The Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom


Cookie Run Kingdom is one thrilling adventure games available on mobile at the moment. If you are yet to join this train of sizzling adventure, you are missing out.

One essential element to survive in the game is the Topping. The Cookie Run Kingdom toppings can be best seen as catalysts, in terms of boosting the health and wellness of your cookies. So, you would do yourself a favor by getting these toppings and using them as you go further in the game.

pure vanilla cookie toppings
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Toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom can be absolute trump cards in navigating the difficulties of the game.

From boosting health bars to pumping strengths during battles, these toppings can be very helpful, and with proper management of your coins. You should be able to amass enough and still have some money left in the purse!

This article is centered on the best Pure Vanilla cookie toppings you will find in the game – Cookie Run Kingdom.

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In total, there are 10 toppings in the game that can be used for any of the cookies in the game.

However, for this particular cookie (Pure Vanilla), from a general census and observations, there are three main toppings that can be used for the Pure Vanilla server. Below is a list of the 10 toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Bouncy Caramel Topping
  • Hearty Hazelnut Topping
  • Solid Almond Topping
  • Hard Walnut Topping
  • Searing Raspberry Topping
  • Healthy Peanut Topping
  • Swift Chocolate Topping
  • Fresh Kiwi Topping
  • Juicy Apple Topping
  • Sweet Candy Topping

All of these toppings have their key strengths and what they add to the Cookies abilities. While some add to the health of the Cookies and increase the life bar of the Cookie, others are more useful during warfare. 

In warfare, the Cookies will need resistance or shielding from attacks and also amplification of attacks. So, toppings like the Bouncy Caramel will be advantageous in initiating attacks against the Bosses. While the Hearty Hazelnut will provide shielding from critical hits.

Though we have established that all the toppings mentioned above can function in any of the Cookie servers, it is important for game players to discover the best toppings for each cookie as that will save a lot of time and even coins. Below are the best toppings for the Pure Vanilla Cookie.

  • Sweet Candy Topping
  • Searing Raspberry Topping
  • Swift Chocolate Topping

Sweet Candy Topping

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This topping is basically known for its ability to amplify ‘buffs’. It also boosts the powers of its character during the game. This could be very important during fights with  small cookies that will usually attack in groups.

Searing Raspberry Topping

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This topping is basically all about helping your character increase its  attack damage. This means that this topping will enable you to cause destruction on your enemies whenever you unleash any attack. Hence, it becomes easier to eliminate enemy cookies.

Swift Chocolate Topping

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This is undoubtedly the best and favorite topping for Pure Vanilla for most Cookie Run Kingdom game players, and this is no secret due to the immense benefit it gives the character. The Swift Chocolate Topping basically reduces the cooldown of all the character’s abilities hence making it strong all round! It is the most used Topping for Pure Vanilla because it makes it stronger and heal faster.

Now you know the best toppings to secure for your Pure Vanilla Cookie, time to take your adventure to another level! Click here for more guides on Cookie Run Kingdom

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