The Best Games Like Cookie Run Kingdom – 2023

Cookie Run Kingdom: A delightful and addictive mobile game filled with charming cookie characters and exciting adventures.
Embark on a scrumptious journey in Cookie Run Kingdom, where cookies come to life and delicious adventures await.

Have you ever played a video game so engaging and addictive that it makes you wish you were a cookie? Yes, you read that right: a cookie. This is no hunger-induced hallucination, it’s Cookie Run Kingdom, a gem in mobile gaming that combines the thrill of wave-based combat with the satisfaction of constructing your own kingdom.

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In Cookie Run Kingdom, you’re tackling a series of challenges level by level, battling against bosses, and overcoming obstacles, all while looking like a tasty snack. Plus, it allows you the opportunity to build your very own city, adding a dimension of strategy and design that will let your imagination fly. It is, undoubtedly, the dream of every cookie-lover, architecture enthusiast, and mobile gaming fan come true.

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But what if you’ve burnt your last cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom and you’re looking for something fresh to satiate your mobile gaming appetite? We bring you five alternatives that share similarities and will provide hours of fun.


Create Your Dream Town, an Exciting Alternative to Cookie Run Kingdom!

A unique blend of city-building and farming, Township provides a visually cute and relaxing gaming experience. Here, you are the town’s mayor tasked with building it from the ground up, farming, and managing its economy.

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Download Township for Google Play and iOS.

Angry Birds: Evolution

Launch into epic bird battles and send those pesky pigs flying!

While the main gameplay mechanic is turn-based combat, there are also city-building elements in this unique twist on the Angry Birds series. The graphics and characters are undoubtedly cute and charming.

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Download Angry Birds: Evolution for Google Play and iOS.

Dragon City

Breed, train, and collect powerful dragons to rule the cookie kingdom skies!

If you love dragons and city-building games, then Dragon City is for you. Here, you can breed and collect different dragons, build your own dragon city on floating islands, and engage in fun battles.

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Download Dragon City for Google Play and iOS.


A Quack-tastic Alternative to Cookie Run Kingdom: Dive into Delightful Duck-filled Adventures!

As quirky as its name, Clusterduck is all about hatching as many ducks as possible in a tiny space. You keep breeding them, leading to weirder and more wonderful ducks. While it doesn’t have a city-building mechanic, it’s unique, fun, and undoubtedly cute!


Download Clusterduck for Google Play and iOS.

Guardian Tales

Discover an Epic and Adventurous Alternative to Cookie Run Kingdom: Embark on an Exciting Journey!

A classic action-adventure game with charming pixel graphics. You combat through different dungeons, solve puzzles, and take part in an epic quest. It also features a guild system that allows you to create your own guild house with your friends.

PHOTO: Kakao Games Corp.

Download Guardian Tales for Google Play and iOS.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Camp under the cookie stars, where animals and cookies unite in harmony!

Imagine a world where you’re the manager of an adorable campsite filled with anthropomorphic animals, each with unique personalities and tastes. Furnish your campsite, attract lovely animal visitors, and manage your resources to create the perfect outdoor retreat.

PHOTO: Nintendo

Download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for Google Play and iOS.

So what are you waiting for? Yes, Cookie Run Kingdom is fantastic, but the world of mobile gaming is vast and full of opportunities to transform yourself into everything from a camper to a rogue angry bird or a dragon breeder.

And who knows, you might even discover that being a cookie isn’t as sweet as you thought.

So, get out there, explore these worlds, and share your experiences! If you get hungry, we take no responsibility for the cookies consumed in the process.

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