Tiny Island Survival Guide: Tips and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Tiny Island Survival
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Marooned in a seemingly desolate island, you need to find a way out of the dense forest. What will you do? Well, you will need tools, such as axes to chop trees, shovels to remove obstacles, pickaxes to mine stones and swords to fight deadly creatures. This is what Tiny Island Survival is all about. This pocket survival and crafting game lets you explore a mysterious tropical island, collect resources and craft weapons and items to scavenge more resources and fight enemies that are hell-bent in stealing resources from you. As you explore deeper, you will unearth deep dark secrets of this island.

Tiny Island Survival

An island survival within your smartphone screen? Yes you read that right. This is where this game stands out from the rest. Unlike other survival games, exploration takes place in a single screen, and the controls are dead easy.

The pixel art visuals look beautiful on your smartphone screen. Don’t be fooled by its simple gameplay. There’s crafting, combat and intricate island maps. Exploring islands can be a challenge, especially when enemies steal resources right under your nose. Our Tiny Island Survival guide will help you explore islands, collect resources fast, avoid enemies from snatching away resources and craft useful tools and weapons:

Build Shelter to Reenergize

Each time you perform some activity, such as chopping trees, collecting stones or mining rocks, you lose a heart, which suggests losing energy. Hearts are displayed on the top-left corner of the screen. You can’t work anymore if you lose all hearts. The survivor needs to recharge (refill hearts) to start working his way out of the island.

To recharge, build a shelter. You can build one once you collect a certain amount of wood. In the first island, you will be able to build a shelter right in the beginning, once you have gathered 3 wood. Use the shovel to chop down smaller trees and gather wood.

Whether you lose all hearts or a few, you can enter the shelter anytime you want if you want to reenergize. Tap on the shelter and the survivor will enter the bunker. It will take a few moments to recharge fully, as shown by the green bar above the shelter. Once the bar is full, hearts will be refilled.

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Unlock Extra Heart Slots

Hearts are your energy. Survivor loses heart when he performs some activity. Refill hearts by entering the shelter when all are used up in chopping/gathering/mining activities during exploration.

You will get only four hearts in the beginning. All four hearts will be used up pretty quickly if you perform only four activities. Entering the shelter every now and then and waiting to refill hearts can be a bit cumbersome, especially when you will have to clear so many trees and collect lots of resources.

You can have more than four hearts if you unlock additional heart slots. To obtain more slots, quickly find three colorful creatures during island exploration. Once you find them, tap on them. They will grant an extra heart slot in exchange of coins. In the next few paragraphs we will learn how to obtain coins.

Having more heart slots will allow you to obtain more energy. This will ultimately let you perform more activities to clear the forest and gather more resources.

How to get Coins

Coins are used to purchase extra heart slots from those three creatures. There could be other uses also, such as expanding your inventory, but for now I could find only one use.

Here are some ways to obtain coins in Tiny Island Survival:

From the treasure chest: Treasure chests appear on the lower right corner of the screen at regular intervals. When you see one, tap on it and then tap on the green checkmark to watch a 30-sec advert. You will get your rewards as soon as you finish watching the video. Sometimes, treasure chests also grant bonus resources such as wood, stones and iron as rewards. Keep an eye on the bottom right corner of the screen to find treasure chests.

From the trader: You will have to find him/her while exploring. Chop trees to clear the island and you might find a trader close by.

Tap on the trader and a small market window appears on the screen, allowing you to sell your resources to obtain coins. You can sell all resources, such as wood, stones, iron etc. which you have gathered so far or some portion of them.

Tap on a resource icon. Next, tap on the “+” button under “Sell” to enter the amount, i.e. the number of resources that you want to sell. You can also enter the amount in 10s by tapping the “+10” button. You can reduce the amount by tapping on “-“or “-10”.

Build Barricades to Avoid Enemies from Stealing Resources

While exploring, you will come across enemies who will try to steal resources near them. In the first island, skeletal enemies were first trying to steal stones on the left side of the island and then the precious iron on the right side. Thankfully, resources spawn at regular intervals, so they won’t deplete. However, enemies are quick and they will run away with materials before you reach to collect them.

There are two ways to stop enemies:

Fight them: You will need a sword to fight enemies. Look for a bald-headed man who provides swords and other weapons. To craft this basic lvl 1. Sword, you will need 30 wood and 5 stones.  However, enemies will still spawn even after eliminating them, so don’t think you can get rid of them permanently. Also, if they attack, you will lose a heart.

Build a barricade: The best way to stop them is to build a barricade around the area frequented by the enemies. You will also see a faint outline of the barricade appear around the area where enemies roam around frequently. Tap on the outline to know the material requirements. Usually, you will need a certain amount of wood and stones, but in later stages, the material requirement may also include other resources, such as iron. Always tap on the faint outline of the barricade to know the resources required and collect them quickly to stop enemies from stealing your resources.

Follow the Path

You will have to clear forests to discover new inhabitants in an island. As you progress, island maps will get more complex and the only way to find island residents and secrets is to chop down trees. You will need a shovel to clear small trees and an axe to remove the bigger ones.

While clearing trees, always pay attention to the path. The brownish path can be easily distinguished from the grassy plains. Any path you have discovered so far might lead to something useful or unexpected, so you should try to clear trees along that path to reach a destination.

How to Craft Higher Grade Tools

In Tiny Island Survival, you might have come across some trees that can’t be chopped. You will need a higher-grade tool to cut them. You can craft higher grade axes, pickaxes, shovels and swords once you build the smelter.

Explore the island to discover iron if you want to unlock smelter. Iron can be found deeper in the island. A faint outline of the smelter will be displayed once you discover and collect iron. Tap on it to know the resources required to build it. You will need 20 wood, 15 stones and 3 iron. The requirement may increase in later stages, when more island are available for exploring. These requirements are for the first island.

Once you have built the smelter, you can start crafting higher grade tools:

To craft level 2 axe, sword and shovel you will need 30 wood, 15 stones and 5 iron for each of these tools.

To craft level 2 shovel, you will need 30 wood, 10 stones and 5 iron.

The number and requirements could increase when you unlock more islands. These resource requirements are for the first island.

  1. Hay una piedra rara que necesito para mejorar mis herramientas al siguiente nivel, no es roca ni hierro :c help

    Translation: There is a rare stone that I need to upgrade my tools to the next level, it is not rock or iron: c help

    1. @TiXi, tal vez ya lo tengas pero por si no, se llama mithril, y lo obtienes de jarrones que se encuentran en los últimos pisos, lo más recomendable es ir al último piso del sótano porque el porcentaje que te den uno es del 80% al romper un jarrón, ahora, en lo que actualizas tu espada, ve yendo poco a poco, te sugiero que no te importe morir porque sólo te quita monedas, ve lo más abajo que puedas, recolecta mitril, muere y regresas hasta arriba.

      Translation: Maybe you already have it but in case you don’t, it’s called mithril, and you get it from vases that are on the top floors, it’s best to go to the top floor of the basement because the percentage that they give you one is 80% when it breaks a vase, now as you upgrade your sword, go slowly, I suggest you don’t mind dying because it only takes coins, go as far down as you can, collect mithril, die and go back to the top.

    1. @gabe, cut all the trees you can with your actual axe, they will give you an anvil, with that anvil you can upgrade

    2. @Siv, it depends on the material, chop all the wood you can, after that, new discoveries let you have new material, it could be iron or silver, what material are you lacking off?

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