The Unwanted Experiment: Complete Walkthrough & Guide

Anurag Ghosh

The Unwanted Experiment is one of Dark Dome’s best point-and-click room escape games. The game is short, but the puzzles are extremely well-designed. Puzzles aren’t convoluted. They are logic-based but won’t be easy to solve. You will definitely have a hard time solving them.  

Hidden Town has a new arrival – a strange scientist who has set up his laboratory in the farthest house in town. His weird behavior has irked many and some have even claimed to see scary creatures near his lab.  

In an attempt to uncover the truth behind those rumors, Erik finds a way to the laboratory but is captured by the mad scientist. Help Erik escape the doomed laboratory before he is part of the scientist’s dangerous experiments.  

The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough

The game has two main characters. Erik, the protagonist, and Alex the scientist’s acquaintance. Once you have freed Alex, you will have to switch between Erik’s and Alex’s rooms every now and then to solve a series of interconnected puzzles. To switch to Alex’s rooms, just tap on his portrait on the bottom of the screen, where all items are kept, in the inventory.  

Below you can watch the complete playthrough or skip to our Unwanted Experiment text walkthrough to find solutions for all puzzles. 

Video Walkthrough

Untie Erik  

The protagonist, Erik Dorian, is tied to a chair in one of the rooms of a dingy laboratory. He must escape before he is part of a dangerous experiment by the mad scientist. Tap on Erik to wake him up. He will struggle to untie himself. Tap on him again to reach his tied hands.  

Tap on his hands repeatedly until he sets himself free. The rope will be torn due to friction against the wooden shelf behind the chair.  

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The Photograph Puzzle 

Explore rooms by tapping on the left and right arrows. Move to the room that has a microscope. Open the table on which the microscope is kept and take the transparent piece of plastic. There’s a diagram on it. This diagram is called the skeletal formula – a graphic representation of a molecule. You might have seen this in your chemistry class. The diagram has two hexagons with lines inside them.  

Now move to a room that has a dart board. Tap on the file shelf placed on the right side of the screen. Pick the red file. Open it.  

The first two pages of the red file have black squares and rectangles arranged in a peculiar way.  

Tap on the diagram in the items list (the list is at the bottom of the screen), select “grab” and then tap the file. The transparent piece of plastic with the diagram will be attached between these two pages.  

Check the red lines inside the hexagons on the diagram. They will be superimposed on top of the top two black squares/rectangles on the right page. The CH2 hexagon has one line inside it and the Ph hexagon has three lines inside it.  

Flip the transparent piece of plastic by tapping on the curved arrow button at the bottom of the red file and you will notice some more lines superimposed on the top two black squares on the left page. You will now see that the PH hexagon has four red lines inside and the CH2 hexagon has two red lines inside it.  

Go back to the microscope room and tap on the two pinboards on the wall to view photographs.  Both pinboards are located above the microscope.  

See the shape of the photographs and their arrangement on each pinboard. Looks familiar? Well, the black squares on the red file are of the same shape as the photographs. Even the arrangement of the squares is exactly like those photos arranged on the pin board.  

You will notice a strange symbol in each photograph on the pinboard. These symbols are codes, which need to be entered into a box kept somewhere in the laboratory. You will find this box in the room that has a wardrobe on the left and a locked cell door on the right. The wardrobe is covered by some gooey purple stuff. The box is placed on a small table in the middle of the room. You will have to note down four symbols shown on the pin board photographs and then enter them in the box in the right order.  

Before you enter the symbols on the box, make sure that they are entered in the right order. To know the correct order, head back to the dart board room and open the red file again.  

Check the red lines inside each hexagon on the diagram again. You will also notice that these lines are placed over those black squares since you have attached the piece of plastic to the red album. Flip the piece of plastic so that you can see the red lines over the topmost black squares on both left and right pages.  

Memorize the number of red lines ( inside the hexagons) superimposed on all four black squares on the top of the left and right pages because these lines indicate the correct order of four photos on both pinboards in the microscope room. Mentally arrange the photographs as per the red lines correctly and then note down four symbols on the correctly numbered photos. You can then enter those four symbols on the box to open it.

Note down the symbols of the photographs and enter them one by one (in the order of the photographs numbered) on the box in the wardrobe room.  

(The red lines inside each hexagon in the diagram might be randomly generated, so the lines and the respective correct order of the photographs/symbols might differ in your game) 

Open the box. Take the fuse and yellow key.  

The Locked Cell Padlock Puzzle  

Move to the microscope room again and tap on the small board attached to the wooden panel on the extreme left side of the room. Place the fuse in the board to power the board. Now tap on the board to open it. Inside the board are four bulbs and square buttons. Press a button below a bulb and the bulb will flash a certain number of times.  

Use the yellow key to open the white cabinet hung on the wall above the washbasin in the chair room, where Erik was tied. Take the glass beaker from the cabinet.  

Open the red file on the wooden cabinet in the dart board room. Flip the pages until you see a photograph of a man and a hideous creature. The guy’s name is Chris. Tap on Chris’s photograph to reveal a coded message on the back of the photo.  

Pay attention to the black color squares on the back of Chris’s photograph. These black squares represent the switches/buttons on the wooden board in the microscope room.  

Go back to the microscope room and press only those switches that were colored black on Chris’s photograph. For each switch pressed, note down the number of times the red bulb flashes. Do this for all four bulbs.  

So, if you tap the first switch and the red bulb above the first bulb flashes five times, then the number will be five. Do this for the remaining 3 switches and note down the number of times each bulb flashes. You will get four digits from this puzzle. Enter these digits one by one on the padlock and it will open the locked cell’s window.  

Note: The darkened/black squares on the back of Chris’s photograph are randomly generated and will be different in each new game.  

In Conversation with a Mutant 

You will see a bespectacled man in chains through the locked cell’s window. His hand is that of a beast, a horn is protruding from his head. There are spikes on his back. Looks like a result of a failed experiment. A mutant perhaps?  

Tap on the man to talk to him. He seeks help and wants an antidote to cure himself. He introduces himself as “Alex Lauren”, Dr. Freyer’s (mad scientist’s) acquaintance. He was miffed by Dr. Freyer’s controversial experiments. He was about to reveal the scientist’s truth when Dr. Freyer injected something into his neck, which is slowly turning him into a mutant. Alex needs the antidote to regain his human form. He also tells that his fingerprints can be used on the biometric palm reader to unlock the hatch on the ceiling so that both he and Erik, the protagonist, can escape this doomed laboratory.  

Sign Language Puzzle  

Alex is about to reveal something very important about the antidote when his head turns into a crocodile’s head. He can’t speak now. The strange solution is working on him and soon he will turn into a complete mutant.  

Tap on the mutated man (Alex) once again. He will use sign language to reveal the code since he cannot speak. Pay attention to his left hand, the only hand that’s still not mutated. He will draw 4 symbols in the air – squares, circles, triangles, wiggles, etc. Note down those symbols.  

Go to the dart board room. There’s a small red box kept on a table underneath the dartboard. Enter the symbols, which were drawn by Alex in the air, in the same order, to open the box. Take the chewing gum, a pair of scissors, and the blue key from the box.  

The Safe Puzzle  

Use the blue key on the small panel next to the white cell door. This panel is on the wall and has a small lightbulb drawn on it. The panel is in the wardrobe room – yes, the wardrobe with gooey purple stuff stuck on it.  

Open the panel using the blue key and you will see a switch. Tap to switch it on. The cell on the other side of the laboratory, the one where Alex the mutant is chained, will light up. 

Peek into the cell room again through the cell door to see Alex, the mutant chained to the wall. Since the room is now lit up because you have switched on the lights, you will notice a pattern of squares on the extreme right side of the wall. Count the number of lines on each square and the position of those squares. These lines suggest the order you will have to press the buttons on a secret safe. The position of the squares on the wall shows four buttons positioned on the safe.  

The safe can be found in the ladder room, on the wooden shelf behind the chair. Tap on the safe and press the buttons in the correct order as shown by the lines on each square on the cell room wall, where Alex is chained. You will have to memorize the position of squares and the number of lines in each square before you can open the safe. The number of lines on the square indicates the order in which you will have to press them.  

The safe door will open after pressing the right buttons. Take the apple, a loaf of bread, and the paper. There’s a drawing of a syringe and various color combinations. This piece of paper is somehow linked to the antidote.  

Preparing the Antidote 

To prepare the solution in The Unwanted Experiment, you will have to fill the glass beakers with three liquids. Here’s how to get them:  

In the same ladder room, tap on the topmost part of the shelf on the left side of the screen. Take the yellow book. Open the book and use the scissors to cut the flower. You will now have a paper flower cutout in your items list at the bottom of the screen.  

Go to the microscope room. There’s a table beside the microscope. There are three beakers or glass containers placed on the table. On top of each glass container are faucets (?). Tap on the glass containers to get a closer look.  

Each faucet has a colored square (blue, yellow, and red) sticker on it. There’s also an inlet on top of each faucet. You can put something in the inlet and a liquid form will flow from the outlet, into a beaker.  

Grab the blue flower cutout and put it in the faucet with a blue square sticker. The triangular glass container will be filled with blue liquid.  

Grab the apple from the items list and put it in the faucet that has a red square sticker on it. The glass container underneath it will be filled with red liquid. Now we need the yellow liquid. Here’s how to get it:  

 – Peek into Mutant Alex’s cell room. Tap on the loaf of bread on the item’s list and then tap on the yellow bird on the right side of the cell room to throw the bread towards her. The bird will eat the bread and fly away but will leave his feather. You will need that yellow feather. But you won’t be able to reach it.  

 – Go back to the ladder room and take the spool of thread from the cabinet on the upper right. On the items list, tap on the chewing gum and press “Chew”. Combine the chewed gum with the spool to get a “piece of chewed gum on a string”.  

 – Peek into Alex’s cell room. Tap on the piece of chewed gum on a string and then tap on the yellow feather. Erik will throw the string and the feather will stick to the chewed gum. Erik will pull the string to take the yellow feather.  

 – Go to the microscope room and put the yellow feather in the middle faucet, the one that has a yellow square sticker. The glass container will be filled with yellow liquid.  

Combining Liquids to Make the Antidote 

You will now have to combine these liquids to make the antidote.  

Keep the empty glass beaker on the table. Just tap on the beaker and tap on the table where the three beakers are kept.  

Look at the piece of paper that has a combination of colored liquids and the syringe.  

Pay attention to the correct order of the colored liquids on the piece of paper. In my game it was – yellow, blue, yellow, red, and blue. In your game, the piece of paper will have a different arrangement of liquids. 

Tap on each glass container to fill the glass beaker with the colored liquid in the same order as shown on the piece of paper. The antidote is now ready. It’s a green-colored solution. Take the beaker with the green solution.   

Go to the dart board room and take the dart from the board. Combine the dart with the beaker. The dart will now have the antidote at its tip. The dart will work as the syringe since there isn’t any syringe anywhere in the room.  

Peek through Alex’s cell room from the locked cell door in the wardrobe room. Tap on the antidote dart and then tap on Alex. Erik will throw the dart at him. This will turn him back to his human form.  

The antidote worked and Alex is now free, but the cell door is still locked. Alex can’t come over to your side of the laboratory. For now, all you can do is switch between Alex’s room and Erik’s room and solve a series of puzzles to open the locked cell door so that Alex can enter Erik’s room and both can finally escape through the hatch on the ceiling. Just tap on each character’s portrait on the items list at the bottom of the room to enter their rooms.  

Note: Don’t forget to take back the dart. It will be on the floor in the same room where Alex was chained. This dart can be of some use later. 

The Stereo Player Puzzle 

In the ladder/chair room (Erik’s rooms), take the compact disc from the cardboard box kept on the shelf on the left side of the screen. The cardboard box has tape stuck on the outer side. 

Tap on Alex’s icon on the bottom of the screen, in the items list to go to his rooms.  

Use the arrow keys on the right/left to search for a room that has a stereo with a cd player. It’s kept in a cabinet.  

Open the cd player compartment on the top of the stereo and put the compact disc on it. Now if you press the play button, you won’t hear a sound. This is because the CD player is battery-operated and there’s no battery inside.  

Open the cabinet on which the CD player is kept. Take the toy robot. Press the curved arrow beside the toy robot to turn it around. Open the battery compartment on the back of the robot and take the battery.  

Go back to the CD player. You will see a similar curved arrow on the top-right of the cd player. Tap on the curved arrow to turn it around. Put those batteries in the player’s empty battery compartment. You can now press the play button.  

When you press the play button, you will listen to a sound clip. Tap the next button beside the play button to listen to the next sound clip. You can lay several sound clips, such as a ringing bell, laughing, guitar strums, croaking frog, etc. 

The compact disc player and the sound clips are part of a code.  

Go back to Erik’s room and go to the microscope room. Tap on the table where the microscope is kept and open the drawer underneath the microscope. Take the flashlight.  

You are now in Erik’s room. Move to the room that has the wardrobe, the cell door, and the big switch on the wall, next to the prison cell door. Pull the switch down to turn off all lights in Alex’s rooms.  

Now go to Alex’s room by tapping on his icon in the items list at the bottom of the screen.  

In Alex’s rooms, press the left/right arrows on the screen to go to the room that has a fish bowl. Check the wall. You will see several tally marks. The room is dark because you have switched off the lights.  

Tap on the flashlight and then tap on the tally marks on the wall. You will see bluish UV circles around some tally marks. These circles can only be seen under special conditions, which is why we had to switch off the lights. They will remain for a few seconds before disappearing. You will have to use the flashlight again to make them appear on the wall.  

Count the lines inside each UV circle and note them down on a piece of paper. Make sure you count them in the right order, from the top to bottom. You will get four numbers. In my game, I got: 9, 5, 7, and 2.  

Note: The circles around tally marks might be randomly generated in each game, so your numbers will differ from mine. Go back to the switch room and pull the switch up to turn on the lights in Alex’s rooms.  

Under Alex, go back to the CD player room. The numbers you have just noted down from the tally mark puzzle are the track numbers in the CD player. You will have to press the “next” or “fast-forward” button to go to that tracking number and listen to the sound clip. In my case, I had to listen to track 9, track 5, track 7, and track 2. The sound clips were:  

Guitar, bell, laughing, croaking frog.  

Go to Erik’s room and move to the dart board room. The wooden shelf wardrobe on the right has a coded drawer on the bottom. Tap on it. You will see symbols that are visual representations of the sound clips. Select the right code that represents the sound clip you just noted down. I selected the guitar, then the bell, the laughing symbol, and finally the frog.  

The drawer will open after selecting all the correct symbols. Inside there will be a paint thinner.  

The Origami Fish and Bird 

Take the paint thinner from the drawer. On the upper shelf in the same wooden shelf on the right side of the dart board room is a paintbrush. Take it. You now have a thinner and a brush. Combine these two and you will get a brush with paint thinner on it.  

Go to Alex’s room again and move to the room that has a single bed. There will be paint marks on the wall. Use the brush with thinner to clean all paint marks to reveal several arrows.  

In Eric’s room, move to the dart board room and tap on the grey color panel. There will be four arrow buttons on the right side of the grey panel. The arrows in Alex’s bedroom are hints to press the arrow buttons in the right order. Press the arrow buttons 6 times in the order shown on the wall in the single bedroom. Finally, press the OK button to reveal the origami bird jigsaw puzzle.  

You will have to slide the circles in the jigsaw puzzle in a way that all align correctly to reveal an origami bird. Watch our walkthrough video at the top of this article to know how to do this.  

When you have aligned correctly to solve the origami bird puzzle, a small white panel below the puzzle will open. Take the pink origami bird from the panel.  

Go to Alex’s room by tapping on his portrait in the items list. Go back to the single bedroom and place the pink origami bird in the empty cage. The bird will pick up a small yellow microscope slide. Take the slide and go to Erik’s microscope room to see what’s on the slide.  

Place the yellow slide under the microscope and tap the microscope to see through it. Adjust the slider on the right to get a clear zoomed-in view of the yellow slide. You will see a tiny locked chest and some strange arrows. Note down all arrows on a piece of paper or memorize them. There are six arrows.  

Go to Alex’s room and move to the Stereo CD player room. There will be a similar-looking grey panel on the right side of the cd player. Tap on the grey panel and you will see a small switch with another set of four arrows placed diagonally. Press the arrows in the right order as shown on the yellow slide. If you haven’t noted down those arrows on the yellow slide, then you can just switch between this room under “Alex” and the microscope room under “Erik” to know the correct order. Press the arrow buttons six times in the right order. Now press OK to reveal the fish puzzle.  

The fish puzzle is a typical sliding block puzzle you may have played when you were a kid. You will have to watch the video walkthrough in this article to solve this puzzle. 

Once the fish puzzle is complete, a small white panel below the puzzle will slide open. Take the origami fish from the panel and drop it in the empty fish bowl in the room that has those tally marks drawn on the wall. Take the red pipe valve from the fish.  

Opening the Briefcase 

Now go to Erik’s room and using the arrow keys on the left/right side of the screen, move to the ladder room.  

You will see a cracked tile just under the washbasin, on the lower right, below the red towel. Tap on the cracked tile and then keep tapping repeatedly to break it. Use the red pipe valve from the items list and fix it to the pipe behind the broken tile. Tap to pull the valve up.  

Doing this will make the water flow from the sewers. A cut scene will reveal water flowing from the sewer, washing away all junk and revealing four digits. Note down those digits.  

Now go to the single bedroom in Alex’s area and tap on the small window in the top-left corner of the room. You see a mutant and a briefcase. Don’t be scared. The mutant will go away. Please tap on the briefcase and enter those four digits to open it.  

Inside the briefcase will be a scalpel and a red key. Take them.  

Preparing the Purple Solution 

Use the red key in Erik’s ladder room. The key should be used to open the drawer on the shelf. The shelf is on the right side of the room. The locked drawer is just above the drawer with the frog, bell symbols. Take the piece of paper and an empty glass beaker.  

Look at the piece of paper. It shows yet another liquid combination to create a purple solution.  

Go to the microscope room and tap on the table where all three glass containers with liquid are kept.  

Place the empty glass beaker on the table. With the help of the piece of paper to create a purple solution, pour each colored liquid in the right order into the empty glass beaker as shown on the piece of paper. In my case it was – red liquid, yellow, red, blue, and yellow. Take the beaker with the purple solution.  

A purple solution will be created. Use this solution to get rid of the purple gooey stuff on the wardrobe in the locked cell door room.  

The Fly and the Spider 

Open the wardrobe and take the empty glass jar and a small white magnetic card peeking from the pocket of the shirt.  

Go back to the microscope room and tap on the table on which those three glass containers are kept. Use the magnetic card to open the drawer. Take the pair of tweezers from the drawer.  

Now to go to Alex’s CD player room and open the cabinet where the CD player is kept. Using the pair of tweezers, take a tiny cube from the glass bowl. 

In Erik’s ladder room, tap on the up arrow button to climb the ladder. You will see a fly on the ceiling. Tap the glass jar in your items list on the bottom of the screen and then tap on the fly to trap it inside the jar.  

In Alex’s cage room (the room where you placed the origami bird inside the cage), tap on the single bed > pillow to take the coin hidden under it.  

Go to Alex’s room. This is where Alex was chained before you cured him with the antidote. Use the coin to open the vent on the lower-left corner of the screen. With the coin, you will have to unscrew all screws. You will see a big cobweb, a spider waiting for its prey on one side of the cobweb, and a small red slide underneath it. Tap on the spider and Erik won’t be able to scare it away. Follow these steps to move the spider away so that you can take the red slide:  

– Use the pair of tweezers holding the small sugar cube to place the sugar cube on the cobweb. 

– Place the glass jar with the fly trapped inside on the floor.  

– The fly will flap towards the sugar cube placed on the cobweb. It will be trapped in the cobweb.  

– The spider will move towards the fly to eat it. Quickly take the red slide.  

Go to Erik’s microscope room and place the red slide under the microscope. Move the slider on the right correctly to get a proper view of the green worm. Make sure the view should not be blurred in any way. 

Use the scalpel on the worm to cut it open. Take the tiny key using that pair of tweezers from the disemboweled worm.  

Opening the Tiny Chest on the Yellow Slide 

In The Unwanted Experiment, this tiny key will be used to open the tiny wooden chest on the yellow slide. All you have to do is place the yellow slide again under the microscope, tap on the tweezers holding the key in the items list and then tap on the chest to open it. The chest will reveal a small seed. Take the seed.  

Meet Alex 

In the ladder room, tap on the washbasin. Put the seed in the drain hole. Turn on the faucet to let the water flow into the drain hole.  

There’s actually a small red key inside the drain hole and your hand can’t reach it. When water is poured into the drain hole, the seed quickly grows into a tree and the branches appear below the washbasin. The key will hang from one of the branches. Take that red key.  

Go to Erik’s white cell door room (the room with the wardrobe on the right and a switch next to the room). Use the red key to open the cell door.  

Alex will open the door and enter Erik’s room. A small cut-scene with start.  

You will have to use his hand on the biometric palm scanner in Erik’s ladder room. Just tap on Alex’s portrait in the item list at the bottom of the screen. Now go to the ladder room and tap on the biometric palm scanner. Alex will place his palm on the scanner and the hatch on the ceiling will open.  

Both Erik and Alex escape the dingy rooms of the laboratory only to be confronted by the mad scientist outside. He will knock Alex unconscious.  

Endings – Good and Bad 

The Unwanted Experiment has two endings – good and bad. First the bad ending.  

Bad Ending: Do nothing, watch the cut scene, and let the mad scientist turn into a mutant. He will capture both Erik and Alex and turn them into mutants.  

Good Ending: Soon after the mad scientist turns himself into a mutant, quickly combine the dart with the antidote (green liquid) and tap on the mutant. This is the same green solution that was used to turn Alex back to his human form.  

Erik will throw the dart at the mad scientist and he will regain back to his human form. The mad scientist will fall unconscious. The cops arrive and arrest him. 


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