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Walking Dead Match 3 Tales characters list
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Although the Walking Dead series has concluded, there are still several multimedia out there keeping the universe alive.

One of the most recent is the game The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales, developed by Novacore and Skybound Entertainment and published by Com2uS, responsible for games like Summoner Wars, NBA Now 23, and DragonSky: Idle & Merge.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales is a puzzle game with a fresh storyline and RPG elements set in the universe of the most aggressive walkers in the media. The player needs to build their team to survive this post-apocalyptic world.

And, to build a team, it is necessary to have members. That’s why in this The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales Characters List, we will show all those prepared to give their blood and sweat to protect the few survivors who are still left.

The Roster of The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales

Players can recruit new characters in the classic way in any mobile game through the gacha system.

Spend a premium currency and cross your fingers in the hope of getting those you want, or at least those of higher rarity, as they have the best Active Skills in the game.

The characters in The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales are separated by rarity, ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. Often, they are the same characters, but at different times in their lives in the work.

A 3-star rarity Rick Grimes is his version at the beginning of the series, while the 5-star rarity is already a seasoned veteran hardened in facing the Walkers.

5-Star Characters

Needless to say, these are the best characters of The Walking Dead Match 3 and those that we should always strive for.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales - Characters List (6)
Photo by Com2uS
TyreeseThe Relentless
AaronThe Lamenting Lover
ShivaThe Tamed Beast
GlennThe Stealthy Runner
AlphaThe Cunning Whisperer
EzekielThe Benevolent King
MorrisThe Wacky Inventor
AbrahamThe Muscle
JesusThe Mediator
RickThe Last Punisher
MagnaThe Insightful
RositaBloody Battle
AndreaThe Sniper
PrincessThe Cheerful Spear
EugeneThe Valuable Inventor
RickThe Reluctant Hero
MichonneThe Avenging Blade
NeganThe Tyrannical Redeemer
BetaThe Loyal Brute
The GovernorTank of Torment
TunyEmployee of the Month

4-Star Characters

The four-star characters are still considered rare, as they cannot be acquired in the daily recruit, which is cheaper than the classic character recruitment.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales - Characters List (1)
Photo by Com2uS
RickThe Hardened Protector
DaleThe Enraged Father
AbrahamThe Crusader
The GovernorThe Tyrant
DwightThe Double Agent
TunyThe Mysterious Merchant
CarsonThe Silent Guide
CarolThe Needy Companion
CarlThe Adolescent
AndreaThe Lookout
EugeneThe Practical Genius
MichonneThe Resilient Avenger
LoriThe Fierce Protector
GlennThe Resourceful Runner
HershelThe Faithful Provider
DeniseThe Dedicated Surgeon
RositaThe Empathic Lover
TyreeseThe Outraged
MorganThe Single Father
AlphaThe Newcomer
SherryThe Harsh Leader

3-Star Characters

The run-of-the-mill cast and those with which you will start your journey. They are suitable to finish the campaign but are replaceable as soon as characters of higher rarity appear.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales - Characters List (3)
Photo by Com2uS
ShaneThe Covetous Friend
LillyThe Avenger
TyreeseThe Righteous
CarlThe Innocent
GlennThe City Runner
EugeneThe Liar
BillyThe Farmer’s Son
EricThe Cynical Recruiter
GabrielThe Preacher
HeathThe Reliable Runner
HershelThe Farmer
AndreaThe Sharpshooter
AxelThe Compliant Prisoner
OliviaThe Rational
DaleThe Wise
AaronThe Optimistic Recruiter
RickThe Family Man
EarlThe Blacksmith
PeteThe Remorseless
MorrisThe Reclusive Trapper
MaggieThe Grieving Sister
SherryThe Opportunistic Wife

2-Star Characters

Characters of this category are unsuitable to join your team in the long term, but they will help in the initial steps of the game.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales - Characters List (4)
Photo by Com2uS
NicholasThe Agitator
EugeneThe Arena Beast
MartinezThe Traitor
MaggieThe Insecure Flirt
LoriThe Determined Partner
MorganThe Prudent
AliceThe Medical Assistant
MichonneThe Solitary Sword
DexterThe Prison Rebel
ChrisThe Human Hunter

1-Star Characters

Fodder characters. There is no reason to add 1-star characters to your team, so unfortunately, they will always be sidelined in this endeavor.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales - Characters List (2)
Photo by Com2uS
DuaneThe Little Gatekeeper
JimThe Loner
AndrewThe Convict
OtisThe Remorseful Hunter
TobinThe Strategist
Dr. StevensThe Stern Physician
DonnaThe Caregiver
AllenThe Unstable
ThomasThe Twisted
GabeThe Henchman


This was the character list of The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales. Fans of the work will probably recognize many of the characters and will be excited to try to acquire them to compose their teams.

Since the game is a puzzle, it depends more on your skill in matching tiles rather than the rarity of the characters in your team. Still, it is always a wonderful feeling to spend your currency, roll the dice, and get the best-in-house characters.

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