The Best Weapons For Wing Fighter – 2024

June Reyes
Wing Fighter red tank bossfight

Brought to us by MINIGAME ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED, Wing Fighter is an incredibly fun, action-packed vertical-scrolling shooter game that allows you to collect a variety of fighters, weapons, and even pilots to help you destroy your enemies.

Wing Fighter combat gameplay

Optimizing your weapon choices in this game is crucial in this game, but worry not! We’ll show you the best weapons in the game for each weapon slot, i.e. Main Guns, Wing Guns, Missiles, Armor, and Ultimate Weapons.

TIP: Always remember that the weapons you can get the most copies of will always be the “best” weapons for you, as they will be easier to upgrade. Luck is a huge factor in this game after all, and you may not even get some of the weapons listed below!

Best Main Guns In Wing Fighter


Best Main Guns: Laser Gun & Batarang

Using the Laser Gun or the Batarang as your Main Guns is the “meta” choice, as they both give your Fighter incredible damage and range once they get enough upgrades. 

They are also easier to upgrade than Gear Set pieces, so you’ll be able to unleash their full DPS capabilities in no time!


Best Main Gun Alternatives: Blast Shotgun

Blast Shotgun is an incredible weapon that’s a very solid option even compared to both the Laser Gun and the Batarang. 

While not as generally effective as the other two, it deals quite a lot of damage if you manage to get close to your enemies, making it a “high-risk, high-reward” type of weapon.

Best Wing Guns In Wing Fighter


Best Wing Gun: Conqueror Wing Gun

The Conqueror Wing Gun is undoubtedly the best Wing Gun in the game, seeing as they can cause a lot of devastation with their multi-target armor-piercing rounds.

It’s a downright overpowered weapon when upgraded adequately, but the only catch is that it is tough to upgrade without spending on in-app purchases or farming resources for a long time.


Best Wing Gun Alternative: Prism Wing Gun

The Prism Wing Gun is the best alternative for the Conqueror Wing Gun, as it is easier to upgrade and is not that much behind in terms of DPS output.

It can track enemies and can be considered a somewhat lesser version of the Laser Gun, but is still quite as effective.

Best Missiles In Wing Fighter


Best Missile: Conqueror Missile

Once again, a Conqueror-type weapon claims the title of “best-in-slot” when it comes to Missiles. The Conqueror Missile releases projectiles that can track enemies and deal a ton of damage, which is always a fun combo.

But then again, Conqueror-type weapons are just more brutal to upgrade compared to other weapons, and the Conqueror Missile is no exception. 

You’d be lucky to get it, let alone upgrade it to a level where other missiles can’t compare in terms of performance.


Best Missile Alternatives: Thor Missile & Energy-Gathered Missile

The Thor Missile and Energy-Gathered Missile are your next best options after the Conqueror Missile. 

The Thor Missile is better than the Energy Guided Missile when it comes to pure DPS, but keep in mind that Thor Missile is also a Gear Set Piece just like the Conqueror Missile, which means it is pretty expensive to upgrade.

The Energy Guided Missile has lower DPS, but it is by far the most F2P-friendly choice out of all three weapons mentioned here.

Best Armor In Wing Fighter


Best Armor: Conqueror Armor

When it comes to pure tanking ability, the  Conqueror Armor is unmatched. It allows your Fighter to nullify attacks every once in a while during dogfights, which is an advantage you just don’t get from other armor.

The disadvantage of it being quite expensive to upgrade, however, still applies here, as the Conqueror is still a Gear Set Piece. It’s incredibly hard to get, and even harder to level up if you’re a F2P player.


Best Armor Alternative: Shock Armor

If you don’t have the time, nor the money to go for the Conqueror Armor, then the Shock Armor will be a very solid option for you.

It allows your fighter to deal AoE damage around it that scales off your total HP, which means it can get pretty strong in the game’s later stages when your armor is fully kitted out.

Best Ultimate Weapon In Wing Fighter


The best ultimate weapon out of your only two options in the game is the Ultimate Bomb, as it lets you survive situations where you’re overwhelmed just by activating it.

With just one click, you can clear out most enemies and projectiles on the screen! You can even damage bosses heavily with it, which is why it’s superior to the Ultimate Laser in terms of versatility.


Wing Fighters is one of the best vertical-scrolling shooters on the market and is absolutely fun to play, regardless of whether you’re F2P or not. 

It requires a combination of skill and strategy to play efficiently, which is what makes it more appealing than most other games in its genre.

If you’d like to know more about the game and how to get started as a beginner, then please check out our Wing Fighter Ultimate Guide!

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