How to get Coins and Cards in The Walking Dead: Our World

Anurag Ghosh
The Walking Dead: Our World Encounter Mission
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

In the list of augmented reality games for Android, The Walking Dead: Our World is pretty intense. Bloodthirsty zombies, realistic gunshot sounds and deadly raid battles! The game lets you fight the undead by finding them on an in-game map. Turn on your phone GPS, open the app and watch your location turn into a doomed world full of zombies. Just hit the map and look around to spot the undead. Tap the skull icon above a zombie to begin a mission.

The Walking Dead: Our World Encounter Mission

Missions have an easy learning curve. You will have to tap a zombie to shoot and kill him. Tap his head to get a headshot and eliminate all enemies before they attack you. However, zombies will be tougher as you progress and you will have to collect cards to upgrade your weapons and heroes. You can get them as rewards. Read our guide to know how to earn them:

There are several mission types in The Walking Dead: Our World. The rewards you receive depend on the mission you are playing. As of writing this guide, there are four types of missions:

1. Encounter: An “encounter” mission is denoted by a single skull with a white card icon beside it. You will have to clear walkers loitering on the streets. You can play Encounter if you need hero and weapon cards. You might also get a perk card from such missions.

2. Rescue Mission: It has a stickman icon waving hand. In this mission, you will have to eliminate zombies to rescue a survivor.

The rewards you will be receiving depend on the type of building you will be using to house survivors. So if you escort a survivor to an armory – you will receive weapon cards. If you drop someone off at trading post, you will get coins.

You can build a safe house using building materials (tokens). Check out this guide to know more about safe houses. You can also leave a survivor at any safe house built by other players to get rewards. Scan the map to find buildings close to your vicinity.

3. Infestation: A mission having a triple skull icon on the map. An infestation mission has three stages. You will receive coins when you complete the first two stages and a special card pack after finishing the third stage. The special card pack will contain one or more rare cards (depends on the threat level) along with hero cards, coins and building materials for constructing safe houses.

Infestation Rewards

In an infestation mission you will have to take out several zombies. The difficulty level increases when you attempt the second and third stages. Enemies will be quick to react. Make sure you take a stronger hero with you when playing such missions.

4. Raid Battles: Shown by a stickman holding a gun. A raid battle pits your team against hostile survivors. After winning, you will receive a raider pack, which may contain high-quality weapon cards, such as sniper rifles. You will have to reach level 6 to unlock this game mode.

Grab the Global Launch Offer Reward before It’s Too Late

If you have just begun playing, then you might get a welcome offer from The Walking Dead: Our World developers. You will get access to this special offer at the “shop”.

Global Launch Offer

It’s a limited time offer and available only for 12-13 days, so make sure you grab this opportunity to get 1000 coins, 10 two-star cards and 40 cards, including hero and perk cards.

Take Up Solo and Group Challenges

Solo challenges can be found on the right side of the screen. You will have to complete a set of missions to win a solo challenge. Just tap the icons (normal challenges/journal entries) to check what missions you will have to complete to get rewards. For example: To complete a journal entry challenge, you will receive XP, gold and cards. Challenges don’t remain the same, so keep an eye on their icons to check what’s changed.

Solo Challenges

For example: Journal entry challenges (skull icon with a bullet shot) reward XP, and gold besides cards, whereas simple challenges may reward players with cards or coins and “Daily Missions” reward players with XP and cards.

Group challenges are the best way to earn rewards. Join a group and then tap “Challenges” beside the map icon on the bottom of the screen. These are co-op challenges, so you and members of your group have to complete them together to get coins. Most challenges won’t be easy and may require players to win many battles/clear several zombies or rescue a good number of survivors to finish them. A group with lots of players will complete challenges quickly. When a challenge is completed, a number appears on the “Challenges” icon. Tap it and then tap claim to get coins.

Get Coins from Group Challenges

You may also receive card packs containing rare cards on finishing certain missions and an exclusive challenge pack once you complete all missions of a challenge board. Tap a card pack and a set of highlighted missions will be revealed on the screen. Ping your group members via the in-built chat room to complete those missions and get rewards quickly.

Finish a set of challenge boards to progress to the next tier (Bronze > Silver > Gold > Champion > Ultimate). Make sure you finish all boards and tiers in a week; else your group may have to start again from the bronze tier.

Here are a few tips and tricks to win missions in Walking Dead: Our World and earn more coins/cards:

1. Note the background color of a mission icon on your map. The darker the color is, the higher the threat. In “Very High” threat missions, you will face tough enemies, so make sure you take the best weapon and a stronger hero with you to get rid of them.

2. Before tapping “fight” on a mission card, check whether you have selected a stronger weapon or character. You can easily know which card is stronger on the mission card itself.

Powerful weapons and heroes

A tiny green circle with a weapon/people icon will be seen below the zombie icon under “Enemies” (check the above screenshot). You can easily change a character or weapon by tapping its card and then selecting a card that has yellow circle.

3. Make sure you upgrade your weapon and hero cards. You will have to collect a certain number of duplicate cards to level up a card. Missions will be hard to finish from level 5 onwards, so always upgrade your weapons and heroes to avoid fleeing from a mission. If a situation goes out of hand, use grenades. You will get them from crates.

4. Upgrade your perks cards as well. They can be very handy. You can increase your energy cap (energy is required to begin a mission) using the Sherriff’s duffel bag or raise the coin cap by upgrading Morgan’s Go Bag.