The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for New Players

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Gear Set
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is Ubisoft’s gift to mobile RPG fans. As the name suggests, the game revolves around finding epic loot. The one who vanquishes foes and finds the best loot in the deadly halls of Opulencia will be crowned the new “Looter King”. You can either rescue the previous King who goes missing in his search for that elusive loot or claim his throne, but do remember that defeating enemies in Opulencia won’t be easy.  

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’s simple “one-thumb” controls make gameplay a lot of fun. Each adventure level or castle is a maze in itself, throwing various challenges such as deadly traps, menacing monsters and huge bosses.

There are over hundred different environments, each more challenging than the other. And since this is a loot centered game, raiding castles for rewards will be your primary objective, you must ensure your hero is equipped with the best gear, such as weapons, armor and gauntlets.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot new player’s guide will help you defeat tougher enemies, find better loot and choose the best gear for your hero.  You can also check our gameplay video below to know more:

1. Watch out for an Enemy’s Attack Radius Before Dodging  

You should practice dodging because the dodge move can be of immense help when fighting bosses or larger enemies. A boss’s attack radius or range is displayed in red just before it attacks, giving you enough time to swipe the screen to dodge its attacks.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Dodge Move

You will have to be quick and dodge at the right time, so timing is essential while dodging. The red attack range on the ground that appears for a few seconds hints at where the boss will hit.

Swiping the screen when the red colored attack range shows up will let you leap away from a deadly attack at the right time. The dodge move can also be very useful against traps and obstacles.  

The recommended Might (golden M on a purple badge) shows what’s the minimum might or power required to defeat enemies. On the info screen, you can see the recommended might just beside the castle level and your character’s might above it.

Check Recommended Might

If your character’s total “M” be less than the recommended might, it will be a bit tougher for you to beat enemies. Of course, you can still beat a level, but you won’t be able to complete some of the objectives.

To win comfortably, make sure your character’s “M” is more than the recommended might. To increase your character’s total “M” points, make sure you equip high-star rating gear to him. Your character’s might is the total of all gear’s might. 

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3. Enable “Auto-Win” to Instantly Grind for Gear and Gold 

Most adventure levels in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot usually have these objectives: finishing the mission before the time limit, killing all enemies, completing the entire mission by eliminating all enemies and opening all chests in a level.

If you complete all objectives, you will receive three crowns. When you earn three crowns, you can enable auto-win. So, whenever you want to replay a level to grind for gear, just tap the auto-win button. The level will be completed instantly and you might receive more rewards, which includes gear and coins.  

Enable Auto Win

Note: Once auto-win is enabled for a particular adventure level, you will have to spend “auto-win tickets” and 5 units of energy to win that level instantly.

You can get these tickets if you complete certain achievements. You will also get them as Daily Rewards on certain days, so make sure you play The Mighty Quest every day to obtain auto-win tickets.  

4. Check the Difficulty Level Before Each Mission  

The difficulty or “challenge” level shows how challenging the battle against enemies will be. If a particular adventure level’s challenge is easy, then completing that level would be a piece of cake.

However, if the difficulty level is normal or above, then you must equip the best gear pieces to your hero, upgrade them if possible, improve your skills and promote maxed out gear. I will explain how to improve gear, skills and promote items in the next paragraphs.    

5. Gear Cards Boost Stats and Increase Might 

Gear cards play a very important role in your battle against enemies. Without high quality gear, it would be very difficult for you to defeat enemies, let alone clear floors.

While playing an adventure castle level in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, you will come across several chests scattered all around a floor.

These chests may contain gear cards. You can equip gear cards to your hero to make him more powerful. A gear card with a higher star rating will not only improve your hero’s key stats, but also increase his “Might”. Each Gear card increases certain stat value:  

– Helmet cards usually improve DPS (Damage per Second) and HP.  

– Chest Armors improve Crit. DMG (Critical Damage) and HP.  

– Gauntlets usually improve DPS and HP.  

– Greaves with a higher star value improve HP and Crit. DMG 

– Weapons improve DPS and Crit. DMG values.  

– Shields improve DPS and Crit. DMG.  

As you acquire more gear cards, you will improve other stats.  

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Gear Set

Whenever you acquire new gear from a chest or an adventure level, the “Hero” tab in your home screen displays a tiny notification. Tap the Hero tab.

You will notice that one of the gear icons on the left or right side of the hero have green arrows, which indicate that a higher quality gear card is available. Just tap the gear icon and then tap the gear card with a green arrow. Now tap on the “Equip” button on the bottom of the screen to equip it to your character.  

6. Upgrade Gear Cards to Level them Up and Improve Stats 

To upgrade a gear card, tap an item’s icon on the Hero page and then tap an item’s card which you want to upgrade.

Now tap on the blue “Improve” button on the bottom of the screen and then tap “Upgrade”. You will need to sacrifice old, unwanted gear cards to improve your new gear card.

Tap the plus sign to add unwanted cards. You can also add “orbs” to level up your new gear card faster. You can get orbs from adventure levels and free chests.  

Tip: Always upgrade those gear cards that have a higher star rating and are stronger than older gear cards. You can then sacrifice the same gear cards with a lower value/star rating to upgrade your stronger cards.

For example: If you have two “cyclop hammer” weapon cards and one of them has a better star rating or is more powerful than the other, you can sacrifice the weaker hammer to improve the stronger one while upgrading.  

7. Choose the Right Skills and Don’t Forget to Improve Them 

You will unlock skills when you level up and reach certain levels. Keep playing adventure and trials levels to earn EXP and level up to unlock new skills. You can assign a maximum of 4 skills to your character. You can change your skills via the Hero menu.

Make sure you select the right skill before attempting a Trial or Adventure Level as skills play a crucial role during battle, especially when you are surrounded by multiple enemies. Try to assign those skills that inflict AoE (Area of Effect) damage to multiple enemies.  

Upgrade Skills Using Scroll Points

In The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, the skills section is displayed on the bottom of the screen, just below your hero’s complete stat section.

To upgrade a skill, tap its icon and a new “Skills” screen will be displayed on the screen. Now tap one of the three skills that you want to “Improve”. You will need “Scroll Points” to upgrade skills.

You can get these scroll points from Adventure levels. Upgrading a skill will improve key sill stats, such as cooldown time and DPS.  

8. Promote Maxed-Out Gear to Give a Big Boost to Stats 

As you progress through adventure levels, you will come across tougher enemies and bosses. In such circumstances, the current gear won’t be as effective against enemies as they were before. Your objective is to max-out weapons, helmet, armor etc. via the Hero menu.  

Promote Maxed-Out Gear

To max-out an item, keep upgrading until that item reaches its maximum level. Once an item has reached its maximum level, the word “Max” will be displayed on its icon.

Tap the item > improve > promote. To promote a particular gear, you will need “promote stones” and gold. You can obtain these stones from “Trials” levels. These levels are a bit tough to beat, but you will get promote stones once you finish them one by one.

You will need a certain number of stones to increase the star rating of an item. Promoting maxed-out gear drastically improves their stats.  

To promote a certain item, you will need stones of its type. So, a maxed-out weapon can only be promoted using weapon promote stones, and you can acquire them from the “weapon promote castle” in the Trials menu.

If you want to increase the star rating of a maxed-out armor, you will have to beat foes in the “armor promote castle” to acquire armor promote stones and so on.

You will be given a certain number of tries per day and each “castle” will opened for a specific time. Some castles will unlock only after their time limit ends.   

9. Types of Chests  

Chests are one of the best ways to obtain high-quality gear. There are three major types of chests in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – Free, Rare and Epic.

Both Rare and Epic chests can be opened using “Rare” and “Epic” keys respectively. You will need a certain number of keys to open them. To open a rare chest, you will need 5 rare keys. To open an epic chest, you will need 100 epic keys. 

Rare Chest


Under “Shop”, tap a rare chest to know what it may contain. A list of gear items will be displayed under “potential loot”.

There’s an 88 percent chance of obtaining 2-star items and 12 percent chance of obtaining three-star loot from a rare chest. In an epic chest, chances of obtaining 3-star loot is 65 percent, 4-star loot 33 percent and 5-star items is only 2 percent.   

Free chests usually contain gold and orbs for upgrading gear. You might also get common items and rare/epic keys from a free chest. You can open a free chest every 4 hours. You can also double your rewards that you acquire from a free chest by watching a 30-sec video.  

Obtain keys by completing certain “achievements” (trophy icon), daily missions and quests, which can be found under “Events”.

There might also be certain events that will grant keys when you complete them. The current “Chest-a-Lot” is one such event.

You will have to open a certain number of epic chests to acquire epic chest keys. Keep an eye on new events on your home screen. Some special events unlock when you reach a certain level. You will have to complete them to get better quality gear. 

10. Know Your Controls  

The game’s on-screen controls are pretty simple. You will have to choose a parameter before you begin playing.

The control style you choose will determine the position of your skills. So, if you select Left, your skill icons will be on the right and vice-versa.

You can change parameters anytime while fighting enemies – Tap the blue-white treasure chest icon on the top-right corner of the screen and then tap the gear icon. Tap “controls” and change the parameter.  

There are three ways to control your character. To move your character, you will have to drag your thumb on the bottom left or right side of the screen. To attack enemies, you will have to tap the screen and to dodge attacks, you will have to swipe the screen.