Throne Of Three Kingdoms – The Wild Explained

Abdullah Iqbal
Throne of three kingdoms home screen
Image: Gacraze Entertainment Limited
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2023)

Throne of Three Kingdoms is the latest sensation in mobile-oriented turn-based strategic games. The game, developed by Garcraze Entertainment Limited, is full of thrills and next-level excitement.

The main gist of the game revolves around building a kingdom, training a military under the heroes of the game, capturing kingdoms, collecting resources, and paving the path to the top!

The gameplay involves engaging in turn-based fights with other players and kingdoms. The battle is turn-based, where you can use the special skills of your heroes and set up the formation of your army strategically to take an edge over the enemies.

The game is pretty interesting and is not limited to a single mode of play! The game comprises three modes: Main Mode, Hero Challenge, and The Wild. In this article, we will be taking a deeper look at “The Wild” mode in the game.

What is The Wild Mode in Throne of Three Kingdoms?

Inside your kingdom, you play the game in the Main Mode, where you can venture on different expeditions against factions. On the other hand, the wild is what lies outside the secure walls of your kingdom!

Wild mode in throne of three kingdoms
Image: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Outside your Kingdom in the Wild mode lies an extensive terrain, where you can see the location of your kingdom pin-pointed on the map and also take a look at neighboring empires and possible threats to your safe haven.

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What Can You Do in The Wild Mode?

In this wild world, players can carry out explorations and attack the kingdoms of other players. Scouting the bases of other players can give you an insight into how much loot can be plundered by attacking a specific enemy on the map.

Attacking opponents in The Wild
Image: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Moreover, you can also seek out beneficial resources on the map that can be used later; these include log yards, farmlands, and iron mines. You can find these valuables in designated areas all over the map.

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What are the Threats in The Wild Mode?

All over the wild terrain, there are groups of bandits roaming freely, which can be a threat to your kingdom. Players can also wage war against these dangerous groups of bandits and eradicate them using their special heroes.

Log yards in the wild in throne of three kingdoms
Image: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

However, it should be noted that the Wild mode is separate from Expedition mode, and battling in the Wild mode has no impact on the player’s progress in any of the other modes. But the mined loot can be used to enhance the kingdom and upgrade heroes.

Bandits in the wild in throne of three kingdoms
Image: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

And this was all about the wild mode in Throne of the Three Kingdoms. Make sure to not overlook it, as it has some great benefits that will help grow your kingdom. Intrigued by the game? Download it here!

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