The Best Weapons In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 5

Paul Moronfola
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It is no secret that Activision nerfs and buffs guns in Call of Duty Mobile with every new season, and with the Season 5 update, we expect a few changes in the stats of old guns and the addition of buffed new guns. As a result of the seasonal update, the best weapons to use in CODM are not constant per season, necessitating you to understand what to check to get the best weapon every season.

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Since the choice of weapon and how you use it plays a critical role in winning, we will discuss the best weapons in the current season of Call of Duty: Mobile. Furthermore, so that you can easily choose the best gun, we will show you how to check guns that underwent a buff.   

How to Know Guns That Got Buffed or Nerfed

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There are two major ways to know whether a gun underwent buffing or nerfing in an update. The first method is to check leakers and gaming communities such as Leakers on Duty on a summary of gun updates. Using Leakers on Duty Season 5 patch notes, it is evident that guns such as AK117, M4, and BK57 underwent a buff while the AK-47 underwent a nerf with increased bullet spread.

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The second method is more pro-requiring as it relies on you feeling the gun. It is subjective, depending on comparing previous to present gun use experiences. This method is better for people that don’t care about stats and/or don’t understand the different stats changed in the patch notes. Our update will be based on the patch notes released but with more focus on experience using each gun, as some stats do not affect the guns.  

Best Assault Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

For people looking for guns with long-range and enough damage, assault rifles offer the best to make you win your medium and long-range fights. Before the Season 5 update, the AK-47, Oden, Krig, and M4 ruled multiplayer and Battle Royale mode. However, based on the current buffs and nerfs, the current best assault weapons in the present season are:


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Activision introduces a new mythic gun and many legendary guns every new season. For Season 5: Wrecked, the FFAR-1, and as any mythic weapon, the base and mythic form come buffed.

Having had personal encounters with players using the gun, it is safe to accept that even though FFAR-1 has 25 bullets, the gun is an absolute shredder. The FFAR-1 boasts an incredible fire rate and mobility but would require you to be an accurate shooter due to the low magazine to get the best out of it.


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M4’s stability and damage make it one of the most common guns for people new to the game. However, with the last update, it also received a buff (reduction in ADS and damage increase for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale), making it further enticing. A reduction in ADS time indicates that it will take lesser time for you to scope out, making it easier to aim at an enemy before the enemy retaliates accurately. An increase in damage in both multiplayer and battle royale can help you win fights faster


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This was not on the patch notes released, but handling the M13 feels different compared to the precious season. While Activision did not discuss it, the gun feels more stable and fast, and the damage is more noticeable. Furthermore, it has no significant recoil, so players using gyroscopes can reduce the need for gyro-based movement to ensure finer accuracy while playing in multiplayer or battle royal mode.

Kilo 141

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Kilo 141 is another gun you can try out in the recent season update due to a recent buff. It is versatile and reliable, with fine accuracy and manageable recoil. While it might take a little to get used to as new users, the gun offers a moderate fire rate (68), damage (29), and range (54). It is also customizable using different attachments depending on your playstyle. Kilo-141 is one of the best weapons in Season 5 for people who want a balanced approach.


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With the AK-47 missing out on the list due to the higher bullet spread this Season 5, AK117’s high fire rate and damage make it one of the most reliable assault rifles this season. It has fine accuracy and manageable recoil and is customizable using different attachments to suit your playstyle.


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Maddox came into Call of Duty Mobile a few seasons ago and has been a hit for quite some players. Unlike other Assault rifles, it has a higher magazine (40 bullets) but packs a punch due to increased range. Maddox is suitable for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes.

Best Submachine Guns (SMGs) in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

SMGs are the gun of choice for people looking for the fastest fire rate coupled with excellent mobility, which aids hip firing. Looking at the stats, we can effortlessly say that the season 5 update was made for the pulsed guns. The best submachine guns for Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 are:


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Many CODM players are not fans of pulsed guns such as Chicom due to the reduced and pulsating fire rate. However, it seems Activision decided to improve its stats such that many people can use it. The gun is applicable in Battle Royale but more suitable for multiplayer modes. Chicom boasts high damage, moderate fire rate, and better mobility which is important in hip firing.  


Screenshot: Call of Duty Mobile

Pharo is also similar to Chicom, a pulsed and highly mobile gun. However, it has higher damage (34). In previous seasons, there were lesser loot boxes with Pharo in them, but this season saw a higher of boxes with Pharo and the use of the gun in the kill feed. Based on firsthand experience, the gun is not bad, as it has minimal recoil and versatility. However, you might need to watch out for the fire rate when facing SMG guns with high fire rates, shotgun users, and control (39).


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Mac-10 fire rate will always make it one of the best SMGs until they make something of a higher fire rate. Based on experience, this season saw an increase in stability and control. As a result, there is a higher accuracy, and the hip fire is better.


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Like Mac-10, Cordite is evergreen when looking for a gun with many bullets, a fair fire rate and stability. This season, firsthand experience with the gun shows minimal recoil and mobility. Furthermore, it can be a starting point for players who want to use an SMG but do not have the necessary accuracy to use guns such as Mac-10 and QQ9.


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QQ9 is one of the best SMGs to use in the current season. Whether in Multiplayer or Battle Royale, the gun is a shredding machine you should try and have in your loadout. Unlike other SMGs with one strength, such as the Mac-10 with its fire rate, QQ9 is an all-rounder SMG. It is suitable for close-range, mid-range, and some long-range fights. Furthermore, it is very stable and accurate.

Best Sniper Rifles Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

For players into long-range fights, the sniper rifles such as the XPR-50, ZRG-20mm, DL Q33 and Arctic .50 are the top choice from the previous season. However, this season comes with new position holders.

DL Q33

Screenshot: Call of Duty Mobile

Taking a bullet from the DL Q33 has a 95% chance of knocking you down, depending on the body part it hits. Considered the best sniper in COD Mobile Season 5, DL Q33’s reliability as a one-shot one-kill sniper is due to its high damage, fast bullet speed, and high accuracy. Many top gaming pros trust it, and newbies and pros use it.   


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The HDR is simply too powerful with high damage, long-range, and one-shot kill property. It is a top Battle Royale weapon where calculative moves are necessary. However, you might not rely on it in multiplayer because of its high ADS time, making you susceptible to people with guns having a faster fire rate and lower ADS time.  

Best Shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

Activision seems to have reduced the ability of the Shotguns in general, with HS0405 taking the highest nerf from the gaming company. Nevertheless, there are still some shotguns in Season 5 that you can use in terms of mobility. The best two based on firsthand experience are:


Screenshot: Call of Duty Mobile

Previous seasons saw the HS0405 beat the KRM-22 regarding handling and damage. However, regarding close or point-blank gunfights, KRM-22 handling makes it a better shotgun in Season 5’s Battle Royale. Although it has lower damage than HS0405, it is accurate, has good bullet spread, and has fast chambering speed. As a result, many HS0405 lovers are considering changing to KRM-22 in Battle Royale and multiplayer, even if it is for the time being.   


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Some players cannot cope with the one-shot-per-time KRM-262 looking for the assault-styled shotgun. As a result, such players fall to the JAK-12. A loadout Echo was also in play, but the recent nerf in its ability stabilized the use of JAK-12 this season for many players. JAK-12 is the better gun for players with aiming accuracy as it has a continuous shot of 12-magazine, expandable to 25. Your enemy’s nightmare. 

Best Light Machine Guns (LMGs) in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

It is not uncommon for many new players to rely on the LMG due to their higher magazine, and Activision seems to support the reliance on the guns seen in the buff of many LMGs. Consider the following LMG when building a loadout.


Screenshot: Call of Duty Mobile

Hades’ damage in the previous seasons made it one of the sulkiest guns you can use in Call of Duty Mobile. However, recent use based on the current meta makes it one of the best LMGs to consider. Although heavy, Hades is a powerful LMG with high damage, a fast fire rate for an LMG, and better stability. However, you might need to consider finding ways to beat its mobility issue.


Screenshot: Call of Duty Mobile

For LMG lovers, PKM is one of the best LMGs, especially in Battle Royale. The gun has high damage and low recoil, and with this season, there is an increase in range and a reduction in vertical recoil. However, like many light machine guns, it lacks mobility. Just know that any enemy that the PKM locks on is in for a ride  


Screenshot: Call of Duty Mobile

Having been present for over 14 seasons, M4LMG has had its fair share of use, especially with beginners. It is a myth that every player in CODM started with an M4LMG loadout, fancying the gun’s impressive magazine size. The gun experienced a buff in its damage, range, and ADS bullet spread this season. As a result, it is more accurate than its previous version.  


With every season, Call of Duty Mobile continues to evolve as the developers constantly add new guns every season. The season 5 update led to the buff of many pulsed SMGs and LMGs. Other guns were also affected, and knowing the best guns to use this season can only be achieved by analyzing the different buffs and using the guns. We introduced the best guns in Season 5 for each gun category so that you can find the perfect one to build. Nevertheless, like we always tell our readers, experiment with each gun and adapt to it for the best use. Did we miss a gun? Kindly use the comment section.

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