The Best Android RPGs – 2024

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Let’s take an exciting trip into the world of mobile games as we look at the best role-playing games for Android in 2024.

You can use this piece to find the most interesting and immersive RPGs on the platform.

From epic fantasy worlds to futuristic journeys, we look at the Android games that stand out because of their interesting stories, beautiful graphics, and fun gameplay.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened

This game offers players a charming exploration of the world of Harry Potter, giving a deep but not complicated battling system to keep things fresh.

Photo: Warner Bros.

It’s officially a card-battler, but the game draws in RTS and RPG mechanics to keep things interesting.

If you’re fed up with how bad the Harry Potter games on Android are, try this one. It’s by far the best.

With its ranked score, Magic Awakened is geared toward competitive play, but even non-competitive gamers will find a lot to enjoy.

Download here: Play Store.


Undecember is one of my favorite Android games like Diablo Immortal for a good reason.

Its ARPG combat isn’t revolutionary, but it’s great for players who like to bring games to 100% completion.

Photo: LineGames

It brings in a few multiplayer features for fun, but don’t worry; this isn’t an MMORPG.

Undecember is a great action role-playing game with a huge number of customization options.

People who choose an RPG based on how good its story is might want to skip this one, though; the fighting is what makes it stand out.

Download here: Play Store.

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is easily one of the best gacha games on Android.

While Genshin Impact fans may find it a little too derivative, the spectacular and strategic battle is the shining star that crowns this expansive RPG.


Play Honkai: Star Rail if you want an RPG that never stops giving.

There’s plenty to lose yourself in here, and the gacha mechanics can be ignored if they aren’t to your liking.

There’s massive customization here, allowing you to build your own Star Wars figure from scratch.

Download here: Play Store.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming RPG for people who like to build something important.

Heavily inspired by Harvest Moon, you’ll farm parsnips, fight skeletons, and sail to distant islands to restore your grandfather’s farm.

It’s relaxed, cheerful, and sure to bring a smile.

While it is geared towards the casual gamer, there are plenty of chances for the competitive-minded player. 

Photo: ConcernedApe

Download here: Play Store.

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is one of the most beautiful and latest RPGs for Android and it truly shows.

From visuals as if snatched from one of the brightest, most beautiful minds, to plots that twist and turn and give the player enough to cling to play for hours, ToF is a gem.

Photo: Level Infinite

It is an open-world MMO, so if that’s a type you love, you need to try it out. 

Download here: Play Store.

Portal Knights

Portal Knights is an RPG for creative gamers.

Portal Knights draws inspiration from Minecraft and combines sandbox gameplay with traditional RPG clichés.

This genre mix gives players a purpose for the sandbox experience other than building beautiful constructions.

Photo: 505 Games Srl

Portal Knights does not forsake sandbox creation for an RPG experience; rather, it finds a delicate balance between the two genres.

Download here: Play Store.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a gacha mechanic and an online multiplayer mode that has fascinated a huge number of players.

It even won the People’s Choice Game of the Year award in 2021, but that’s not all it accomplished.

It’s still being updated with new characters and new material regularly, not allowing players to get bored of it even a few years after the official release.

Highly engaging and full of mysterious places and quests, it is a must-try if you haven’t done so yet!


Download here: Play Store.

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Epic Seven

Epic Seven, is a visually stunning mobile Android RPG that immerses players in a beautifully drawn world.

The game unfolds in the 7th World, where the goddess who owns the title for life called Diche, calls both Guardians as well as the Heir of the Covenant so she can protect the realm.

Photo: Smilegate Holdings, Inc

Players are invited to explore this epic modern-age story, featuring fully playable 2D animation, dazzling skill animations, and cutscene-quality images.

Download here: Play Store.

Diablo Immortal

Players and critics have had different things to say about Blizzard Entertainment’s mobile action RPG Diablo Immortal.

Some players love how beautiful the pictures are and how intense the sound is, while others think it’s just okay.

The game has a standard Diablo feel and fun gameplay, like fighting monsters and getting loot. It also lets new players experience the game until they hit level 60 before making choices.

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Ratings for its general quality, on the other hand, run from mediocre to positive.

Download here: Play Store.

Final Thoughts on Best Android RPGs

Taking on an exciting look at Android’s RPG offerings in 2024, this guide highlights captivating titles spanning diverse genres.

From the magical appeal of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened to the customizable adventures in Undecember, each Android game offers a unique experience.

Honkai: Star Rail stands out as a top-tier gacha game, offering strategic combat in a rich RPG environment.

Meanwhile, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic entices players with lore-rich stories and extensive character customization.

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