The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War – Guide to Factions

Anurag Ghosh

In The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, players can choose a faction, expand their territory and defeat other players in a bid to seize the One Ring.

There are 10 factions in LOTR: Rise to War. You will be able to select a faction immediately after the opening intro. Each faction provides a unique buff, and has a special combat unit type.

LOTR: Rise to War factions

Special units are known for their distinctive strengths that can help you win battles. Our guide to factions in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War will help you choose the right faction for your conquest:

Mordor (Land of Darkness)

+5% increase in resource production. The realm of Sauron. The one ring was forged here in the fires of Mount Doom. Special unit type is the Ravager. Ravagers are blessed with high HP and damage, but their movement is slow.  

Gondor (Land of Stone)

(-5%) decrease in construction time. The Swan Knight is the special unit. Swan knights are excellent mounted troops, have proven to be good tanks with high defense. Founded by the Numenoreans, Gondor is known as the land of stone.

Rohan (Forth Eorlingas)

+3% increase in army March speed. Rohan is a Kingdom known for its wide open plains and the Rohirrim patrol them on horseback. Special unit type is the Marshal. Marshals are fast-paced cavalry units that deal massive damage during combat.

Lothlorien (Elven Wisdom)

+5% Commander EXP gain. Special unit type is March warden. They deal massive damage to enemies.

Erebor (Sons of Durin)

(- 5%) decrease in conscription (troop training at the barracks) time. Special unit type is the iron Warrior. Home to the dwarves, Erebor is located in Rhovanion’s frozen northeast. Known for its tank units. The iron warriors are known for their resilience and are not easy to defeat.

Isengard (Ring of Iron)

(-10%) decrease of conscription (troop recruitment) cost. Special unit type is the Snaga Thrak. The land is known for its indestructible black tower Orthanc.

Lindon (Praised Land)

+10% wood and grain collection yield. Special unit type Noldor Longshot. An important elven territory, where many high elves live.

Arnor (Land of the King)

(-5%) reduction in construction cost. The special unit type of this faction is a Ranger of the North. The sister Kingdom of Gondor is ruled by a common high king. It was established by Dunedain.

Angmar (Steel Home)

+ 5% Siege Damage. Special unit type Fallen. Established by the Ringwraith in the year 1300.

Rhun (Eastern Traveler)

+5% increase in stamina recovery rate. Special unit type is the War Chariot. Rhun is located in the Eastern deserts of Middle Earth, and this is where the Easterling tribes have settled.

Note: Some factions can’t be joined at certain times because limit has been reached. You will get a warning that this faction is already full, try another faction.

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