the first one is close to your base, hardpoint B is in the middle and the last one is located close to enemy base.  Your primary objective is to capture hardpoints (HP) to earn points. A captured HP automatically earns points. The score bar at the top-left corner of the screen displays the total points earned from all captured hardpoints.

A player is defeated if his opponent scores 100 points. Whoever scores 100 points first will win the match. Capturing more than one HP will allow you to earn more points. Another way of winning a match is to destroy your opponent’s base, but for that you will need a combined effort of Titans and pilots to bring the large turret down. Destroying the medium turret will expand deployment, so make sure you smash it using your Titans.

Deploy pilots on a hardpoint to capture it. They will maintain control as long as they are alive. You can also drop defender cards to guard a captured hardpoint.

2. Capture the Closest Hardpoint

Your first objective should be to capture the nearest HP before capturing hardpoint B. You can deploy pilots + grunts and place a sentry close to the first HP to defend it against incoming enemies. Once the first HP is captured, your pilots will move to the next HP whereas your defenders (grunts and sentry) will remain in their position and fight your opponent’s units. Use rockets to take down enemy grunts or deploy the grenadier if you want to kill the grunt squad quickly.

3. Take Advantage of Supply Boost

Supply increases when the timer hits 2:00. You will be able to deploy more units once the supply increases. Take maximum advantage of the supply boost and deploy your best cards to defend you captured hardpoints and capture those you haven’t conquered yet. An increase in supply will also let you deploy more Titans quickly. From 2:00 onwards, battle will be extremely crucial as both you and your opponent will get a supply boost. Use your burn cards wisely and make sure your hardpoints aren’t left undefended.

4. Drop Grunts and Sentries Close to Hard Points to Defend Them

Grunts (common or rocket grunts) can be very useful as you can drop them right on a free or captured HP. They stand their ground defending a HP. Pilots may move to the next free HP once they capture the first one, but these defenders stay put and protect a designated hardpoint until they die. Don’t forget to back you grunts with a sentry to strengthen your defenses. Chaingun sentries can easily take out humans.

Large numbers of grunt squads can easily defend a captured point and it will be pretty tough for your pilots to recapture an HP. Also do remember that grunts can also be used to capture a hardpoint. However, they can be killed when fighting grenadiers. A common missile can also take out a grunt squad. Basically, units that belong to the “Area Damage” class can be used against grunts.

5. Deploy “Tank” Class Titans from Your Base or the First Hardpoint

Always remember that Titans don’t capture hardpoints. The responsibility is on pilots (or grunts) who will leave no stone unturned in capturing a hardpoint. However, Titans can be used as killing machines that can gun down human units.

If you have recruited a Titan that belongs to the Tank class, then you should deploy it from your base or hardpoint A. A slow-moving titan will move past all three hardpoints, starting from point A right next to Point C killing approaching enemies on sight, thereby making it tough for them to capture or recapture a hardpoint.

When a tank unit keeps enemies busy, you can keep deploying pilots and defenders to fortify your captured hardpoints. A titan will finally move to the medium turret and then large turret once the medium turret is destroyed. You can deploy more than one Titan to make things difficult for your enemies, but make sure you deploy Tank Titans from your base.

6. Upgrade your Units to Improve These Three Key Stats

When you upgrade a unit, you improve these stats:

Hitpoints: Increases the total amount of health, shields and doom health.

Human Ops: Increases the damage per second dealt to pilots and grunts.

Robotic Ops: Increases the damage per second dealt to structures, reapers, titans and specters.

Upgrading your units improves their stats and makes them more powerful. You will need to collect the required number of duplicates of a unit card or get victory XP by winning battles during a guild objective before you can upgrade a unit.

To upgrade units, go to “Squads” and tap a squad unit card with a green arrow overlay, which suggests that the card can be upgraded. Now tap the “Level up” button at the bottom left corner of the screen and. You will need credits to upgrade a character.

7. Unit Battle Abilities and Their Advantages

Each unit has a unique ability. The ability icon can be seen on the lower-left corner of unit’s portrait. Here’s a brief overview:

Single Target Damage: Single Target Damage type units attack only one enemy at a time.

Capture Effect: A unit with “Capture Effect” uses a special ability when capturing a hardpoint. For example: When Stim Bruiser captures a hardpoint, he will restore health and receive a movement speed boost. Make sure you deploy this unit at the earliest if you are planning to capture an HP.

Area Damage: Units dealing Area Damage can attack multiple enemies. The Grenadier is an example of a unit that deals damage to multiple units and can be very useful against grunts.

Defenders: Defenders such as Grunts and Sentries stay at the deployment location and fight until they are killed/destroyed.

Anti-Heavy: Anti-Heavy units such as the rare Rocket Grunt squad deal massive damage to Heavy Titans, Sentries and Turrets

Tank: Tank class Titans take less damage, but move slowly. They can be used against human enemies.

Long Range: Snipers belong to the “Long Range” class and can take out units from a far distance.

8. How to Get Unit XP and Other Rewards

There are various ways to get Unit XP, credits, tokens and new cards:

Tap Market and then tap “Login Reward”. You will receive rewards such as credits, tokens and duplicate cards for leveling up your original card from a Login Cache, which will be available every 3 hours.

Don’t forget to login daily. Under “Login Challenge” (Daily Rewards) you can receive tokens, new unit cards and credits.

You will receive a victory cache once you win a PvP match. A victory cache contains cards and credits. There are high chances of getting duplicate cards, which you can use to level-up your original card. Don’t forget to unlock a cache. It may take 2 hours and 30 minutes to unlock small cache and 8 hours to unlock a medium cache. You can use tokens to speed up unlocking caches.

Complete Daily Objectives, such as gaining 500 points from headpoints/base destruction. Whether you win or lose, the points you earn from HPs keeps accumulating and you receive a medium cache containing tokens, credits and cards once you gain points. You can access daily objectives by tapping the medal icon located at the left side of your home screen.

Complete guild objectives to get victory XP for your cards. The victory XP can be used to level-up your cards.

You can get new cards by reaching a new rank. Win PvP matches to collect trophies. Once you have collected the required number of trophies, you will reach a new rank and unlock a “Rank up Cache”.

Example: To reach “Bronze II” rank you will need to win 500 trophies. When you collect them, you will also receive a cache that contains 10 cards. Do remember that losing a match will deduct trophies from your collection.

9. Practice against AI Commanders to Test Your New Squad

So you have created a new Titanfall Assault squad and want to test how well it performs against enemies. Why don’t you head straight to the Practice menu? You will fight against AI commanders in Easy, Normal or Hard mode. To put your strategies and squad to test, I would recommend playing against an AI commander in Normal or Hard mode. Only then you will able to know the true worth of your newly recruited units and strategy.

10. Check a Unit’s Stats and Abilities before Recruiting Him to Your Squad

To know a squad card’s strengths and weakness, tap “Squads”. Tap a card that you have added to your squad to check stats and class/damage type. You can also get detailed information about a locked card by tapping the “Edit” button and then tapping a grayed out card.

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