The Girl in the Window: Complete Walkthrough and Guide

Anurag Ghosh

The Girl in the Window is the first point-and-click adventure game from Dark Dome. It’s shorter than the other two games – Unwanted Experiment and Nowhere House, but very intriguing.  20 years ago, a murder took place in one of Hidden Town’s houses. Since then, the house is abandoned. Townsfolk see a girl in the window. Strange incidents happen around this house. You decide to investigate what’s the mystery behind the girl’s appearance in the abandoned house. The door gets locked when you enter the house. How will you escape?  

The Girl in the Window

Solve a series of simple, yet challenging puzzles to escape the abandoned house. Our Girl in the Window walkthrough will guide you through all puzzles. You may watch the playthrough to solve them or read our text walkthrough to escape the house.  

The Girl In the Window: Video Walkthrough 

The Grey Book 

Use the arrow keys on the left and right side of the screen to explore rooms in the locked house.  

Move to the room that has a portrait of a vampire. Tap on the potted plant placed on the lower-right corner. Take the stone from the potted plant. 

Go to the room that has a couch on the left side. Tap the brown couch and then tap the broken switchboard next to it. Take the key with a square handle hidden behind the broken switchboard.  

Go to the TV room. There’s a cupboard next to the TV, on the right. Use the square handle key to open the upper cabinet of the cupboard. Open the cabinet and take the electrical insulating tape.  

Go back to the room that has a brown couch on the left and a table on the center. On top of the table is a bottle and a cheese cake. Use the stone to break the empty bottle.  

Take the key with a round handle inside the broken bottle. Tap the broken bottle to take it.  

Now move to the room that has a door with an “X“ mark. Tap on the chest of drawers on the right. Use the round handle key to open the top-most drawer. Take the electrical safety glove from the drawer. The glove and the insulated tape will be used later. Both will be used on different occasions.  

Go to the room that has the portrait of a vampire. Tap on the bookshelf on the left and take the smallest grey book placed upright on the bookshelf.  

Go through all pages of the grey book. These pages provide hints to all puzzles in The Girl in the Window.  

We will first solve the potted plant puzzle:  

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Potted Plant Puzzle 

You may have noticed potted plants of various sizes placed in a corner of each room. These plants are part of a puzzle that will help you open a small casket in the room that has a vampire’s portrait. The casket is placed on a table, which is located on the left of the barricaded door.  

Pay attention to the size of each potted plant and the pattern drawn on all pots in each room. One pot will have a wavy pattern, another will have diagonal lines drawn on it. Also, count the number of leaves in each plant.  

Open the grey book and go to the page that shows the correct order of potted plants to enter the number combination on the casket.  

The screenshots below show how to enter the correct combination to open the casket. Note the correct order of pots to enter the numbers and then count the number of leaves on each pot. The number of leaves on a pot is the number that you need to enter in the casket.  

The potted plant puzzle on the grey book. Match the patterns of each pot on the book with the real ones in each room to know the correct order of entering the code. You can then count the number of leaves in each plant and then enter the numbers in the right order as shown in the book to solve the puzzle.

Note: The order to enter the numbers (based on the pot on each room) on the grey book’s page is randomly generated in every new game.  

After entering the correct number combination, open the small casket. Take the matchbox.  

Switching On the TV 

In the room that has the door in the middle with an “X” sign. Tap on the chest of drawers on the right and take the candle.  

Combine the box of matches with the candle to light it.  

Move to the vampire portrait room and tap on the mouse hole. Place the lit candle inside the mouse hole. You will see a cable with a plug inside the mouse hole. Your hand won’t reach to get it.  

Go to the room with a door having “X” sign and take the red umbrella. Go back to the room that has a mouse hole and drag the power cable from the mouse hole with the help of the umbrella.  

Move to the TV room and tap the switchboard next to the television. You will see broken wire. Place the cable with a plug next to the wire. Use the insulating tape to attach the broken cord with the broken cable connected to the TV.  

Go to the room that has couch on the left. On the right side is another chest of drawers. The bottom drawer is locked. Slide open the top drawer to take the VHS cassette.  

Go back to the TV room and put the cassette in the VCR below the TV. Turn on the TV by pressing the top button and then turn on the VCR by tapping on the play button.  

You will see a girl scribbling something on the wall. A TV dial will appear on top of the chest of drawers.  

Move to that room that has the same chest of drawers. This is the same room that has a door with an “X” sign. You will see the same dial magically appear on top of the drawer. Take that dial.  

Fix the missing dial on the television, just below the first dial. Now pay attention to the TV visual and move both dials to the same position as shown in the visual, just above the girl.  

A tiny compartment just below the dials will open, revealing a plastic handle. Take it.  

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The Letter on the Wall 

Move to the room where the cheesecake is kept on the table. This is the same room where you broke the empty glass bottle placed next to the cheesecake. Among the broken bottle shards, there will be a big, pointed glass shard. Tap to take it.  

Create a makeshift knife by combining the glass shard with the plastic handle.  

Move to the room that has the “X“ symbol on the door. You will notice a very small slit on the right wall. Use the knife on that small slit to tear the wallpaper. It will reveal a letter (E, M or W). The letter will be randomly generated.  

The letter is part of a puzzle found on the Vampire portrait room. Tap on the right wooden cabinet. This wooden cabinet is located on the left side of vampire portrait.  

You will see a set of 9 small dots. Connect the dots to draw the letter displayed on the wall in that room. The cabinet will open. Take the light switch and a key with an oval shaped handle.  

The Light Switch Puzzle  

Use the light switch on the empty switch area next to the door that has an “X“ mark on it. This empty switch cavity has a blue and red fuse. Tap on the light switch and then tap on the empty switch to fit it.  

Turn off the lights using the same switch.  All rooms will darken a bit. Don’t switch on the lights.

Now move to the room that has a couch on the left and the cheesecake/broken glass on the center.  

Tap on the fuse box on the right side of the room, next to the window. Solve the wire puzzle. Watch our A Girl in the Window walkthrough video to find out how to solve the fuse box wire puzzle. Make sure you tap on the electrical safety glove to wear it and then solve the puzzle as you won’t be able to touch the wires with your bare hands.  

After solving the wire puzzle. Switch on the light using the grey switch above the fuse box. The floodlight behind the shut window will light up. Close the maroon/red curtains over the window. You will see light escape through four tiny holes on the curtain. 

Now move to the TV room. On the left side are symbols and the shadow of the window pane over them. Light will fall on four specific symbols, all because of the light escaping from the four tiny holes through the red curtain. Note down the symbols mentally or on a piece of paper.  

Light falls on the symbols

The glowing symbols on the wall and the reflection of the window pane on the wall are all hints for the padlock puzzle. The padlock can be found on the bottom drawer on the right side of the couch/window room. Go to that room and tap on the padlock to enter the symbols in the right order.  

To know the right combination of the symbols on the padlock, open the grey book from the inventory list on the bottom of the screen. Flip the pages until you find the padlock puzzle page.  

The padlock puzzle in the grey book

On the padlock page in the grey book, you will find the correct order to enter the combination of symbols on the padlock. The cards below the padlock are numbered from 1-4. Pay attention to the shadow of shrubs/plants on the numbered cards below the padlock on the puzzle page. The cards on the page will look torn, but it’s actually the shadow of the plants because of the light from the floodlight. The same plant or shrub shadow can be found on the wall where the light falls on the four symbols. Looking at the shadow of plants both on the padlock puzzle page and the wall, you will be able to find out the correct combination to enter the symbols. 

Once you get the right order of symbols, go to the room where the padlock can be found on the drawer on the right. Enter the symbols in the right order to open the drawer and take the metal rod from the drawer.  

The Mouse and the Cheese  

Move to the room that has an “X” mark on the door and switch on the lights. You may switch off the lights on the fuse box room.  

In the same room that has an “X” mark on the door, there will be a small wooden plank covering a cavity on the left side, just beside the potted plant.  

Use the metal bar to pull up the wooden plank. There will be a garlic bulb hidden in the cavity. Take it. Don’t forget to take the wooden plank also along with the garlic bulb. The garlic bulb will be used in the vampire puzzle.

Use the key with an oval shaped handle to unlock the lower cabinet in the TV room. Take the glass bowl. 

With the makeshift knife, cut the cheesecake and take a small piece of cheese.  

Now move to vampire portrait room, tap on the mouse hole and place the glass bowl next to the mouse hole. Place the piece of cheese inside the glass bowl, and the wooden plank on the rim of the wall, slanted. You can view the same in the mouse puzzle on the grey book.  

The mouse will come out of the hole and move towards the glass bowl to eat the cheese. Tap the mouse to take it.  

The Vampire Portrait Puzzle 

The Girl in the Window’s vampire puzzle is a bit tricky, but once you acquire all objects and know the correct order, it will be easy to solve it:

Move to the TV room, tap on the mouse in your inventory list on the bottom of the screen. Now tap on the pipe next to the symbols on the wall. The mouse will enter the small pipe opening and come out of the bottom pipe opening. He will drop a key with a hexagonal handle on the floor. Take the key.  

Use the key to open the cabinet on the right side of the room. Take the red wine bottle and screwdriver from the cabinet. Also, take the empty wine glass above the cabinet in the same TV room. Combine the wine bottle with the glass to fill the wine glass.  

Move to the couch room and tap on the couch. Tap once again on the couch to lift the cushion. Use the makeshift knife to cut the cushion and take the red cross.  

Now move to the room with an “X” mark on the door. Tap on the grey jacket and take a torn piece of paper from its pocket by tapping on it.  

Open the grey book and flip the pages until you find a torn paper. Attach the torn paper which you just found on the grey jacket. You will find another set of symbols. Pay attention to the red circles around each symbol and roman numerals beside each circle (I, II, III, IV). The roman numerals suggest the correct order to enter the symbols.  

Move to the vampire portrait room and tap on the left wooden cabinet on the left side of the room. Enter the symbols in the right order as shown on the grey book. Open the cabinet and take the mirror.  

Open the grey book again and go to the page that has a vampire portrait. You will see a few familiar objects pointing at the portrait. These are: garlic bulb (already taken from the cavity hidden by the wooden plank), a glass of wine, the red cross and the mirror. By now, you will have all four objects in the inventory on the bottom of the screen.  

Tap on the vampire portrait and unscrew both screws using the screwdriver. Open the glass portrait to reveal a secret safe behind the portrait. You will have to enter four tangram patterns in the right order to reveal a switch. For now, close the portrait.  

To get the tangram symbols, use each of the four objects on the vampire portrait. The vampire will reveal all four symbols each time you tap on an object (example: mirror, wine glass, red cross) and then tap on the portrait.  

Note down all four symbols revealed by the vampire. Now you will have to enter them in the right order on the secret safe behind the portrait.  

Move to the couch room/window room and tap on the pin board hanging on the wall. Underneath each paper clipping are the same symbols of the objects (red cross, garlic bulb, wine glass etc.)  

The correct order will be: (1) the symbol underneath the big paper clipping on the left, followed by the (2) symbol on the small paper clipping on the top-right and finally the (3) symbol on the bottom-right corner of the pin board.  

Now that you know the correct order, again use the objects (garlic, cross etc.) as per the correct order shown on the pin board on the vampire one by one to get the right tangram symbol combination revealed by the vampire.  

Enter all four tangram symbols in the right order behind the portrait (open the portrait again to enter the tangram symbols). Open the safe. A switch will be revealed. Tap on the switch. The door with an “X“  mark will open you will be able to escape.  


I won’t reveal what will happen next. The scenes are very heart-wrenching. I guess there might be another ending, but for now this ending is truly poignant.  

  1. Hey could you possibly tell me the correct code for behind the vampire picture thing because I have tried Multiple ways of putting it in and I’m honestly really frustrated at this point help T_T

    1. @Skythe correct order is garlic,wine,red cross,qnd mirror if u are playing it for the first time but if u are playing it the second or thirid time the order might change but u can give it a try

  2. I still don’t know the combination for the vampire I’m so confused😕 I put in the combinations but it isn’t working.

  3. Thank you for the walk through! I’m a bit annoyed as I revealed the letter on the wall by slicing open the wall paper (an “M” in my case) and creating that letter with the dots on the “connect the dots cabinet,” but it still won’t open.

    1. @Anurag Ghosh, ah, thank you – I kept trying to connect the midpoint of the M to the second row. I appreciate your help.

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