Tiny Quest – Idle RPG – Game Guide, Codes & Tier List

Shahzaib Manzoor
main loading screen of Tiny Quest: Idle RPG

Everything was going great until THAT fortuitous day. In a fit of rage, the witch summoned monsters to take over the world. To ensure no heroes would stand in her way, the witch shrunk all the heroes that could.

Now, the tiny heroes must join forces to go on this important “Tiny Quest,” defeat the monsters, and find a way to revert the witch’s curse. 

To do all that, the heroes need your help. Players have a vital role in this quest. From creating the best team to summoning new heroes and more, there’s a lot to do in this not-so-idle RPG. And this Tiny Quest: Idle RPG game guide will help you through it all.

Along with the guide, we’ve also put together a tier list of the best (and worst) heroes and listed some codes that you can redeem for some freebies. So, let’s get going. 

Tiny Quest – Idle RPG: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

While all the combat takes care of itself, plenty of elements are left for the players to handle. In this gameplay guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at all of them so you can better enjoy the game instead of putting everything on “Auto Mode.”

Game Modes

Tiny Quest: Idle RPG has two game modes- Main Story and Dungeon. While the gameplay is idle in both game modes, the primary goals differ. 

The Main Story is all about progression. A team of heroes face off against the monsters, one stage at a time. At the end of every stage, you have to fight and defeat a boss. Successfully defeating the boss means you progress to the next stage. 

screenshot of Tiny Quest: Idle RPG gameplay

However, if all your heroes get killed, you must level up your heroes and replay the level until you defeat the boss. 

On the other hand, the Dungeon mode is a timed mode. Players must enter a dungeon and complete the objective within time to reap massive rewards. 

There are FOUR dungeons in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG right now. Here’s a quick overview of all of them. 

  1. Gold Mine: Destroy giant gold-filled treasure chests to earn tons of gold.
  2. Blue Cave: Destroy giant diamond-filled treasure chests to earn gems.
  3. Pet Dungeon: Fight devil pets to win Summon tickets. 
  4. Boss Dungeon: Fight bosses to earn premium purple gems.
Dungeon mode in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG

All dungeons have a 25-second time clock. If you can’t clear the objective within 25 seconds, you’ll lose your dungeon entry fee and get zero rewards.

Core Mechanics

Tiny Quest: Idle RPG has three core mechanics that players must master- Growth, Summon, and Merge. All three mechanics directly impact the Heroes and their combat abilities. So, the know-how of these three is important for success. 

Here’s an overview that will help you understand the purpose of each of these mechanics.


As the name suggests, Growth is about leveling up your Heroes and Artifacts. 

screenshot of Growth tab in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG

As you reach higher stages of the Main Story, you can boost stats like Attack, Attack Speed, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and more in the Upgrade section. 

Similarly, once you reach Stage 50, you’ll unlock Artifacts. These are powerful accessories that further boost the combat stats of your Heroes. After unlocking, you can level up these Artifacts for an added bonus. 

The final sub-mechanic in the Growth tab is Mastery.

It’s a tier-based stat booster that improves various stats of your Heroes. Mastery offers some crazy boosts that’s why it requires the most premium in-game currency of Tiny Quest: Idle RPG- the purple gems. 


There are 40 Heroes and 10 Artifacts in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG right now. And the only way to unlock new heroes and artifacts is by using the Summon feature. 

The Summon section is in the Shop tab. Players need to spend 1,500 blue gems to Summon up to 30 times. 

Some Heroes and Artifacts have a higher chance of summoning than others. You can read the probability table by clicking on the small “i” icon in the Summon tab. 

screenshot of Summon tab in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG


Heroes are not alone in their battle against the witch and her monsters. You can create pets for your heroes that will aid them in battle. 

In the Merge tab, players have to play a merge mini-game where they summon various in-game elements and merge them together to create pets for their heroes. You can also sell the redundant items for Gold, Gems, or other in-game currencies. 

screenshot of Merge tab in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG


Lastly, there is a “Hero” tab as well. This is where you can meet all the 40 Heroes playable in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG. 

There are some general Knights, Archers, Healers, and Mages in the game. And to add a medieval twist, a few Heroes are based on mythological characters like Odin, Ares, Robin Hoodie, and others. 

In this section, you can create a team of FOUR of your strongest heroes and level up the Heroes you think are worth it. 

screenshot of Heroes tab in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG

We have a Tiny Quest: Idle RPG tier list in the last section of this guide. Make sure to check it out for a little help on the heroes. 

Tiny Quest – Idle RPG Codes + How To Redeem

Although the idle rewards and the daily login rewards seem enough, who could say no to some freebies? So, here is a list of all Tiny Quest: Idle RPG codes that are active right now:

  • 7OohF5jkXXX
    • A shining diamond 2. 100 gold coins 3. Rare enchanted ring 4. Legendary sword of truth
  • Fm3f6jEzXXX
    • Rare diamond armor set 2. Pouch of sparkling gems
  • 3kfbRIiKXXX
    • 50 gold coins 2. Healing potion 3. Diamond-encrusted ring 4. Enchanted sword 5. Ancient artifact 6. 1000 gems

How To Redeem Tiny Quest: Idle RPG Codes?

Although there are no active codes right now, it’s good to know how to redeem them when the time comes. Here’s a walkthrough of how to redeem codes in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG.

  1. Click on the three lines in the top-right corner and open “Setting.” 
  2. Find the “Enter Coupon” section.
  3. Type in the redeemable code and click “Get.”
screenshot of Setting tab in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG

If the code is working, you’ll receive the rewards in the “Mail” section. 

Tiny Quest – Idle RPG Tier List

Tiny Quest: Idle RPG has 40 heroes. By Summons, players can unlock more and more heroes to create a stronger team to fight against the witch and her monsters. 

So, here is a short tier list that will tell you which heroes are strong and worth leveling up and which of them are better left out of the team.

I’ll use FIVE tiers – S, A, B, and C – to rank all the heroes. SS tier and S tier have the strongest heroes, and C has the weakest ones. While A and B are mixed bags that are worth hanging on to for clearing dungeons and killing some bosses. 

Furthermore, I’ve created a different list for every role. This will help you choose the best hero for every team role. Now, let’s just dive in!

Tiny Quest – Idle RPG – Knights Tier List

Achilles hero profile in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG
SSArtemis, Achilles, Spartan
SHermit Knight, Dark Knight
AElite Knight, Guard Knight, Ares
BApprentice Knight, Senior Knight
CNameless Knight

Tiny Quest – Idle RPG – Archer Tier List

Robin Hoodie hero profile in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG
SSRobin Hoodie, Green Bow
SHermit Archer, Dark Archer
AElite Archer, Guard Archer
BApprentice Archer, Senior Archer
CNameless Archer

Tiny Quest – Idle RPG – Mage Tier List

Odin hero profile in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG
SSOdin, Ifrit, Nix
SHermit Mage, Dark Mage
AElite Mage, Guard Mage
BApprentice Mage, Senior Mage
CNameless Mage

Tiny Quest – Idle RPG – Healer Tier List

Athena hero profile in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG
SSAsclepius, Athena, Apollo
SHermit Healer, Dark Healer
AElite Healer, Guard Healer
BApprentice Healer, Senior Healer
CNameless Healer

That’s it for this Tiny Quest: Idle RPG tier list. As the meta changes, this tier list will be updated accordingly. 


That’s it for this Tiny Quest: Idle RPG game guide. I hope this helps you understand the game mechanics a bit better and the tier list also helps you pick the right heroes for your team. Feel free to leave any of your queries in the comments below. 

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