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Throne of Three Kingdom

Arriving to acclaim and adoration, Throne of Three Kingdoms has captured the hearts of players!

This newly released turn-based strategy game is brought to you by Gacraze Entertainment Limited, the masterminds behind Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga, Three Kingdoms: Hero Legendaris, and the highly-anticipated Three Kingdoms: Hero Legend aris.

Throne of Three Kingdoms
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

This extraordinary creation immerses you in the world of ancient kingdoms, allowing you to amass armies, enhance your heroes, and lead them into epic battles!

You can download Throne of Three Kingdoms on Google Play and Apple Store.

Throne of Three Kingdoms
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Struggling with tough battles and facing a shortage of resources to level up your beloved Heroes? Look no further – this article provides you with the simplest and most effective methods to acquire your preferred Heroes and gather resources effortlessly.

Here are some valuable Tips and Tricks for conquering the Throne of Three Kingdoms:

Rerolling in Throne of Three Kingdoms

Throne of Three Kingdoms SSR
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To secure victory in battles, powerful Heroes are essential. Fortunately, there’s a method to begin your journey with SSR Heroes at your side!

Rerolling in Throne of Three Kingdoms is a straightforward process, albeit one that may demand a bit of your time and effort. Rest assured, the rewards will make it all worthwhile in the end.

  • For rerolling, simply delete the game data from your device and initiate a fresh game.
  • When you reach the starting menu, you’ll encounter a prompt requesting you to bind your account. Opt for ‘Next Time.’
  • Choose a server and proceed with the tutorial until you reach the point of unlocking the Tavern.
  • Access the Tavern, then use your free roll at the Advanced banner for a chance to secure your SSR Hero.
  • If you’ve successfully obtained your desired Hero, make sure to bind your account to an email. Otherwise, feel free to repeat the process as needed.

What SSR should you get?

Throne of Three Kingdom Huang
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Undecided about which Hero to retain in Throne of Three Kingdoms? Here’s a compilation of some of the finest Heroes in Throne of Three Kingdoms:

Xiahou YuanSSRBurst DamageWei
Guo JiaSSRRestore Group Rage, AssistWei
Pang TongSSRDPS to GroupShu
Ma ChaoSSRDamage to GroupShu
Lady SunSSRDamage, AssistWu
Da QiaoSSRAssist, Restore RageWu
Diao ChanSSRGroup Silence, ControlQun
Lu LingqiSSRControl, DamageQun

Do the Main Quest and Story Chapters

Throne of Three Kingdom Main Quest
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Focusing on the Main Quest and Story Progression will yield a wealth of rewards and resources that will significantly enhance your journey. This approach not only unlocks additional features but may also reward you with the SSR Heroes you’ve eagerly anticipated.

Join Guild and Do Guild Quest

Throne of Three Kingdom Guild Quest
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

While playing solo in Throne of Three Kingdoms is indeed possible and enjoyable, joining an active Guild can provide you with a distinct advantage. This opens up access to Guild Quests, which offer bountiful rewards comprising valuable resources and in-game currency.

Throne of Three Kingdoms Guild
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Participating in a Guild also grants access to the Help system, allowing you and your fellow Guild members to mutually accelerate Upgrades and Research progress.

Upgrade Buildings and Research

Throne of Three Kingdoms Upgrade
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

In Throne of Three Kingdoms, a variety of buildings play a crucial role in acquiring resources, expediting your progression, enhancing capacity, and more.

These structures serve as the cornerstone of your success in the game, so be sure to prioritize their upgrades to gain a competitive edge:

Building Upgrades

PalaceUnlock Features
DwellingIncrease Yield of Coin per Hour
and Coin Reserve Capacity
Hero HallIncrease Hero Max Level
BarrackIncrease Soldier Training Amount
and Troops Capacity
BlacksmithIncrease Gears Max Level
WallIncrease City Defense Point
Iron Mine, Log Yard, and FarmlandIncrease Resources Yield per Hour
and Resources Reserve Capacity
GroundIncrease March Speed, Siege March Speed, Maximum Assigned Team, and MP Recovery
TerraceIncrease Beauty Serving EXP, Beauty Serving Room, and Beauty Level Caps
DepotIncrease Wood (Safe), Food (Safe), Iron (Safe)
AcademyUnlocks Tech, Fortification, Armor and Weapon Research
Throne of Three Kingdoms Resource
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

In the beginning, prioritize the enhancement of Resource Buildings and storage capacity to establish a steady supply of essential resources like Coin, Wood, Stone, Food, and Iron.

These resources are invaluable for upgrading your Heroes and recruiting additional soldiers. As the game progresses, these resource buildings will prove immensely beneficial, especially in the endgame.

Upgrade Heroes, Gears, and Skills

Throne of Three Kingdoms Hero
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Experiencing defeat often indicates neglect in upgrading your Heroes in Throne of Three Kingdoms. Merely leveling up your Heroes isn’t sufficient to unlock their peak performance.

In addition to raising their levels, equipping them with Gear is crucial. Each Hero has specific gear options, which can be acquired by defeating Bandits on the World Map.

Throne of Three Kingdoms Skill
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

After promoting your Hero’s Star using materials gathered from Expeditions, your Hero will receive Skill Points that can be invested in upgrading their skills.

In Throne of Three Kingdoms, strengthening your Hero’s skills is a key element in enhancing their power, so be sure to prioritize these upgrades whenever possible.

Teams and Recruit Heroes

Throne of Three Kingdoms Teams
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Increasing the level of your Ground unlocks additional Team slots, allowing you to field more Teams of Heroes for expeditions.

The greater the number of Teams at your disposal, the more expeditions you can conduct, making it simpler to engage in battles, collect loot, and gather valuable resources in Throne of Three Kingdoms.

Throne of Three Kingdoms Recruit
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Expanding your Team slots necessitates recruiting more Heroes to fill those positions. As you advance through the Story, you’ll earn Recruit Scrolls as rewards, which can be utilized at the Tavern to bolster your roster with additional Heroes.

It’s advisable to save your Recruitment Scrolls until you can perform an x10 Hero Summon. This significantly enhances your odds of acquiring SR or SSR heroes.


The key to enhancing your power in Throne of Three Kingdoms lies in upgrading buildings to boost their resource production and channeling those materials into the development of your preferred Heroes.

As your Heroes become more powerful, executing Expeditions becomes easier, allowing for a quicker accumulation of rewards like coins, resources, and even Gear! This marks the conclusion of our guide.

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