The Farm Sassy Princess: How to get Coupon Codes

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Daerisoft’s The Farm: Sassy Princess lets you redeem coupon codes to get awesome rewards, which could be anything ranging from “Pam”, the in-game currency, to tools or even rare crops.  

How to Enter Coupon Codes 

Simple! Tap on the pink book. You can find this on the top-left corner of the screen.  

Tap on the pink book to redeem codes in The Farm Sassy Princess.

Tap on the cog icon (Settings). Now tap on the ticket with a pink background.  

Tap on the pink ticket button.

Enter the coupon code and press the green button.  

Enter the coupon code.

How to Get Codes 

You will get weekly codes from Daerisoft’s official Facebook page. Like and follow the page to get regular updates.  

For weekly codes, Daerisoft posts a link to its YouTube video on its Facebook page every week. Click on the link and watch the video and get your Farm Sassy Princess coupon code.  You can go and subscribe to its YouTube channel to get regular updates.

Note down the letters and go to settings. Enter the code for instant rewards!  

Author’s Note: These are limited time codes and the developer mentions their validity on its Facebook page and YouTube videos.  

For example: The current coupon code is “crosschannel” (without quotes) and it’s valid between 11-06-2020 and 11-13-2020. I entered this code and receive 500 bonus Pam. Grab this code quickly before it expires!