The Lord of The Rings: Rise to War – What to expect from this officially licensed strategy war game

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

A new battle for the One Ring has begun, and this time, the fate of Middle-earth lies in your hands. The Lord of The Rings: Rise to War is an officially licensed geo-strategic war game from NetEase, inviting players to dive back into the lore of the insanely popular IP in an exciting new way. From revisiting old fan-fave characters to building your own Fellowships, here are the coolest things you can expect from this game to see if you’re truly the one to “rule them all”.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is now available for iOS and Android!

A unique geo-strategic war gameplay

Setting itself apart from your average mobile strategy game, The Lord of The Rings: Rise to War features a unique geo-strategic element that lets players manage a wealth of resources across millions of tiles. These resource territories are limited, so players will have to plan how to best allocate their troops to conquer other expansions.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is a unique geo-strategic mobile game.

Of course, the journey to the One Ring is always best taken when you’re not alone, so forging strong alliances is crucial to success. Fellowships allow players to conquer not just adjacent tiles but also the neighboring tiles of opposing Fellowship members and Faction members. This makes for a more exhilarating PvP experience, raising the stakes in the fight to reach Dol Guldur.

Want to know the strengths of all factions? Our Lord of the Rings: Rise to War: Guide to Factions will help you find out which faction provides the most powerful buffs and special unit types. .

A faithful rendition of Middle-earth and its characters

Travel through Minas Tirith to Barad-dûr and immerse yourself in the vast world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece. Territory expansion here is not only strategic, but each tile also represents a faithful rendition of Middle-earth and its vast lands. These resource tiles can help players upgrade their troops and settlements, as well as recruit well-loved characters from the franchise – including fresh faces who will also have their shot in the spotlight.

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A wealth of natural resources, varied weaponry, and buff items

Conquering tiles means making sure your armies are at their very best, and you can level up your troops with a wide variety of weapons and buffs. Once your troops are ready, you can march forward and conquer a wide variety of tiles, some of which have automatically spawning supplies while some will have harbors or tunnels that make for easy access to other parts of the map. If you can successfully conquer a Control Point, you can capture that whole region for your Faction and tip the scales in your favour as you fight for the One Ring.

A robust social structure in interactive Seasons

The multiplayer aspect of the game is what makes each battle extremely exhilarating, and with the game’s Seasonal System, players can have a more enhanced endgame experience. Each season will last for about 2 to 3 months, at the end of which, players will receive rewards based on their Faction contributions.

The end of the season will also reset game maps and captured tiles, as well as a player’s city progression. Commanders recruited and equipment received will be kept, however, to keep things fresh but at the same time to allow players to save some of their progress from the previous season. This is also the perfect opportunity for everyone to start anew, so those who were on the bottom rung during the previous season will have a fighting chance to come out on top.

The One Ring is calling. Are you up for the task? The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War will be available to download as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases on the App Store, Galaxy Store and on the Google Play Store.

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