The X-Files: Deep State – Tips, Hints and Tricks to Score More Points and Get Bonus Rewards

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2023)

The X-Files Deep State isn’t your average hidden object game (HoG). It combines hidden object with point-and-click adventure elements and offers several challenging mini-games. HoG puzzles are not easy to solve. Scenes change colors; objects are replaced by words and letters are jumbled, making it difficult to spot items, find clues and solve a crime scene. Gameplay can be as perplexing an X-files case.

As a special agent, you will have to investigate bizarre cases, find clues, collect evidence and examine it. There are also several cool mini-games like cracking codes, finding items and using them on other objects and exciting jigsaw puzzles.

The most interesting part of this game is dialogues. Your conversations with your colleagues or an interrogation with a suspect will force you make crucial decisions, which may affect the entire the outcome of a case. The game tests your moral alignment and then displays the decisions you made, your beliefs, whether you are a skeptic who does not believe in extraterrestrials or a staunch believer and presents everything in a neat little section called “Prologue Statistics”. This page appears after closure, showing whether you and other players are on the same page. So if you have chosen to arrest Mark in the first case, you will probably be in minority as only 40 percent players decided to save his son.

As you solve crime scenes, interrogate suspects and talk to various characters, you will get points for your choices. These points will add to your stats, giving a clear picture on whether you a skeptic or a believer, a humanist or xenocentric. This new gameplay feature, to me, is one of the best aspects of X-Files: Deep State. There are several more, but I know you will be more interested to know how to get extra cash, energy and eager to learn how to open lockers or which booster will help you complete a scene. Well, check out our useful tips, hints and tricks:

1. How to Find Objects Quickly to Get More Points

You can try this trick on scenes that don’t have any time limit. Do this when you have just begun playing a new scene. When the game starts, mentally note down the list of objects that are displayed on the bottom of the screen. Don’t tap on an object until you find all of them.

A hidden object scene in The X-Files Deep State

Once you spot all items on the list, quickly tap them to raise the multiplier or combo bar on the top of the screen. This way, you will score more points every time you find an object, just make sure the score multiplier does not die out. The next set of objects will be difficult to find, but since there’s no time limit you can again follow this trick to reach a high score.

2. Brace for Harder Puzzles

Every hidden object puzzle in The X-Files: Deep State throws a new challenge to players. Scenes with score targets are easy to solve, but it won’t be easy solving time based puzzles as you will have to find all objects within sixty seconds.

Puzzles become harder to solve when you play the same scene again and again. Once you get three stars from a particular scene, expect a tough challenge ahead. A colorful scene turns to green or B&W, even objects will change colors making it difficult to find them, but you can long-press each object to see a colored version of it. Sometimes you will see a mirror image of the same scene.

In certain scenes, you will have to collect 10 objects, but the twist in this case would be that only one object will be shown in the list. You must find that object first to unlock the next one and so one. Such scenes will have a time limit so you must find the first object as soon as possible if you want to know what the next object will be. The game cleverly combines all these elements to make things very difficult for players, so you can expect a combination of achieving a score target plus finding all objects with 60 seconds remaining.

Things become tougher when a hidden object scene turns B&W in color and you will have to find objects before the timer runs out. In such situations, you can use the Time Freeze booster or solve a recently unlocked crime scene. If you love real challenges, then keep playing the same scene until you reach five stars to unlock a “Pro” mode. Under pro, words will replace objects. Worse, words will be scrambled and you might have to find objects with just 60 seconds remaining! There might be several harder challenges in pro mode. You must be a HoG expert to solve such puzzles.

3. Replay Previous Cases to Get Bonus Rewards

If you are in need of cash so that you can buy a booster or a set of hints instantly or there’s no energy left to solve a scene, you can go back to the previous case and start completing objectives in a scene to get bonus cash and energy.
Solving a case unlocks a new one. But the good news is that you can revisit any old case and solve hidden object puzzles to get cash and energy. Tap “Cases”, swipe right to go to the solved case and press the “Investigate” button. Complete objectives on all unlocked scenes to earn stars and use them to get energy and cash. Please remember that the stars you earn by replaying an old case can’t be used to complete tasks or unlock a new act in the new case.

4. Use these Boosters to Solve Crime Scenes Faster

Cases in X-Files: Deep State can be solved with much less effort by using boosters. Prior to investigating a scene, the game lets you choose any one of three power-ups. After using a booster, you can use another but you will have to 6 hours to get it free. You can, however, buy one instantly using in-game cash. Here are some of the must-have boosters to solve crime scenes:

1. x2 Points: Using this, all score points will be doubled. It should be used if you want to reach your score target faster and get more rewards. It appears in challenges that ask players to collect an “x” number of objects and have a score target.

2. x6 Combo Booster: Who wants to work hard to increase the score multiplier when there exists a booster that lets players begin an investigation with a full combo bar? The multiplier bar will slowly decrease, so make sure you find objects in quick succession to keep the bar filled.

Types of Boosters

3. Time Freeze: You can find Time Freeze in time-based challenges. With this booster activated, the timer decreases 2 times slower than usual, giving you more time to look for clues and search objects.

4. Combo Freeze Booster: With this booster activated, you can relax as the combo or score multiplier bar slows down. Using this booster, you will still be able to score more points despite being a little slower in finding successive objects. It will show up before a time based hidden object scene.

5. Long Press Objects to Know How They Look Like

Are you finding is hard to spot objects in a crime scene? Don’t worry. There’s a way to know how an object looks like. Just tap and hold the replica of the object in the items list shown on the bottom of the screen. It will take a few seconds before the image of the object appears above its replica. You can also long press on jumbled words in “Pro” scenes.

6. How to Open Secret Lockers

Noticed that tiny locker bar on the bottom of the screen as soon as the hidden object scene ends? You will have to fill the bar to collect a secret or confidential locker. The bar fills little by little after every scene. Even if you lose, the bar will fill up a bit. So keep solving scenes if you want to get a locker.

How to Open a Secret Locker

You will receive prizes such as energy items, boosters or cash when you open a locker. To open one, you will need a key, which can be found in a random hidden object scene. You can also trade stars with a key, but this option will be available once you complete the second case – “Trust No 1”. You must earn 3 stars and exchange them with a secret key, which can be used to open a secret locker. Replay all scenes to collect stars.

When you collect a locker, tap the plus sign beside your cash or energy status and then tap the “lockers” tab. Use in-game cash to buy one if you don’t have a key. You can earn lots of cash by playing old cases again. You also get cash when you solve a hidden object scene. Make sure  you purchase a locker as soon as collect it.