Throne Of Three Kingdoms – Beginners Guide

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Throne Of Three Kingdoms

Do you have what it takes to take over the kingdom? Now’s your chance in this turn-based, strategic game!

Throne Of Three Kingdoms is one of these strategic games that will have you on edge, developed by Gacraze Entertainment Limited and is available to download from the Play Store.

Your goal in Throne Of Three Kingdoms is to conquer enemies and strategically take over the map! Lead your allies to victory in this thrilling game! This article will help beginners understand the mechanics, so be sure to check in for updates!

Throne Of Three Kingdoms: Introduction
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Getting Started

Throne Of Three Kingdoms will start off with you having to choose a server. Once you have chosen a server, you have the option of choosing your character.

There are two types of Characters to choose from:

  • The Heroine – This character excels in strategy-based tactics.
Heroine in Throne Of Three Kingdoms
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  • The General – This character excels in Leadership
The General
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Once you have successfully chosen your character, you are able to choose one of three factions:

  • Shu – Green
  • Wei – Blue
  • Wu – Red

Gameplay will ensue once you have chosen your faction. You will start off having a tutorial that will show you what items you are required to build.

It is best to follow this tutorial and take note, as these are very important when starting off as a new player.

Building in Throne Of Three Kingdoms

You are required to build a farmland in order to produce food:

Select BUILD and then select the Instantly option. This will be free for the first few times during the tutorial.

You are able to collect wheat immediately, which is one of the resources available in Throne Of Three Kingdoms.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

The second resource needed is wood. You will build a Logyard next, which will produce wood.

Following the same process as above, build the Logyard and collect the wood.

Your third building on the list is an Iron Mine. Following the same steps above, build it and proceed to collect the iron once you have completed this.

You will then be taken to your Palace, which is a very important milestone in Thrones Of Three Kingdoms! You will need to upgrade your Palace in order for you to progress further during gameplay.

Upgrading your Palace opens up a variety of additional buildings you are able to build, as well as extra resources required.

Recruiting Heroes

Recruiting Heroes in Throne Of Three Kingdoms is simple enough. You will be taken to the Tavern, where you are able to recruit Heroes of diverse Rarity levels.

Select the Tavern, select Advanced, and use your free recruit option. You can then confirm your Hero.

recruit heroes
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

You will be taken to a screen that displays your quests, claim the rewards, and then go to the next part of the tutorial: “Clear Battle Stage 2-1”.

Battle In Changshe

Select “Go To” and select the Expedition tab found on the right-hand side of your screen, toward the lower part of your screen.

Your first battle is underway! Select “Battle in Changshe” in order for the battle to commence, and then select attack.

Battle in Changshe
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Battling is automatic, however, you will need to use your Heroes’ special skill during gameplay. The icon with your Hero’s face will light up when it is time to activate this skill.

You can choose to use it immediately, or you can wait to use it at a more strategic interval. This is a suggestion for when the battle looks a bit bleak, use it as a means to win the battle!

You will be granted rewards for each battle you win. These rewards are used for game progression and play a vital role in Throne Of Three Kingdoms.

Batlle in Guangzong is next, where you will follow the same steps as above, Remember to use your special skill!

Special skill
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Hero Enhancements & Upgrades

In Throne Of Three Kingdoms, upgrading and enhancing items and Heroes is paramount to your success!

Once you have completed the battles, you will find yourself victorious. You can now equip armor to make your hero stronger, under the Tier tab.

Skills upgrade
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Once you have advanced your hero, you are able to upgrade special skills, which will add stats to your hero.

Upgrade your Heroes

A very important progression tactic is to always remember to upgrade your heroes. You will find the option when you select your Hero on the main screen, and select the level tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Using the resources available, upgrade your hero to enhance the following:

  • ATK – Attack, increases your attack on enemies
  • DEF – Defense, increases your defense against enemies
  • HP – Health, increases your health
  • CMD – Critical Damage, increases your critical damage when attacking enemies
upgrade heroes
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As you progress, you are able to add additional heroes to your team. Additionally, you are able to remove heroes and place different ones as you see fit.

Buildings on the Map – Explained

Throne Of Three Kingdoms is very similar to Knights of Avalon, so gamers familiar with this concept will know how expansive Throne Of Three Kingdoms is.

This is by no means a small game, so to make it easier for you, we will create a listicle of the buildings found on the map to help you out:

1. Palace

Your Palace is one of the most important buildings in Throne Of Three Kingdoms. You will need to check often if you’re able to upgrade it, as this is paramount to your success in this game!

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Upgrading your Palace allows you to open additional buildings, and progress further, as we mentioned earlier. Note that each time you select a building to upgrade, the time needed for upgrading will increase.

It is a good thing to allow the timer to run down in earlier stages of the game, and rather spend your speed-ups later on.

2. Tavern

Use the tavern to recruit heroes of diverse rarity levels. There are five recruit tabs available:

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited
  • Normal
  • Timed Event – available during specific events
  • Advanced
  • Friendship
  • Faction

Each tab offers you the opportunity to gain heroes using recruit scrolls.

3. Terrace

The Terrace allows you to date someone, these beauties will increase your power.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

4. Altar

Use the Altar to offer Ingots for additional rewards of great value. You will receive free prayers, however after a few times, you will need to pay ingots to continue.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

5. Academy

The Academy allows you to research additional traits that will help strengthen your army. This is a vital aspect of Throne Of Three Kingdoms and should not be ignored.

Researching Domestic traits will increase things on the resources side, such as food, wood, iron, and more.

Researching Military traits, on the other hand, will increase your strength, wall fortification, and more!

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

You can decide which of the two you would rather research more. keep in mind that researching will cost you resources, and later on as you become more advanced in the game, these resources are needed for additional things.

As a note, choose wisely! If you’re more focused on battles, rather than farming resources, the military option would be the better choice for you.

6. Embassy

The Embassy will enable you to add friends, display who would like to become your friend, and allow you to blacklist friends who you don’t want on your list.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

You can chat with friends by tapping on the chat tab in the far bottom left-hand side corner of your screen.

If you don’t want to talk to someone specific, select their name in the chat and tap “block”.

Additionally, you can add friends like this and private message them as well, (PM).

friends example in chat
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

7. Market

The Market enables you to purchase much-needed items throughout Throne Of Three Kingdoms gameplay. You can use resources to do so, or you are able to use real-world currency.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

It is important to ensure your settings are set in such a way that accidental purchases cannot be made!

8. Dwellings

Dwellings are where your coins are stored, as well as produced. Your capacity level will increase if you upgrade the dwelling.

This tactic applies to all buildings such as farms, logyards, and mines.

9. Depot

The Depot is where your resources are stored. Again, it is important to note that upgrading it will allow more storage capacity.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

As you upgrade buildings throughout Throne Of Three Kingdoms, certain buildings will need to be upgraded before you can upgrade a different one. That being said, try and upgrade buildings as you go along.

10. Hero Hall

The Hero Hall is one of those buildings that should not be overlooked, at all! Upgrading the Hero Hall allows you to increase the maximum level amount of Heroes.

11. Barracks

The Barracks enables you to train soldiers, which will help you to defeat enemies in Throne Of Three Kingdoms on the main map. We will go into some more detail about this further on.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

12. Blacksmith

Use the Blacksmith to forge gear, disassemble, and compose shards to gain gear. Equip gear in order to make your heroes stronger for battle.

13. Arena

The Arena allows you to battle against other players in the Throne Of Three Kingdoms. Test your skills and see where you can improve yourself.

Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Gain additional rewards when you choose to partake in this!

14. Ground

The Ground is where your soldiers assemble in Throne Of Three Kingdoms. This camp, when you have upgraded it, will allow you to increase your marching speed, and increase the number of soldiers you are able to dispatch at a time.

This is helpful for when you decide to take on the “Wild“.

the wild
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited

The Wild

The Wild is something else entirely. Here you are able to attack players, go on expeditions, and attack random enemies on the map.

Additionally, if you have run out of resources, you can use your soldiers to mine food, wood, and iron in designated areas.

Tips & Tricks in Throne Of Three Kingdoms

  • A very important note in Throne Of Kingdoms: Players can attack your soldiers if you are hanging around on the map.
  • Whether you are on an expedition or mining resources, this game does not allow you to remain idle. You cannot leave the game and expect not to be attacked.
  • The only option available to you, if you do not want to be attacked, is to equip a shield.
  • To equip a shield, better known as a buff in Throne Of Three Kingdoms, Select your Palace, and select the “buff” option.
  • This will protect your soldiers from being attacked, but only if they’re in the Palace at the time.
  • Additional things to do in the Wild include attacking bandits. Doing so will enable you to obtain valuable rewards that help with game progression.
  • You can scout a Palace before attacking it. This tactic is super helpful for gaining insight as to how much stronger the enemy is in comparison to you.
  • Scouting will also show you the amount of resources you can plunder from the enemy’s Palace.
  • You cannot attack an enemy’s Palace if they have a shield up.
Photo: Gacraze Entertainment Limited
  • Do not use resources stored in your bag, until absolutely necessary! Storing them in your bag will prevent enemies from plundering your resources if you cannot afford to put up a shield.
  • Make sure to keep your buildings updated, your heroes upgraded, and your equipment on track. These are important elements that will ensure you are successful.
  • Don’t forget to follow and do your quests in Throne Of Three Kingdoms! These will reward you in the long run!
  • Don’t give up if you lose. Rather, change your strategy and learn from your mistakes. This game is made for the gamer who is in it for the grind!


Throne Of Three Kingdoms is a brilliant game to play, for gamers who have a lot of free time on their hands! However, leaving the game idle while doing something else, would be a major mistake, and would cost you dearly!

Feel free to leave a comment if you too enjoy strategic games such as this.

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