Throne Of Three Kingdoms: Heroes Tier List 

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Throne Of Three Kingdoms

Throne Of Three Kingdoms is a turn-based strategy game developed by Gacraze Entertainment Limited and is free to download from the Play Store.  

In Throne Of Three Kingdoms, you can build very strong armies to defeat all your enemies. This game features building, strategy, as well as battle skills, and is by no means one that will leave you bored!

Throne Of Three Kingdoms - Introduction
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This tier list will help you identify the different heroes and their positions in Throne Of Three Kingdoms. This will enable you to use each of your Heroes in the best possible way.

R Hero – Rare

More commonly known as the “Rare” Tier, this Hero is good to have for the newbie just starting out in Throne Of Three Kingdoms. Additionally, they are very easy to obtain.

Rare Hero 1
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They may not be as good as your SR Heroes, or SSR Heroes, however, they pack a punch for the beginning stages of the game. Find them listed below:

Hero Name:Position:
Ma SuRage Hero
Jiang Qin Defense Hero
Tian FengAssist Hero
Cai WenjiAssist Hero
Rare Hero 2
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

SR Hero – Super Rare

Your Super Rare Heroes are far better than your Rare Tier Heroes and are more commonly known as “Epic” Tier Heroes. These Heroes are versatile, however, they don’t live up to the Super Super Rare Heroes.

Super Rare Hero
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These Heroes are not as hard to obtain as your Super Super Rare Heroes and are more commonly used throughout gameplay in Heroes Of The Sword, simply because they are easier to obtain.

Find them listed below:

Hero Name:Position:
Yang XiuAssist Hero
Cao ZhiControl Hero
Lady ZhenIncrease group Rage
Meng HuoAttack Hero
Guan PingFirst strike 
Bu LianshiHealer, assist
Zhu RongDamage Dealer 
Xu ShengDefence Hero
Pan ZhangControl Hero
Wen ChouLifesteal in Battle 
Yan LiangBurst Damage 
Hua Xiong Tank Control

SSR Hero

Now when it comes to the best Heroes in Throne Of Three Kingdoms, you cannot go wrong with the Super Super Rare Heroes. These are more commonly known as your “Legendary” Tier Heroes, and are a force to be reckoned with!

Find them listed below:

Super Super Rare Hero
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited
Hero Name:Position:
Dian WeiDPS and Tank
Xu ChuHigh Hp, Tank
Cao RenShield Hero
Yue JinSpeed Hero
Guo JiaRestore group Rage
Xiahou YuanBurst Damage
Zhao YunDamage Dealer
Ma ChaoDamage to group
Huang ZhongRear Row, Damage Dealer
Zhang Fei Group Control, Tank
Guan YuHigh Crit, Damage
Huang YueyingDamage to group
Pang TongDPS to Group
Taishi CiControl and Speed Hero
Da QiaoAssist, restore Rage
Gan NingCounter-attack. Tank
Lu SuSupport Hero
Lady SunDamage. Assist
Xiao QiaoAssist. Damage
Zhang JiaoDamage Dealer
Lu LingqiControl. Damage
Dong ZhuoCounter Female Heroes
Yu JiThe stronger the enemy, 
the stronger himself.
Hua TuoGroup Healer
Diao ChanGroup Silence. Control

Final Thoughts

Throne of Three Kingdoms is sure to keep you on your toes, and for the gamer who enjoys a strategic game, be sure to check this one out! Throne of Three Kingdoms Beginners Guide is helpful for more tips on playing the game. 

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