The Battle Cats – Tier List – December 2023

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The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS
(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

Have you ever noticed how everything in life seems just a tad bit better when cats are involved? It’s like their adorable presence has the magical power to make any situation more enjoyable. And guess what?

This delightful feline enchantment even extends to the world of mobile tower defense games. One game that splendidly exemplifies this feline fascination is ‘The Battle Cats’ by PONOS.

It’s a testament to the belief that everything is better with cats around, and this mobile game is a purr-fect example. Download The Battle Cats from the Play Store!

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

‘The Battle Cats’ is a captivating adventure where you can immerse yourself in the whimsical and thrilling world of cat warfare. It’s a place where charming and fierce feline warriors take center stage.

Picture a universe where cats don’t just rule the internet but also tower over the battlegrounds. Isn’t that the dream?

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

Our mission is to ensure you’re not just smitten by their cuteness but also well-informed about their battle prowess. After all, it’s not just any kitty that can rise to the top in this epic cat-stravaganza; you need a feline warrior with the eye of the tiger.

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

In the following sections, we’ve meticulously categorized all the ‘Normal Cats’ you’ll encounter in The Battle Cats.

These rankings take you on a journey from the apex of feline prowess down to the newcomers in the world of The Battle Cats. We’ve divided them into tiers, from the almighty ‘S-Tier’ (the crème de la crème) to the humble ‘F-Tier’ (the ones with room for improvement).

Keep in mind that these rankings are subjective, and your personal preferences may lead you in different directions. However, our list serves as a valuable starting point, particularly for those who are new to this captivating feline adventure.

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS

So, whether you’re a seasoned ‘The Battle Cats’ enthusiast or a curious newcomer just dipping your paws into this world, join us as we dive headfirst into the exciting realm of Battle Cats.

The Battle Cats – Cats Galore!

Together, we’ll explore a cast of extraordinary and cuddly warriors, each with their unique strengths and quirks. Without further ado, let’s embark on this epic journey through our ‘Battle Cats ‘Normal Cats’ Tier List’!


At the pinnacle of our tier list are the S-Tier cats, a.k.a. the superstars of the feline arena. These cats are not only powerful; they’re practically game-changers. If you’re looking for a surefire way to secure victory with ease, these are the cats you need by your side. They are the legends, the OP (overpowered) cats who can turn your battles into a cakewalk.

Meet the champions:

– Wall Cat

– Eraser Cat

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS


Just a step below the S-Tier, we find the A-Tier cats. While they may not boast the same level of overwhelming power, they are exceptional additions to your team. These cats are dependable and skilled, adding a formidable edge to your battles.

Here is your A-Team:

– Macho Cat

– Giraffe Cat

– Island Cat

– Mohawk Cat

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS


Descending further down our list, we encounter the B-Tier cats. These cats may not wield the same sheer might as their higher-tier counterparts, but they are solid contenders.

They are reliable and make for useful additions to your team, forming the backbone of a well-rounded strategy.

Say hello to your reliable allies:

– Mythical Titan Cat

– Dragon Cat

– Jamiera Cat

– Macho Legs Cat

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS


In the heart of the rankings, you’ll find the C-Tier cats. These cats may not stand out as stars, but they are far from average.

While they can hold their own in lower levels, exercise caution as you advance through the game’s tiers. They often require a bit of extra support to truly shine.

Meet the middleweights:

– UFO Cat

– Sexy Legs Cat

– King Dragon Cat

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS


Stepping down another rung, we have the D-Tier cats. These cats fall below average and should only be your choice when no other options remain. They can serve as fillers in your team but shouldn’t be your go-to choices for major battles.

Here are your reliable backups:

– Whale Cat

– Brave Cat

– Lion Cat

– Dark Cat

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS


Lastly, we reach the F-Tier. These are the cats that are as basic as they come, your initial companions as you embark on your Battle Cats journey.

While they may lack the finesse of higher tiers, they serve as your foundational allies, your introduction to the whimsical world of Battle Cats.

Say hello to your starting lineup:

– Cat

– Tank Cat

– Axe Cat

– Gross Cat

– Cow Cat

– Bird Cat

– Fish Cat

– Lizard Cat

– Titan Cat

The Battle Cats
Photo: PONOS


It’s crucial to remember that this tier list isn’t set in stone. If you have a soft spot for a cat in Tier D, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with featuring them on the frontlines.

Each cat, regardless of its tier, boasts unique advantages and disadvantages based on its skill set (and cuteness). Your strategy, after all, is the key to your success in the game. Flexibility and experimentation are your best allies as you navigate the intriguing world of Battle Cats.

As you embark on your journey through the Battle Cats universe armed with this tier knowledge, may your battles be victorious, and may your feline companions, no matter their tier, fight valiantly.

This concludes our The Battle Cats ‘Normal Cats’ Tier List for October 2023. We wish you endless fun and success in your gaming endeavors. Happy battles, fellow cat enthusiasts!

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