The Best Farm Layouts For Stardew Valley

Muhib Nadeem

It’s time to turn your humble Stardew Valley (developed by ConcernedApe) homestead into a thriving agricultural empire. Farming is not just about planting seeds or harvesting crops; it’s about crafting a space that brings comfort, joy, and a sense of accomplishment, and when it comes to Stardew Valley, a good farm layout is your key to enter those elusive late years!

From the perfect placement of your chicken coops to implementing the most efficient irrigation systems, this guide has it all! I’m your host, the ultimate green thumb guru, here to sow the seeds of success and help you plan the best farm layouts for Stardew Valley.

1. WinterVania

Wintervania Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: A Little Bit of Everything!

This layout is simple, yet expansive. You’ve got your barn and silos on the bottom left, and your treasury and honey mechanisms as close to your home as they need to be. The segregation is done quite thoughtfully to help you cover those extra patches in your farm while keeping it beautiful!

Constructed on the Hilltop, you’re ever-so-close to your favorite mining and fishing spots. As a cherry on top, you’re also able to have decent outside storage with a promise for expandability without worrying about making edits!

2. AutumnFest

AutumnFest Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Optimized for Seasons

The AutumnFest is more of an early-game map that focuses on covering for the basic necessities, so you can make the best out of a given area – while also having ample space for expanding according to your needs.

The scarecrows ensure your farm is in safe hands, while the easy access via pathways lets you visit and harvest your crops without wasting a second.

With around 3,742 placeable tiles, the standard layout ensures you’re able to place every necessity, while still keeping everything pretty!

3. Farm Falls-A-Lot

Farm Falls-a-Lot  Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Optimized For Beekeeping

Farming is not just about crops, and with the ever-so-real mechanics of Stardew Valley, you don’t really need to focus on it for survival. Leveraging the honey-producing quality of bees, this layout ensures you never run out of liquid gold, in either sense.

However, you can always replace the patch in front of your house to plant some crops. Though, that would also require you to build farming constructs. Therefore, it’s more efficient to stick to a single type of farming.

4. Simple Serenity

Simple Serenity  Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Made for Aesthetics

Located on one of the most underrated maps in Stardew Valley, this layout is built for its aesthetical value. Chuck a few mods here are there in order to see the buildings shine.

Plus, with so many fishing spots located right outside your shed, crop-farming becomes a sub-priority. Start off slow, build your necessities, and then riddle the entire river with fish traps.

Once done, you’d have a solid mid-game strategy to continue progressing at rocket-high speeds!

5. Planting Season

Planting Season  Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Aesthetically Pleasing

This is the farm she tells you not to worry about. In terms of raw looks, you’ve got everything from lush greens of mother nature to the colorful buildings, this layout is practically bursting from colors!

Sure, practicality comes first, but with the added advantage of the fishing map, and the small patches for crop harvesting, you won’t be halting your progress anything soon!

P.S: Consider opening a barn on the lower sections. The land’s size is perfect for placing fences without wasting real-estate.

6. Harvesting Season

Harvesting Season Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: To Use Your Farm As Your Main Income!

It’s time to shift our priorities! Suddenly, crop harvesting is important, because why not? It’s a great source of income, and this layout helps you set up the basics for that perfectly!

There’s a crop-farm on the left, and another crop-farm on the right. Both of them are equipped with proper irrigation systems, making them money-printing machines.

To add variation, you can also keep animals on the bottom-left, or bees on the bottom-right. You also have fishing spots, providing a nice roundup.

7. Farming Festival

Farming Festival Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Optimized For Farming

It’s time to pull all stops! There’s no need to produce honey, no need for animals either! Simply crop-farm your way to later years!

You have scarecrows for defense, pressured iridium sprinklers for automatic irrigation, and up to four large patches of farm-ready soil!

But, with so much crops comes the need for lots of storage, and to cater for that, you have a dedicated storage area capable of containing hundreds – if not thousands of units of crops!

8. Lush Crush

Lush Crush Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Where Greenery and Buildings Become One

Developing entry #7 can be tough, even frustrating. Lush Crush eliminates most of those development issue, if not all.

You simply push the low-priority buildings to the corner of the map to ensure you have the biggest patches of farmland available.

However, you still don’t want to dig a single well, for the sake of efficiency. Therefore, the animal sheds at the bottom-right ensure continuity of operation even if one aspect fails.

9. Mr. Natural

Mr. Natural  Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: As Simple as it Gets

The attributes making Stardew Valley farm layouts the ‘best’ are rather subjective. You don’t necessarily need to be at the very late game to decorate your base.

This layout ensures you have the correct farming foundations to build upon as you progress through the years. From this state, your first priority would be to install sprinklers since most of your time will be spent watering otherwise.

10. FrameWork

FrameWork Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Plenty of Future-Expandability!

As the name suggest, this farm layout offers ‘patches’ related to different in-game mechanics. You have your efficiency crop farm in the middle, the barns on the bottom right, the plank cabins on the top, yada yada yada.

There’s enough space for you to expand your bee-keeper farm, and let’s not forget about your left side. There are plenty of opportunities (maybe modded buildings?) to leverage that space, ensuring maximum utilization for everything!

11. WinterFell Farm

WinterFell Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Aesthetic-centric

One of the biggest strengths of this map is its abundance of tiles. However, this also means it’s THAT harder to fill in the empty spots. Let’s face it, you don’t want your ultimate Stardew Valley layout to look like its missing a few spaces.

The WinterFell layout is famous for mitigating these weaknesses by utilizing the pavements, and buildings in a very robust yet creative way that the imperfections become a part of the canvas.

Don’t worry through, the crop farms are still as segmented as they should be, so you’re technically not losing out on anything!

12. EastHills Farm

EastHills Farm  Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Crème De La Crème of Farming

It’s time to bring out your A game – meaning, you need to generate gold – FAST! The step#1 for that is to secure lots of well-irrigated land, and that’s were the EastHills Farm shines!

It’s extremely farming centric! With a majority of the land secured for a plethora of farming types, there are little to no decorations, making it one of the most practical farms in this list.

The surprising bonus? It doesn’t even look bad!

13. Cellar Door Farm

Cellar Door Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: A Beautiful Balance of Everything!

Talking about maximizing farming efficiency, the Cellar Door features that, and more in a symmetric configuration. The main focus still lies in the crop harvest, but with the added monetary security from the barns, you’ve got a fully functional farm with a little bit of everything!

There’s even a chest storage to boot. Having the perfect blend of looks and practicality, the Cellar Door Farm is a dark horse, capable of holding its ground, even against the best of Stardew Valley farm layouts!

14. LonLon Farm

LonLon Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: For Highly Efficient Farming!

Ready to mix it up even further? Why not add honey farming to the mix? You’ve also gotten most of your trees back, and with your patches of grasslands helping the animals thrive more so than ever, the LonLon Farm can easily become your one-stop solution.

However, this is a fairly late-game build that focuses on maximizing every cash-producing asset. Therefore, your daily free time will be very little to focus on extra activities like mining, and exploring.

15. Arbor Harbor Farm

Arbor Harbor Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Missed The Trees?

Enough micro-management; let’s run it back to the scrappy, yet fully functional cropless farm. Needless to say, this is more of an end-game layout because you will be losing any opportunity of making passive gold.

With your focus shifted to fishing, and exploration, the best way of leveraging your time, and energy is by clearing out the top-left patch of trees to make way for a tiny yet functional farm.

However, the layout’s main attraction is its abundance of greenery, so don’t go cutting too much, alright?

16. Brünhild Farm

 Brünhild Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Not as Lethal as its Name, but Lethally Good!

So far, we’ve explored almost every farming-related method of earning gold. However, it wouldn’t be an understatement to call Fishing ‘stale’. It’s mainly active work, is heavily reliant on luck, and you need to keep your eyes peeled, or you’ll lose your prey.

But what sets this farm layout apart is its ability of making fishing accessible, even in the later stages of the game. You have some passive income flowing in from the croplands, ensuring you don’t go bankrupt during the move.

The main attraction are the multi-colored ponds laced with high-quality fish accessible on every swing!

17. Biru Farm

Biru Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Time to Flex Your Art Skills!

The Biru farm ensures you never have to pass a day on a net loss. It’s a visual marvel that surmounts both practicality, and logic. Your income sources are optimized to be well-balanced!

From multi-colored ponds, to large patches of farmland, you’ve got everything you need to thrive in Stardew Valley. Want to farm honey, just head bottom-right. Need more fish to replenish your energy, oh, there are multiple ponds at the bottom.

Your animals aren’t feeding well? This trusty fence ought to take care of that! It won’t be a stretch to say that the Biru farm unlocks your rate of progression.

18. Skyrim Farm

Skyrim Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Simple, Fast, and Efficient in Nature!

Skyrim Farm is your go-to layout for an uncompromising focus on crop farming. With a spacious and organized layout, it’s all about efficiency and productivity. The sprawling open lands are perfect for planting a diverse range of seeds.

Present on the expansive Riverland map, you can easily carve out your crop fields while enjoying the serenity of the surrounding rivers. This farm layout ensures you have the flexibility to sow and reap as you wish, with enough space for essential buildings and storage.

The real charm of the Skyrim Farm, though, is its simplicity. It’s all about pure farming, just like the good old times. It’s not about flash or aesthetics, but about feeling the soil beneath your virtual boots and watching your crops flourish!

19. Violetta Farm

Violetta Farm Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: Nature is the Best Artist

The Violetta Farm is more of a spectacle than anything else, with its sprawling purple trees painting an enchanting picture of nature’s beauty. This farm layout, nestled on the Forest Farm map, is a dream come true for players who love a good scenery and the tranquility it brings.

The layout is more of a nature’s retreat than a typical farm. It’s filled with purple trees that give it a unique appeal. While farming land may seem scant, there’s enough room to plant crops and keep a few animals for a decent passive income.

The Violetta Farm is not about maximizing profits or efficiency, but about embracing nature, enjoying the splendor of the purple trees, and finding joy in the simple acts of farming and animal care.

20. Stardew Meadows

Stardew Meadows Stardew Valley Farm Layout
Photo: ConcernedApe | Caption: A Rudimentary All-In-One Package!

The Stardew Meadows is a lively farm layout boasting a large, albeit somewhat deformed, smiley face right in the middle! Situated on the standard farm map, this farm layout is a testament to the joy and fun inherent in farming.

The layout offers a good balance between farming, animal care, and fishing, with the smiley face adding an element of quirkiness and cheer. You can have your crop fields surrounding the smiley face, with your barns and coops positioned strategically for easy access.

The Stardew Meadows layout may not be the most efficient or practical one, but it surely is the most fun! After all, who wouldn’t want a giant smiley face on their farm? Embrace the silliness, and let the Stardew Meadows brighten your farming days!


We hope all of the above farm layouts help! If you have any questions or comments, please drop a comment below!

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