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The Farm: Sassy Princess – How to Catch Fish

It all begins with the *Beep* disease that spreads to the entire kingdom. The princess starts walking backwards and to find a cure, she must catch three “Doctor Fish”. Our guide will help you complete the quest and also learn how to catch fish in The Farm: Sassy Princess.  

The Farm: Sassy Princess Fishing Guide
Fishing near a pond

When you reach level 10 or level 11, a new mail will appear in the mailbox. Tap on the letter from Anne and then go and talk to her.  

While talking to her you will notice that she keeps uttering words like “beep” “beep”. She will tell you to meet the village elder and talk to him about this new “Beep Plague”.  

Once you finish your conversation with Anne, your movement controls will change. If you press the UP button in the virtual joystick, the princes will move back instead of moving forward. If you press the LEFT button, she will move right. It seems this is one of the symptoms of the Beep plague, where people develop itchy feet that makes them move backwards.  

Meet the elder of the village to know more about the beep disease. Movement controls won’t change until you find the cure for it. According to the village elder, A fisherman who just moved into the village, knows how to treat it. 

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Fishing Tutorial

Get the Fishing Rod  

Go to the fisherman. He will be catching fish near a small pond. The pond is located next to the “Shop”. Check the map button to find the blinking character icon near the pond.  

Move closer to the fisherman and talk to him. He will tell you how to cure this plague. You will need 3 “Doctor Fish” to wipe the Beep disease.  

Get the fishing rod from him after the end of the conversation. You will acquire it for free. Next, purchase bait from the fisherman. Tap on the OK button again, he will remind you about those doctor fishes, ignore his reminder and tap on the “Shop” button that appears on the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap on the worm button to purchase bait. You will need pam to buy them.  

You can also buy high grade fishing rod from him. Higher grade rods will have higher accuracy than normal ones, which means you will be more successful in catching various fishes.  

How to Fish  

To catch fish in The Farm: Sassy Princess, purchase the bait from the fisherman. Make sure you have purchased three or more baits. In case you fail, you can use another bait to catch fish.  

To equip the fishing rod, tap on the pink book > tools. Now tap on the rod and press the third green button on the right to equip it.  

You are now ready to catch fish. You can either catch them in the same pond or move to the next pond and jump into the duck-shaped boat. It is located opposite the Inn.  

Press the OK button. Pay attention to the green float or the rod that dips into the water. Quickly tap on the OK button again when the float moves to catch fish. The float moves only once in the beginning, so don’t miss it.  

Follow the above steps to catch 3 doctor fish and complete the quest to get rewards.