The Battle Cats – Ultimate Game Guide

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

Have you ever wanted to create a horde of cat warriors with which to slay your enemies? Well, this game is the very specific thing you’ve been waiting for.

The Battle Cats is a unique tower defense game developed by PONOS, and is available to download from the Play Store

It may feel a little overwhelming when you dive into all its menus and features, but never fear dear cat general, we are here to guide you. Soon you will be the top cat army.

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS


The Battle Cats is a fairly easy-to-grasp gameplay loop. Two towers stand opposite each other, (yours and the enemies).

By generating gold you are able to use the gold to recruit your cat army and send it off to thwart your foes.

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

Your cat minions aren’t the only tool you’ll have either. Your tower comes equipped with a giant laser gun that will slowly charge as the match progresses. Fire it to unleash its blast across the battlefield. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

As the match plays out you’ll automatically generate gold, and you can earn more in two different ways. One is by upgrading your worker cat, who is the one generating you money.

This will also increase your wallet size. The other method is simply killing enemies.


In order to start your conquest you’ll need to use energy, much like most mobile games, The Battle Cats is very similar. Energy will automatically regenerate over time.

Sometimes you’ll be able to watch an ad, or through the course of the game, you’ll earn “leadership” which you can then spend to recover your energy. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

Make sure you’re really ready to go because each subsequent mission takes more and more energy to attempt. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

The Battle Cats – Basics

The Battle Cats is simple. Winning matches will earn you rewards, including XP and the game’s premium currency, cat food. 

  1. Generate Money
  2. Spend Money on the Army
  3. Spend Money to Generate More Money
  4. Vanquish Your Enemies. 


You’ll start the game with only the most basic cat, but you can spend that XP you’ve earned, which will help you to unlock more specialized cats. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

A cat God is available among these specialized cats, that you can give cat food to and he will then bless you with divine intervention. It’s a great way to get out of a jam if the enemy is closing in.

That’s not all XP is good for though. You’ll be able to upgrade the cats you already have.

These upgrades will make them hit harder and live longer. What you choose to upgrade and when will help determine your success on the battlefield, and you will have to upgrade to stay competitive. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

With XP you’ll also be able to upgrade the logistics of your military. Upgrading your worker to generate more money faster, or spending XP so you earn more XP after each match. 

Different Cat Units

There are a variety of cat units to unlock and upgrade. From the “Tank Cat” to the “UFO Cat,” Each offers a different set of skills. Unlock each with XP or use premium currency (cat food), to unlock special units. 

You can change your lineup in the equip menu. In doing so, you are able to tailor your army according to the mission you’re playing. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

Each time you unlock a new cat it will be marked in your guide. Be sure to tap on the cat inside the guide, as you’ll earn five cat food for doing so. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

Difficulty Curve

The game’s difficulty gets noticeably higher with each level. The enemies may start basic, but it won’t be long before they’re sending out their beefiest tanks. 

Don’t just upgrade your troops, upgrade your money generation, cannons, base health, etc.

Rewards Aplenty

Of course, like most mobile games, The Battle Cats has daily login rewards. Which offers you XP and items, including passes to earn capsules. 

There are three tiers of capsules. Cat, Rare Cat, and Event. Each offers you something different. Note that the rarer the capsule the better the reward. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

Spend them one at a time or save them for a higher chance at rare items.

You can either use the items you earn or exchange them for additional XP. Whichever strategy you choose, it will surely help you get ahead. 

The Game Within The Game

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of The Battle Cats, let’s get into how to best optimize your strategies. 

It’s important to get your cash flow as fast as possible, as you’ll need to be ready with your toughest troops when the enemy sends their tanks out. 

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

In the early missions, we found it best to send out one basic unit and a tank unit. Then while they held off the enemy, upgraded the worker cat as many times as we could before those two units died. 

You can’t afford to fall behind your enemies. It’s not a big deal if you do, as you can always grind out on past levels. 

You’ll have to find what fits your play style. Figuring out the metagame is always one of the best parts of these kinds of games.


The Battle Cats offers a very easy-to-grasp concept while delivering it in a fun and cute package.  

Have you played The Battle Cats? What’s your strategy for the game within the game? Be sure to leave tips and tricks for other players. 

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