The Farm: Sassy Princess Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

The Farm: Sassy Princess is a terrific farming RPG from DAERISOFT. It has cute pixel graphics and the gameplay is very addictive.  

The game has a fairy tale-like story. King Brassicus wants the princess to get married to a charming prince as early as possible, but his darling daughter refuses to do so. Angered by her refusal, the king orders his guards to arrest the princess, but she escapes.  

Now that she can’t return to her palace, she lives in a small makeshift house in the village and learns farming from the village elder. The Farm: Sassy Princess revolves around her farming adventure. With the help of these tips, tricks and strategies, you can help her become the best rancher.  

Getting Started  

 – The Princess’ farming adventure revolves around buying seeds and tools from the shop, tilling the land to sow seeds and watering the fields daily to grow crops.  

The Farm: Sassy Princess

 – Crops are then sold to Burke to earn Pam, which is the game’s primary currency.  

 – In the tutorial mode, you will acquire basic tools for farming and also receive 3000 Pam as “Fever Time Event” reward (You will get this reward occasionally until the event ends). You will also receive 10K bonus Pam as new registration reward if you have pre-registered for the game.  

 – Farming is a four-step procedure in this game. You will need three tools to sow seeds on a patch of land – Hoe, Rake and the Watering can. You will get them for free in the tutorial mode. While the princess is farming, her current tool will be shown on the top-right corner of the screen.  

 – Start with tilling the ground using the hoe on the grassland. All you have to do is tap on the OK button. The hoe will remove any weeds and turn the grassland into fertile soil. Tap on the OK button again to use the rake to prepare the soil for planting seeds. Next, tap on the OK button once again to plant the seeds. Make sure you have purchased them from the shop. You will get free seeds in the tutorial mode. Now tap on OK button one last time to water your seeds.  Watch the video below to learn more about farming:

Game Tutorial

 – Water seeds every day to avoid destroying crops. A destroyed crop will be shown as a black patch of land.  You can remove that black patch using a tool. You will be using PAM to purchase seeds, so why waste precious coins when you can water the seeds every day. 

 – When it rains, there’s no need to water crops. You can complete quests or continue farming to add more crops.  

 – Make sure you start farming near your “Home” and the well. If your watering can is empty, you can move to the well and press the OK button to fill it up.  

 – You can make your farm anywhere, but farming close to your home will make it easy for you to quickly reach home when it’s time or when your character’s HP is dangerously low. Also, you will need to fill the can every now and then, which is why a well near your farm makes sense as you can quickly fill up the can to water your crops.  

 – Make sure you collect crops that are ready for harvesting. Stand close to a crop and press the OK button to gather it. Don’t wait for the next day. They will be destroyed leaving a black patch on the land.  

 – At the top of the screen is the status display showing current season (Spring, Autumn or Summer), the Princess’ orange HP gauge and an in-game time gauge shown in blue.  

 – Your character’s HP gauge decreases whenever she tills, rakes, plants seeds and waters her seeds. HP does not reduce when she is exploring or completing a quest.  

 – Make sure you move the princes to her home and press the OK button to make her fall asleep. If the HP bar reduces completely, she will be tired and fall asleep outside her home. She will wake up with reduced HP, which can be removed by watching a video.  

 – The in-game day and night cycle depend on the time gauge. It is night time when the time gauge displays 20:00.  

 – Move to your “Home” before the clock hits 24:00. A slight delay in reaching home will make the princess fall asleep wherever she is. If she falls asleep outside her home, she will wake up next day with less HP or may even oversleep. You can remove this penalty by watching a 30-second video in the game.  

 – Start your adventure with 3000 “Pam”. You will need pam to buy seeds and tools for farming. You will also need it to purchase skills from Dulce, XP juice from Bulk at the Inn, fruits and vegetables from Burke at the Inn and costumes from Bebe in the clothing shop.  

Now that you know how to play The Farm: Sassy Princess, check out these tips, tricks and strategies to become the best farmer in the kingdom.   

Know Your Character’s Stats  

There are three major stats:  

STR or Strength – Governs the princess’ HP. Higher the STR, higher will be her HP. 

INT or Intelligence – Governs time. Time will move slower with high INT and more farming will be done.  

LUK or Luck – With higher Luk stats, you will get a higher chance of acquiring precious items while digging. You will also get a high chance of obtaining better seeds from quests and the shop and harvesting higher grade crops.  

Equip Better Farming Tools 

Equipping higher quality farming tools, such as the hoe and the rake, will help you earn more EXP. But that’s not all, you will also be using less HP while farming if you equip higher grade tools to the princess.  

When you equip a higher-grade tool, you increase your character’s movement speed. You will also earn bonus EXP when your character begins farming. For the watering can, you will be spending less water besides improving farming speed and EXP.  You will be drawing water from the well less frequently.  

Equip high grade watering can

The EXP gauge can be found on the bottom of the screen. Your character levels up when the gauge fills up. You will need to level up to unlock new features or use skills.  

To equip tools, tap on the pink book. It’s located on the upper-left corner of the screen. Now tap on the rake icon in the menu.  

Tap on the tools tab in the right side of the equipment menu.  

Tap on a tool and then tap the green button on the extreme left to equip it. Your newly equipped tool will replace the older one if there’s any.  

Obtain tools by completing certain quests or purchase them from Mary’s “Shop”. You will find the “Shop” from the map menu. Spend Pam to acquire higher-grade farming equipment.  

Eager to know how to fish?  Check out our guide:  

Choose Starter Stats Wisely  

The game allows players to choose a particular stat out of the three at the beginning. Starting your adventure with an increased stat will surely improve farming. Make sure you choose one which you feel will benefit you in the long term.   

If you select STR, then with an increased STR stat out of the three stats. Your character’s HP will also increase. With an increased HP bar, you would be tilling the land and sowing seeds for an extended time. If you have a lower STR, your HP will also be low. The HP bar will diminish quickly every time your character tills the land, prepares soil, sows seeds and waters the land.  

If you select INT as your starter stat, then with a higher INT stat, time will move slower. The in-game clock keeps ticking away when you farm or explore the town. With a higher INT, the clock will advance at a slower rate, allowing your character to get more work done, which includes farming, exploring and completing quests.  

Choosing LUK as your governing stat will surely let you start your farming adventure with increased Luck. You will have greater chance of acquiring seeds from the shop, obtaining precious items while tilling the land and higher chance of harvesting high grade crops. The better the seeds, the higher a crop’s grade. Higher crop grades will fetch higher returns when selling them to Burke.  

If you are confused and do not want to select a particular stat in the welcome screen, choose “balance” and you will begin your adventure with balanced stats, without any initial increment of any stat.  

How to Sell Crops to Burke  

You will need Pam to purchase seeds, high-grade farming equipment, clothes and skills. You can earn pam by selling crops to Burke, the muscular merchant. Burke will purchase all fruits and vegetables from you at a very good price. Here’s how to sell crops to him: 

Selling Crops to Burke

It will take a few in-game days to produce fruits and veggies in your farm after sowing seeds. Make sure you sow several seeds at once water every day after waking up. If you don’t water your crops daily they will wither away and you will have to plant seeds once again.  

When it’s harvest time, you will notice fruits and vegetables appear on the farmland. Move close to them and tap on the OK button to collect them.  

Sales Warehouse

Move the princess to the “Sales Warehouse”, which is a small wooden box located on the lower-right side of your home. (Hit the map button to locate your home). Press the OK button.  

On the warehouse screen, you will notice two pipes – green and red.  

You will see all your farm produce collected under the green pipe. Tap on the “All” button located on the lower-left corner of the warehouse screen.  

Tap on the big green button on the bottom-center. All farm produce will move to the red pipe tab. This means your crops are now ready for sale.  

Burke will arrive on the 7/14/21/28 of each month to purchase crops from the warehouse or crop box. Pay attention to the date beside the season on the status display on the top of the screen. He will purchase all crops under the red pipe automatically.  

Make sure you have some crops in the crop box under the red pipe. If it’s empty, Burke will penalize you by taking a certain percentage of your total Pam and arriving late to collect crops by skipping a week or two.  

Complete Burke’s Crop Target to Earn Bonus Pam 

From time to time Burke will mark the target number of crops in the warehouse. You can see this target marked in the warehouse screen under the red pipe. It will be marked as “Objective”.  

Check the box marked as objective and fill crops until the objective.

If crops fill up till the objective mark, you will get a certain percentage of bonus Pam above the market price.  

While reaching the target crop  in the warehouse is not mandatory, it does help you obtain extra Pam when Burke comes to purchase crops from the princess. 

Keep Monthly Rents in Mind Before Purchasing Items 

The King wants his daughter back and does not like her farming activities. He sends one of his trusted men to charge rent. You will have to pay rent to him on the 30th of every month.  

Rent increases every month, which is why you will have to be extra careful with your spending. The game ends if you fail to pay rent in a particular month, so keep your rent money aside and then purchase items from the remaining amount to survive in The Farm: Sassy Princess.  

For example: If your current month’s rent is 21000 Pam and you have earned 31000 Pam mainly from selling farm produce, you will only have 10K pam to spend as the rest will be paid as rent.  

Purchase seeds or other items with 10K Pam. Don’t stop farming and harvesting crops as you will earn a lot of pam from selling them to Burke. You should always have more pam in your balance even after paying rent.  

Reach Burke’s crop target to earn additional 1 percent of the money you receive from selling farm produce.  

You may also receive additional Pam by completing certain quests. Usually, it’s the harder quests that fetch more rewards, such as tools and pam.  You can also watch ads to get them for free.  

Lock Seasonal Seeds to Sow them Later 

Some seeds need to be planted in certain seasons (Autumn, Winter, Summer) as they will fetch more pam if harvested and sold to Burke in those seasons.  (Check your current season in the status bar on the top of the screen) 

You can easily lock seasonal seeds to avoid sowing them accidently in the wrong season. Tap on the pink book tap on the pot tab. Now tap on a seed and then tap on the lock button.  

Usually you will find seeds belonging to the current season in the shop, but sometimes, you might get seeds from NPCs that do not belong to the current season. You can lock those seeds.  

How to Get Cow Ball 

With high LUK stats, you will be able to find precious items, such as the cow ball in The Farm: Sassy Princess. Chances of getting them are higher when you use the hoe to dig the grassland.  

You will begin the game with high LUK stats if you choose it in the stats selection screen at the beginning.  

Keep farming to earn EXP and level up to increase LUK among other stats. The EXP bar is in the bottom of the screen. It fills up every time the princess completes a farming action. You might also get EXP rewards for completing certain quests.  

When you level up, all stats will increase. However, if you want to improve specific stats such as LUK, you will need to equip clothes to your character.  

Head straight to Anna’s Clothing Shop (check map) and purchase these clothes and accessories to increase LUK. Check out the below gameplay video:  

Don’t forget to equip them. Tap on the pink book and then tap on tools. Equip each clothing and accessory to raise LUK stats.  

Another way to acquire cow ball is to catch it while fishing:  

Equip very high-grade fishing rod. You can purchase the red or purple rod from the fisherman. To equip the red fishing rod, reach level 15 and make sure you have 50K pam. For the purple one, reach level 20 and have at least 100K pam in hand to purchase it.  

For the bait, choose “organic paste bait”. You may need lots of them, so make sure you purchase at least 5-10 organic bait. With a higher-grade fishing rod and organic paste bait, chances of catching a cow ball will be higher.  

Sell Cow Ball in the Shop

You might be interested to sell the cow ball if there’s no quest related to it. Go to the Shop and then move to the seeds section. Tap on the red $ sign. Now tap on the item that you want to offer and press the “Sell” button.  

Plant Only One Type of Crop Using the Locking Method  

Locking isn’t limited to seasonal seeds. You can also lock seeds which you don’t want to plant on your farm. Maybe you only want to have a radish-only farm and not tangerine seeds during winter. Or maybe you have created smaller farms and then want one farm to grow only radishes and the other far to grow chestnut. You could have your own reasons, and locking is the best way to plant seeds of your choice.   

Easy Way to Increase Stats and Get Rewards for Free 

You can acquire pam and a random season seed for free by watching ads. But that’s not all, you will also get a temporary stat boost that lasts for several minutes.  

Watch videos to get free rewards

Tap on the play icon button. You can find this button on the left side of the screen. There will be two video opportunities –   

The one on the left grants a certain amount of Pam and temporary boost to one of your character stats after watching a 30-sec AD.  

The one on the right grants a random season seed after watching a video.  

You can continue watching videos after the cooldown time is over to obtain greater rewards. Here’s a list of rewards you will be earning for free:  

List of video rewards.

Complete Quests to Get Seeds, Pam and Tools 

Make sure you check the mailbox next to your home whenever a letter appears above it. Letters contain quests. You can take your time to complete them one by one.  

You will find a complete list of pending quests from the pink book. Tap on the “Q” and then tap on a quest, complete it to get rewards.  

The longer and harder the quest, the better will be the reward quality. Hard quests usually grant tools and pam as rewards.  

Make sure you tap on the map (located on the top-left corner of the screen) to find your quest locations. Blinking character heads and icons are location hints.  

Equip Skills to Your Character  

In The Farm: Sassy Princess, you can purchase skills from Dulce. This bespectacled skill merchant can be found next to the clothing shop across the bridge.  

Skill Book

You can purchase several useful skills from him. These skills are HP Up, which increases HP, Spinning Move, makes your character turn and move faster while farming, Alarm skill which reduces wake-up time and many more.  

Before purchasing a skill, check the level and the amount of Pam. You can’t equip a skill to your character until she reaches a particular level as mentioned on the skill card.  

Tap on the skill card in Dulce’s shop to know the requirements. Skills are automatically equipped to your character.  

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