The Survival Game Codes – December 2023

Hamza Rashid
(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

We have the latest codes for The Survival Game in July 2023!

The simpler times came with challenges of their own. Get transported to a medieval world in The Survival Game and fend for yourself by collecting supplies, building shelter, and fending off your natural enemies. Use these The Survival Game codes to help you in your journey. 

The Survival Game Codes
Image: Simple Games Incorporated

The Survival Game Codes – July 2023

antlersofdoomFree Black Antlers
IwillsurviveFree Grey Wolf Pelt Costume

How to Redeem Codes in The Survival Game?

The Survival Game Redeem Codes
Image: Simple Games Incorporated
  • Open the Inventory tab
  • Click on Cosmetics and then Enter Code
  • Enter a code exactly as displayed and redeem it
  • Enjoy! 

What Do Codes Do in The Survival Game? 

Codes in the game can be redeemed to offer awesome rewards that will help you in gameplay or simply offer more style options. Your survival depends on your resources, so make the most of these codes and redeem them before they expire. 

Codes Not Working in The Survival Game

If a code is not working in The Survival Game, it could be that you’re entering it wrong. A simple typo or capitalization error can prove to be a nuisance. 

Moreover, the code may have simply expired, or maybe you have already redeemed it. In either of the cases, you’ll be better off trying a new code. 

How to Get More Codes in The Survival Game?

The Survival Game More Codes
Image: Simple Games Incorporated

You can get more codes for the game by following the developers on their social media accounts so you do not miss any notifications or code launches. Join the game’s official Discord server so you never miss a code again. 


That wraps up our guide for today on the hottest The Survival Game codes for July 2023. We hope that this guide was helpful in scoring some cool rewards and make sure to comment down below if you find a new code. Happy gaming!

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