Tips To Play Idle Bank Tycoon – Updated For 2023

Charles Judd

Idle Bank Tycoon is among Kolibri Games’ wide assortment of idle simulators. This one lets you manage struggling banks and make them profitable. Below are some tips for playing Idle Bank Tycoon like a real bank manager.

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Prioritize Quests That Improve Your Bank

Sometimes, you will be split between what to do first: quests or suggestions to improve your bank statistics. The latter can be seen in the pie chart below the settings icon on the main game screen.

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Quests will give you instant rewards, while suggestions will make your bank status balanced. So, which one should you go for? In many instances, you can choose both.

Check your suggestions first. Then, see if any of the available quests are related to the suggestion. If there’s one, spend your money on that. With this, you can hit two birds with one stone.

Be Prudent with Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs are Idle Bank Tycoon’s secondary in-game currency, and it is used to upgrade the stats of managers. They aren’t as easy to produce as cash, so you have to spend them wisely.

You can earn lightbulbs by progressing through the Business Mode section. In this panel, you also have an idle lightbulb generator, similar to the challenges in Temple Run: Idle Explorers.

Don’t go crazy about upgrading your starter managers unless they are of high rarity. Invest in managers that have higher productivity and efficiency rates.

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Take Advantage of Manager Symbols

Every manager has a symbol indicated at the bottom left side of their character cards. These are beneficial in audit preparation.

When you face the auditor in Business Mode, there are slots with selected symbols. When you assign a manager with a matching symbol, you will get an efficiency bonus.

This is why it’s helpful to constantly upgrade at least one manager of each symbol.

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Aim for Combos in Events

During match-three puzzle events, you have to focus on getting combos. Although you don’t have limited moves like in Candy Crush or Crazy Cake Swap, you will receive attacks from the auditor.

The auditor lets you make several moves before he deals massive blows. So if every move you make creates a combo, you will surely survive the round.

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If you can’t make a combo, you can still match the bonus tiles indicated on the upper left side of the puzzle.

Promote vs. Exchange

Here’s another game situation that may have you at crossroads. Should you use manager duplicates to exchange for a new and rarer manager or promote existing ones to increase their capacity?

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When you get a new manager from exchanging, you will have to upgrade this character from level one. If you don’t want to waste lightbulbs, avoid that.

However, you should note that you can’t use all duplicates to promote managers. When this happens, you might as well exchange that card. You can also save it as it might come in handy later on.

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You can play Idle Bank Tycoon however you want, and you will still make progress. But if you play the game with the right approach, being a banker will be a breeze.

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