The Maze Runner Codes – February 2024

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Here are the best The Maze Runner Codes!

We’ve got the latest codes for The Maze Runner on July 2023.

If you like solving puzzles, you need to try Roblox: The Maze Runner. In this video game, players can explore a giant maze containing puzzles, fight with monsters and solve different riddles. And if you want to make it even more exciting, check out this article and discover The Maze Runner codes. They can be helpful for every The Maze Runner player.

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The Maze Runner Codes July 2023

50klikes1 Gold Key, 450 Gems, EXP
GEMS1 Gold Key, 450 Gems, EXP
FIXES1 Gold Key, 450 Gems, EXP
40KLIKES3 Silver Keys, 2 Bronze Keys, EXP
SPECTATE3 Silver Keys, 2 Bronze Keys, EXP
THANKYOU3 Silver Keys, 2 Bronze Keys, EXP

How To Redeem Codes In The Maze Runner

Photo: Revolution Games
  • Open Roblox and launch The Maze Runner
  • Start the game and press the Like button to open the Codes menu
  • Enter the code into the text box saying ‘Type your code here’
  • Press the button Redeem to claim rewards

That’s how you can redeem codes in The Maze Runner. If, for some reason, the code doesn’t work, keep reading this guide. We’ve prepared step-by-step instructions for you.

What Codes Do In The Maze Runner?

In The Maze Runner, codes can be used to get the most helpful in-game resources for free. The most widespread rewards from codes are Gems and Keys. Also, every code serves EXP which is enough to get +2 Levels instantly. That said, codes are considered the best type of freebies players can get in The Maze Runner. They can significantly improve your in-game experience, allowing you to progress faster.

Code Not Working – The Maze Runner

In The Maze Runner, codes might not bring rewards for various reasons. Still, we recommend you pay attention to the spelling, as it’s the most common reason why code doesn’t work. If the spelling is correct, it means the code expired. Please, let us know about the issue in the comments. We’ll review this article and remove all the outdated codes.

How To Find New Codes In The Maze Runner

Photo: Revolution Games

To find the latest The Maze Runner codes, you don’t need to follow Revolution Games on social media accounts. Instead, you should follow the official Revolution Games Roblox Group. Here you can find codes, news, and the latest in-game announcements about the game.


That’s all you need to know about The Maze Runner codes. If you like Roblox games, you’ll enjoy code articles about Clicker Mining Simulator and Gym Training Simulator. These video games can boast overpowered rewards for every player!

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