Titan Evolution – City Rampage | Game Guide, Tips, & Tricks

Shela Baxi
Titan evolution - Introduction

Before we begin talking about Titan Evolution you have to say that the games are getting crazier by the day but equally fun to play. Titan Evolution is one of those games. It is a stress-buster and a completely mindlessly fun game. 

Titan evolution - Gameplay

Titan Evolution is a smasher game where you can smash just about anything on the map, it is a weirdly addictive game and a game that helps take out your frustrations. So how does the gameplay work and what can you do in this game? Let’s find out. 


You start as a character called Titan, who is a failed lab experiment. Your character is just a head fixed on spider legs at the start of the game.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock different skins where your character’s head may be attached to a tank, Shoe or you can also play with a witch skin and a box full of head skin. It is a weird sentence to write, but it is one crazy game!

The gameplay in Titan Evolution is all too easy, just go around the map and smash into everything. There is no definite move-pad so you can touch anywhere on the screen to move the player in the map.

Move your player and smash into buildings, destroy the hordes of people, annihilate the vehicles, dominate other players, and level up your player. 

Titan evolution - Finish

Your player will level up in the game itself, it will level up in each stage while the rank will go up after completing the objectives of the stage. You start the level on basic rank, working yourself up to Bronze then Sliver then Gold, and so on. There are tiers within the rank system. 


You will get missions for every stage, every stage will have different objectives. The game will ask you to either eat people, destroy buildings, or demolish opponents as core missions. The missions will be displayed before the start of a round. 

Titan evolution - Missions

Completing the missions in Titan Evolution will help you rank up your player. Ranking up players will help you unlock new features as well as new character skins in the game. It will also help you gather Dollar coins as rewards which in turn you can use to boost the ability of your character. 


The map in Titan Evolution is known as the World map but it only consists of cities from the United States of America. You get places like California, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and more as maps.

Titan evolution - Maps

The maps aren’t exactly a replica of these places but they are rather just named after these states and cities. They are more of a sandbox map than actual maps. You can roam around the map as the only objective is to either eat people or smash the infrastructure of the city. 

Tips and Tricks for Titan Evolution – City Rampage

Here are some of the tips that you can use in Titan Evolution. 

Watch Out for Leveled-up Opponents

While you are minding your own business and smashing the buildings and eating people, other opponents/enemies are doing the same thing on the same map. You are bound to come across other players on the map. 

Titan evolution - Rank Up

When you come across other players on the map, look for their level – if their level is beneath your level then by all means go after them and finish them but if they are a level or two above you then make a run for your life because then they can defeat you and its game over. 

Spend the Dollar Coins

The precious black and white dollar coins that are situated on the top-right corner of the screen are there to be spent. You can upgrade your character by increasing the power and speed abilities of your player. You can also increase the capacity to earn more in offline mode. 

Titan evolution - Spend dollar coins

Another way to spend the dollar coins is to spend them on unlocking maps in Titan Evolution. You can unlock any map by spending the required coins. You can also unlock different skins for your character by spending coins in the skin shop. 

Whenever you have a surplus of coins, don’t save them, spend it on upgrades and unlockables. 

Collect 2x and Superpower Charger in the Game

There are 2x and superpower charger power-ups in the game. They are available on every level and every stage.

Collecting them will give you 2x rewards, which means you will get more coins to spend. The 2x power-ups pop up after halftime most of the time so look out for them. 

Titan evolution - Collect power

The Supercharger power-up helps you destroy things quicker and level up your player fast.

The superchargers are a must in the game because they will also help you fend off other opponents in the game. Always look out for these two power-ups because they are a quick way to level up your player in every stage. 

Spin the Wheel and Gift Box

There is a segment for Spin the Wheel on the main menu where you can spin the wheel and win dollar coins. It is an easy way to gather coins and the wheel resets for four hours before you can use it again. 

Titan evolution - Spin the wheel

There is also a gift box on the main menu that hands out random items. It can be anything ranging from coins to skins, make sure you open the gift box from time to time. 


Titan Evolution – City Rampage is a mad game that needs to be played every once in a while. The game is a proper time-pass material and a whacky one. Do give the game a try because it is just mad fun. 

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