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The Walking Dead: Our World Safe House Guide

Rescue missions are a bit different from other missions. When you finish one, a survivor will accompany you temporarily until you escort him/her to a “safe house”. To build a safe house, you will need building materials. You can get them when you finish the third stage of an infestation mission.

There are 4 types of safe houses: Shelter (S), Trading Post (T), Armory (A) and Warehouse (W).

The Walking Dead Our World - A Safe House

When you receive building materials, pay attention to the letter – it’s the initial of a particular safe house. If the letter is “A”, then you have acquired materials for armory, if it is “S”, you are receiving shelter materials. You will have to collect 10 materials to construct a safe house. So when you collect 10 “A” materials, you can build an Armory. If you gather 10 “W” materials, you will be able to build a warehouse and so on.

You will receive rewards only when you move survivors to a safe house. Rewards depend on the building type:

1. If you drop survivors at a warehouse, you will receive perk cards.

2. If you drop them at an armory, you will get weapon cards

3. If you need coins, then you will have to build and drop survivors at a Trading Post.

4. For hero cards, make sure you build a Shelter and then move survivors to it.

Now that you know what safe houses in The Walking Dead: Our World are, check out these tips and hints to make the most of them:

Don’t worry if you haven’t built one. A maximum of 3 survivors can accompany your hero. Once you have built a safe house, you can drop all 3 three to get your rewards. You can increase the survivor count if you have collected the Dave’s RV perk card. Upgrade the card to raise number of temporary survivors that have joined your hero.

To construct a safe house, tap the backpack icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap “build”. Select the safe house and place it on the map. Please note that you can’t place a safe house on areas colored red. Also, you can’t place them close to each other.

You can't place a safe house on red areas

You may to travel to a different location to place one on areas that aren’t red. Scan the map and move to a “greener” location near your vicinity to place a safe house.

Upgrade a safe house if you want better rewards. Make sure you drop the required number of survivors into a building to level it up. An upgraded safe house requires more number of survivors than the previous one.

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